I 12 I'm, going to test out some gaming in this particular clip. So first up is a store game. This is ashphalt 8 airborne. Now I have set the settings down to medium graphics level because it first auto detected and set the graphics settings to extreme, which I think is far too demanding. So what I did is knock that down to medium just show you so instead of the extreme setting down to medium, because I am running this still in the native screen resolution. So I'm running this at 2160 by 1440p, which is quite a demanding resolution and we'll, see how that runs now. Unfortunately, the windows button right there so it's very easy to touch it. If you're going to be gaming like this, which is why I recommend you probably use a controller, you touch that button that's going to bring up the menu and it's quite annoying so I'm. Just going to be very careful that I don't do that: okay! I'M, not driving very well it's a little hard for me to play this and try and keep this large 12 inch tablet on the screen. At the same time, probably should have gone with my omen. Vise and hooked up a controller, but you can see it's actually running this game really quite well considering the resolution so overall, this one that looks like it's going to be just fine, so check out now Dungeon Hunter 5 and see how that runs.

For that one. I'M, going to use a controller, so dungeon times are running in the native screen resolution again, 2160 by 1440 looks really nice on the screen. Hopefully, that's coming over the video and it's a few little stutters there, but it only happens and I'm just using an Xbox one controller here and it's, not playing ball with a controller. Much doesn't seem to want to let me and I'll just lost control there. We go it's come back again so control support, for this is a little random sort of button mashing going on there, but it's working and playable, and I didn't actually think that would run this smooth so I'm. A little surprised because I thought the screen resolution might be a little bit too demanding, but it seems to run on the Apple Retina displays that LG panel just finds so then again, I shouldn't really be too surprised still games aren't as demanding as other games. Now. I'Ll move on now and test out so I'm a Counter Strike global Offensive, okay, so to test out Counter Strike global Offensive here, I've load the resolutions, all the settings right down – and I am actually running this time on 640 x, 480, so very low crappy resolution. But hopefully it's going to give me some decent frames per second here and it definitely seems a lot better. 40. 41 now we'll put it back onto 800 x 600. Just so, you can see and compare that to other devices that I had tested before, and temperatures 67 degrees doesn't seem to go over that just good.

I had no idea that guy was there hahahaha yeah. I know I'm crap at this game. Well, walk straight into that one, okay, so at least at that resolution to getting semi playable kind of frame rates around the 40 mark, it's, okay, temperatures, 68 degrees, so I'm going to go and lower it now to 800 x 600. You can see the video settings here as well got everything on low, so chop that up now to the second lowest resolution, so the framerate now has gone down to lower 20s well 40s, just around this area, which is okay but not ideal. Ah yeah! My aim is so bad yeah, but at least I got one kill there, Oh indeed, alright, so you can see that running this game on those kind of settings. It'S, okay it's, definitely seems to be a little bit better than other Adam x5z 8800 soft tested recently, and I think that's to do with this right here, the thermal. So the temperatures are a lot better, because the other tablets tend to be up around 80 85 degrees. Getting very hot, and this one doesn't seem to be getting that hot. Probably because Chile has a nice thermal pad they're using the metal backing as a large heatsink and now to test out summer league of legends going to run on various resolutions and set the settings to the lowest possible just to keep that frame rate up all right. At the moment, it's running in 1280 by 800, very low we're, getting around 4050 frames per second, of course, nothing's happening.

Yet until really the minions spawn, then it might lag a little bit more okay, so the millions have now spawned and the frame rate has dropped. A little bit we're, still around 60 frames per second running in 1280 by 800, lower settings so it's, looking like I don't, really have to lower the resolution down. I think still getting around 450 frames per second 52 and if we lower it, it's gon na probably increase the frame rate and not look as good, but I will actually just test that out so we'll lower. The video resolution now I'll try lowering that down to 1024 by 768 and I just died that has increase two frames per second up to now around 60, so it's safe to say that League of Legends is differently playable on this tablet, you want to keep the Resolution down, of course, and the settings on the lowest to keep those frame rates nice and high. Now before I go, I just wanted to quickly show you one of the settings I have set here and the graphics properties that you really need to disable this. In order to get the kind of performance I'm getting because normally this is disabled, but what happens is when you first get your to eh, oh 12. The extended battery life for gaming will be enabled, and so will the power saving technology. Now the display power saving technology only really lowers the brightness. You just want to disable this one here.

The extended battery life for gaming disable that, and that would definitely give you a nice boost there. Keeping that enabled things are going to run a lot slower and we'll. Just have a look at the temperatures, so I've had HW info running. In the background, the whole time will ever look and see that it hasn't gone past 76 degrees, which is really good because normally to show you that bring them a little closer 76 degrees, their maximum temperatures. So that is actually quite good for an atom. X5 visi. 8300, probably one of the best I've actually seen because they tend to get quite hot. This chipset, in particular the cherry trails, not the color sets not bad at all. So thank you for watching this short gaming video.