Now, after I did my video review, I got the battery down to about 30 40 percent and I noticed that it just cut out it powered itself off later discovered that actually, a few other users were having this problem. The good news is now running the battery. At 3, which I'll show you it's down to 3 and no more problems, no more cutting out from a BIOS update that chewy released about two days ago, and that has fixed the problem. And it also fixes a problem with the wireless disconnecting that I haven't actually experienced myself and I'll show you to that. I can plug in an external hard drive into the USB 3 port it's lining up blue there, and no problems. No cutting out will still work as well exactly the same and Android so it's good to see the chilli actually for once I've gone on to fixing a bug I'm hoping they're going to fix the bug that's on the chewy hi 8 Pro doesn't seem to want To run external hard drives on the USB ports, but even the dock port here, plug it in it's not going to power off just yet. Hopefully no, I mean I'm only on three percent battery. You can see that is going to work too.