It did come up with about five or six applications there in Chinese, but the good news is, you can remove all of them and the ROM itself is is quite quick and very stock Android. Looking ROM here, you can see that it has absolutely no customization whatsoever and it is running android 5.1. There is a wireless update system, which is the Chuy's over there updates and they do have on there. So if they do push out any updates, then we should be able to get those quite easily, which is good to see. Now the performance of the ROM I've noticed no lag or anything like that. What I have noticed, that is sometimes the accuracy of the touchscreen isn't 100 I've known as this sometimes I've, just tapped, for example, gallery and it hasn't actually loaded up for me as I would expect it to and I've had to detach it again. Now I don't know whether that's something to do with the screen or the ROM, but it doesn't seem to happen in Windows, at least on the windows side of things. I'Ve noticed at the TUF much accuracy. There seems to be a lot better, so it did run through my benchmarks. I normally like to run on these tablets and I'll just quickly run through those and show you the performance so first up. This is what the ROM looks like when I first started it up, but someone I think when they set this up and before they shipped it out to me that I should have moved all about bloatware, and this is the Geekbench 3 score now.

This has an atom x5, 0 8300, and these scores are pretty much the same as all of those devices. They had nothing really special here. I still unlimited score isn't too bad at all. They see ice storm, extreme score and the normal ice storm score anywhere. Between 10000 or 11000, there is as good for this chipset and the slingshot score. Actually, this came out a little bit higher than I've expected. I have seen schools around eight hundred nine hundred for this one, the tiny bit higher they're, probably due to the fact that the thermal pads are on the chipset and it really doesn't get as hot as some of those other atom tablets. I have reviewed, and here is the work performance of PC Mac and finally, antutu benchmark score, a tiny bit lower than what I have seen with those chips that I've seen around sixty two thousand. This is only getting fifty seven. I did test it twice and let it cool down and everything and that's the best score I could get – and here is the better battery life test. I did so. I calibrated the display to the 202 brightness that they tell you how to calibrate it, to which is approximately 50 brightness and Android, and we got almost nine hours, and that is around the same figure I get with about 50 brightness within windows, so battery life. On the chewy, h.o 12 is excellent, both in Windows and Android.

So one of the best things about this tablet, I think, is the really good battery life you get out of this then, of course, was with the wireless on here's a few of the battery stats. Here so you can see the screen took up. Of course, most of the the battery and the screen on time was seven and a half hours. Wireless was on for nine hours there and that is that would be tests. I ran on the tablet, so do quickly look at a couple of e books here I did download a on magazine, it's a PDF one, just to show you how it looks on the screen and it looks particularly good because we do have this 2160 by 1440p Resolution, it looks very nice and the performance of it I won't say it's wonderful, because you can see there if you do quickly skip ahead and it's playing catch up a little bit. This is actually loading off the internal storage, but it does look really nice and quite sharp too, for a 12 inch display. Let'S also be good for your comics. If you want to run and look at any comics on this, you can see there. There is a little bit of choppiness, then I don't think Play Books has probably be armed the best and running this. So we have a look at this Deadpool comic here. So we do have borders either side, but it looks okay, we got one page or just a couple of pages is just a sample.

I have you see there that it looks really nice. I think most people will be very happy using this as a e book reader and for your comics and magazines. Now, look at that. It just crashed I'm, not going to remove that from the video, not sure why that happened. Go back and just show you quickly what a book looks like as well so here's Inferno also looks quite good, and this doesn't run as slow as a heavy PDF file with lots of images. I do have a couple of games installed and I will test those ones out right now, so I clash of clans that's, not exactly a demanding game, but it can actually get a bit of slowdown when you do have a very high level. Town you've got lots on the screen there so I'll see. If I can have a quick battle against someone and how it performs here, there's a little bit of slowdown, it seems to run a lot better than the old beat. They trail devices that had two gigabytes of RAM okay, so that battle didn't work out very well. For me that runs fine. I might have seen it definitely running faster, probably on the optical or mobile phones, and things like that, but I do think the general performance of that seems physically acceptable and it does actually look really good on the 12 inch screen here. So move on now and just have a look and see how Mortal Kombat runs now.

This is really one of them, the most demanding game I would say and it's one of those games it's also going to run the native screen resolution and not upscaling. Like other titles, like Real Racing 3, well, that's really lagging. Look at that it's like a ten frame per second slide show. It looks really nice on the screen, but that is just too slow. I think definitely too slow for my liking. All right so model comet X. I think the only way to get really nice smooth frame rate on this particular screen resolution is, you probably have to get the device route on it and then use one of those resolution. Resolution changes applications to actually lower the the resolution and run that at something like 720p or something to get the flavor playable frame rates and here's. A look at Real Racing 3 notes just the default settings that the game has automatically detected I'm just going to leave them as is, and let the game chees what it thinks is best. There let's see how it performs all right. You could say that Real Racing 3 runs just fine and mainly because of the fact that it's not actually running in the native screen resolution and if you hopefully heard the volume is very loud there within this game at least there's no problems, and I find that The overall volume levels in Android are much higher than the window side of things, so there's no need to have to use booster applications to try and get high volume.

I think most people will be very happy with the loudness now to have a quick look at the light leakage here on the screen. I just get the camera hopefully to adjust to that. There we go, you can see the light leakage isn't actually too bad there's. A little bit right on the lip you can plug in to see my fingers there just a bit along here and I think, it's something that is going to really be dependent on each panel. So some panels will have a lot of light leakage. Perhaps, and others will be quite good – I find this one here that I have to be perfectly acceptable. Now. Browser performance seems to be quite good and I find that the on screen keyboard, because it's so large just makes typing on it very easy. Your Corsa and attach the official keyboard to it to make typing a lot easier if you don't, like the touchscreen. If you want to see more on the keyboard, I do actually have a video in the playlist. It covers every aspect of the keyboard and it's, not a bad keyboard, but it's not super high quality. One it's possible the quality because I did actually have you see they've seen the video I had a screw drop out of the keyboard, which was not good at all to see, but the performance of the default browser that is included with the rom of this android. 5.1 ROM it's, fine, it works really good.

I find that the touch response within the browser and the accuracy seems to be better than the actual ROM itself and only too sure why that is, but even the site, which tends to be a little image. Heavy works. Just fine and no problems really with it at all. If I move over to YouTube, just click quickly, test out the speaker's again now I'm. Just playing this track here in particular, because carbon Bay for life life forms don't, give me any copyright issues. Oh, hopefully, the microphone I'm using is going to pick up on that that the audio in terms of loudness in Android is really really good, very loud speakers, but they still have the problem. I had on the Windows version and that is that there's still a little bit of static coming through those speakers and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. While it is nice and loud just between late tracks, audio tracks or even just the the touch feedback noise. You can hear this hiss in between it just a light little bit of static and I think that's something to do with I'm. Seeing I see it a lot on atom chipset, something to do with the interference coming from. I think when the motherboard, the power and the media tech chip sit there for the audio, so overall, I think Android sort of things I do really like it. I like the fact that the ROM is using a stock launcher and we do still have the apps drawer and it's, not an all.

In one kind of thing we see with some of the custom launches performance of it is good. The ebooks seem to run okay, but if you're going to be looking at really large PDF files, you need a little bit of patience there when it comes to searching and just swiping through, as we saw before in the beginning that sometimes it does tend to play A little bit catch up there and it's, not the fastest. Now I also know that Play Books, probably isn't the fastest application, either to use for PDF files and the only things I really don't like about the Android on this hi 12, is the fact that I think the screen brightness could be a lot lower at the Moment I have it set to about 90 and the lowest. It will go well on camera. Here it probably looks quite them. I find it to be too bright, especially if you're gon na be using this late night use. You can be reading, maybe perhaps some ebooks or a magazine or comic or something I find that that brightness level is just too bright and hopefully with someone's going to come up with a custom ROM to fix that we can lower the overall brightness. So, if you're looking for a cheap dual boot Chinese tablet, that has a really nice screen, that's a larger one. If you find the 8 inch and 10 inch tablets too small, then I can definitely recommend this one.

I think the windows side of things are thoroughly covered in my other videos, and I do like this tablet. A lot and Android is just making for me personally. This tablet even better, because now I can switch swap over and play games like clash of clans. You can't get on Windows Store and the audio is also a lot louder without having to tweak that at all alright. So that is the video there.