I did. This is the chewy H a 12, and it has that new screen that now the Chinese manufacturer has finally got their hands on and it's the old surface pro samsung pls panel. Quite a nice panel now, though, a few concerns about the brightness and I didn't actually think it to be that bright in the beginning, because I what a remember of my surface pro 3, I thought: hey the screens a little dull. Now it could be because it's, not a fully laminated display could be because it's got a screen protector on it, but it wasn't really that what I did find out was the Intel, graphics, settings, the power mode, sorry, power saving mode enabled and that actually affected the Brightness, so this was on the extended battery life for gaming and also the displayed power saving technology, and that was what was affecting the panel. So the display saving technology cause the brightness to be quite dim. Now the brightness is quite fine. I tested it out it's. Actually, 300 Lux of brightness quite bright, and if I have a look now at battery sorry, not battery screen it's a 50 at the moment. Now, if I crease that up to 75 and 100, I think that's definitely now bright enough and I'm not concerned or worried about the screen anymore. The brightness is slightly lower than that of the surface pro 3, which gets 370. If I remember correctly the panels supposed to be able to do 400, nits or Lux or brightness, I think it is, but it is definitely a lot better now with that setting changed and fixed there now it does them all the way down to 0 there.

So you can't really make it out until you turn all the lights off and there you can just see it so good kind of sitting there without burning out your retinas. If you're, looking at in a dimly, lit environment or he's sitting in bed watching a movie or something that's, the setting you want to have it on okay, so my first impressions of the tablet, I already posted this on tic telecom. I real pretty good. The screen. Responsiveness, it's very good, it doesn't seem to have any lag it's performing quite well. Now these are the benchmarks of the storage. So we've got the micro SD card slot. Here on the left, you see those speeds there, hi inks drive so that's. The C Drive the EMC drive, it's, ok, good speeds there I mean the right speeds at bed at all. If you have a look at the surface three, I reviewed quite a few months ago or half a year ago. Now I think it was that's the atom tablet that only had write speeds of about 50 60. I think it was so that's, nothing too bad and the full case there. Okay – and this here – is my SanDisk Extreme USB 3 memory. Stick that I ran from the porte dis benchmark let's, see how fast it was and yeah overall know no complaints. There everything seems to be working as you'd. Imagine you know benchmarks. Is it moving around here, and this is the first school that I got or one of the physicals? I got a nice still at one point too and other not about school that's running off the battery with the Intel power saving disabled.

Now, if you plug it in and run it at the same time, then you get an even high score. The nh 2 2000 points there. So performance definitely increases if it's running off power, and this is the 3d mug I live in score. I ran that. Just in order to push the system as hard as possible, so I can check out the thermals which I'll show you in just a second PC mark 7 score, actually a bit higher than most of the other atom x5z 8300 s and finally, club get one point. One score quite a good score, considering again the church it now thermals. I have been running the whole time, HW info just being leaving that, in the background, the whole time and hasn't actually gone past 69 degrees, which is really good. I'Ll, show you up close here. So 69 degrees and it's been going for about eight hours now down here that I've had it running so that's been when I've been doing all those benchmarks. Now haven't done enough gaming, yet I will have some gaming videos coming up soon. I haven't had enough time on there to really really push the system, but it's, looking like the thermals, but just fine, and as I imagined, I think, what you've done there using where the chip setters would be where these USB ports are. I think they've placed a thermal pad there, so it's transferring heat away from the atom chipset and to the whole backing plate using that isn't.

One huge passive heatsink, which is a really good idea and I've, seen Cube, do that on the i7 and the i7 stylus. Now, where performance is really good, the screen I'm finding real pleasure to use it's, very responsive the system and the accuracy within the whole operating system, and just using touching everything just seems to be really good and fine, and really I can't, find anything wrong with the Tablet so far apart from the usual, the cameras are lousy. I mean you've got two megapixel front facing camera five rear and I did discover there is a little bit of noise coming through static interference with the 3.5 millimeter headphone socket, which isn't good. Now that noise is only really picked up when you don't actually have any sound plane, so it's almost like interference from another component on the PCB or something that's interfering with that. So when you're playing an audio track or you go in and to youtube, then everything runs without any static noise. I can't hear it so it's gon na bother some people. I know it bothers me because I like to have very clear audio I'm, just gon na quickly plug in my wireless keyboard and mouse just so. I can quickly do a quick web test here now I haven't visited tech tablets calm yet on the tablet. I just wanted to show you the kind of experience you get on the HR 12, so hasn't been cached before pops up relatively quick, and this is edge.

Of course you try this on crime and it's not going to be the smooth scrolling, but overall the experience using this for movies and web browsing, I think, is brilliant because you're taking advantage of this premium Samsung panel – and it looks really good. So if I go into something a little more heavy now, this is my redmi note 3 review. This has three embedded YouTube videos and a lot of thumbnails with images. So I can imagine it's quite taxing, but you have a look and see that loaded up pretty fast, still Scrolls really fast and the movies are there certain the movies but the YouTube clips. And if I just play one of them and scroll around, I mean it's loading in fast, its responsive and at times it doesn't really feel like and Adam at least not the Z at 8300, which is odd. I thought this panel would really drag the system down being such a high resolution panel and the accuracy of moving around icons on things, loading up windows that seems to work pretty good, no quick access that took a while, didn't it they could be slow. Sometimes, on my desktop but overall I'm enjoying the tablet so far and battery life – okay, while I've had it on for three hours and 21 minutes at the moment running some benchmarks, browsing listening to some tunes of YouTube and you're looking around safe to say about five To six hours now remember, I have disabled that battery saving feature and the Intel graphics settings so and I'm running 50 brightness the whole time.

So, if you lower the brightness, you could maybe even squeeze out six and a half. I think, if you game on it, not that you'd want to really you're, probably going to be getting only about three hours. So overall things are looking good for the chewy no.12. I am, as I mentioned, enjoying it now I'm working on my full written review. That will be up on take tablets, comm, so keep an eye on out for that. I don't know whether I will have a full video review ever least not anytime soon, because I've got a lot on at the moment, but I will try and get some more material out. As I said, Oh we'll have some gaming videos coming up soon. So please stay tuned to the channel, keep an eye for those and if you do have any questions, it's probably easier well easier for me. If you jump over onto tequila so calm on to the chewy H, o twelve thread there or some of the posts there and ask me there and see if I can test things out – and I don't have much time so I can't promise you that I can Test out everything, but I will do some gaming and try to test out as well streaming from Steam to see how well that performs thanks for watching this video.