No Adams gon na run it not yet. Maybe in the next five years the Adams might be able to run this game, but at the moment they don't run it with playable framerates and I'm, controlling it with an Xbox one controller, and I have it set up through my own home network. So results are going to vary depending on your network speeds in your hardware, but at the moment you can see it seems to be streaming perfectly fine and it looks really nice on the 2160 by 1440p screen so I'm, just gon na drive around here and just Do some random stuff just see if the stream can keep up Music so it seems to be fine. So far I can't see any lag: there's no warning coming up from Steam telling me the network connection is poor, so just going to get out on foot now and have a quick look around and see if that's going to have any impact on the framerate doesn't. Look to be, I think, streaming games, isn't going to be a problem as long as you have got a good wireless router and your desktop PC of course can keep up and here's the screen on 50 brightness and I'll put that next to the tick last x98 Ear 3, which, as a written a panel and therefore by 3 panel – and you can see side by side, brightnesses a little bit harder to gauge, but it's, definitely looking at, at least at 50, that the qu eh oh 12, screen is differently brighter.

So if we up this to of 100 sent 75 100 and then go 100, you can see there. The brightness I'm gon na say the winner has to be at least looking here in this video bhi 12. They can see the viewing angles there on both. It seems quite bright and there it is again side by side hundred percent brightness. Both panels are very similar, but I do have to say the winners going to be the HR 1210 to screen brightness now already measured the brightness and its turns out to be around 300 303 nits of brightness there and the. I think the retina panels about the same kind of brightness levels, but it all depends on biases settings and things like that and individual panels too. So those were just a couple of requests there fulfilled. I can't promise I can fill all of them, but thank you for watching this video and hopefully see you back in the channel. I will have the full review of the chewy H, o 12 online, soon on tick tablets con so keep an eye out for that.