Now you might have seen the videos on the other model I had, which is just the single OS version that only has windows 10 home on it and that's. Actually one of my favorite tablets. Well, this here now a little bit late. I know as the dual boot version so that ships from the factory – and it now comes with android 5.1 on there and also Windows 10, now I'm, not going to cover everything in this unboxing because I've already covered the physical aspects of this tablet like the size And the weight and the other windows video so have a look at the playlists for those. But what I am going to cover is the Android side of things very quickly and also boot into Windows, just to see how much free space we have now this model. If you don't know, I haven't seen it before has a rather nice screen in it. It has a 3 by 2 ratio screen in there. That has a resolution of 2160 by 1440 P. That is actually the same screen used and the Microsoft Surface. Pro from a couple of years ago, the surface 3 Pro I should say and it's a very nice screen so here's the tablet you can see it looks identical to the Windows version there absolutely and no changes whatsoever there. Hopefully there is some battery and this one here now there is a hardware change on this. It has a different screen digitizer one now that supports not only touch but also stylus supports so here's the dual boot menu.

We can select either Windows or Android. Dear I'm, just going to go into, and you have to use the power button to windows first and have a look at the free storage. We have four left on there. Now it is a 64 bit emmc, that's gon na be split the tune between the two operating systems and normally what the manufacturers do is give them most of that two windows, because windows is, does take up a lot of room normally, so let's have a look And see what we have: it comes to free available storage. So we have twenty seven point: eight gigabytes free, which is a lot less than the single when ten version which comes with approximately, I think it was about 44 or 47 or something gigabytes it's. A lot less there now this one does have stylus support I'm gon na check and see. I'Ve got an active stylus with me because at the time of this video, the chewy official chewy the hypen, and they call it isn't actually out it's gon na be coming out sometime this month, but don't have my hands on there just yet, but I'm gon na Check out what the status as I do have and see if they work now, these styluses I do have is one that I think is maybe perhaps the same one that Joey's going to use – and this is the tick last it's an active stylus, but it supports The good X, or at least it should and that actually doesn't seem like no.

This is not going to work, it seems at all on this model and another one is another active stylus as a dowel type. This is another del pen, one that I've got and also that is not going to work, so it does look like I'm going to have to wait until I have the official stylus before I can test that out now. If I go under system here, it should say, pin and touch support with 10 touch points which it does right there. If I, hopefully you can see that, and that means yes, it does have indeed hardware support for the stylus there, fortunately I'm, not able to demonstrate that just yet until they release the official chewy stylus must have a slightly different chip in it. I think to the other brands that use this type of pen, at least so that's all I'm, going to cover in this video and probably the only time we're going to cover Windows on the dual boot model, because I've already covered it all in thorough detail. If you have a look at a playlist, so I'm, going to switch over now to Android does help me. Do it just run the application from within Windows and how we're going to boot over now the hardware side of things I don't think the gap between the digitizer glass panel and the IPS below has increased. It looks to be identical to me. I was a little worried. It might actually be a little bit bigger in case the stylus support was going to be adding another layer to the screen itself, but it looks like it isn't right, so the ROM is now loading and right here I have my windows.

T an only version of the chui H by 12 and just looking at the screens, everything to me looks the same there and in terms of pen or light bleed, there were a few people that mentioned that they had more light bleed on this particular version. I can't really tell at this point to me: it looks to be exactly the same I'm thinking it's going to be identical. It really just depends on each panel and terms up the hardware built on this one. Like the other model, I have, it seems exactly the same and I find the bill to be reasonably good. I mean it isn't, perfect, it's, definitely not up to Microsoft, Surface pro 3 or 4 quality, but I find it to be quite all right. So look there! So back to the ROM here we can see that's a very stock Android ROM, which is exactly what I like to see and there we go there's no bloat on there whatsoever. We'Ve got file manager, camera I'd, say all pretty much essential, apps there browser and, of course, Play Store which we want and need installed and zero bloat very good to see so. A free available space to us in Android is 9 point: 4 gigabytes, that's the same amount of space that's available on the chewy high book, which I have just unboxed. If you haven't seen that video that's a 10.1 inch to an one tablet, and so far so good, so this is just a first unboxing and hands on video with this dual boot division I will be back in.

I will cover lots of things that only in android so i'm going to do all my benchmarks, run 3d mark and tutu and also test out some popular android games to see how well they run on this 21, 16 by 1440 piece. Hopefully, they're not going to lag too much we'll test our demanding titles as well like real racing 3 and Mortal Kombat X. Hopefully they will perform. Ok were playable framerates, so do check back and the playlist for those.