Finally, I've got my hands on one sorry for the delay to take me a while to get it because what happened as the first model apparently came out with 32 bit windows only and not Windows 10 is 64 bit which supported the full 4 gigabytes of RAM. So that has apparently been rectified that has been fixed and now this is what you could call the second batch pretty much that has come out that I managed to get my hands on which took a little time to get hold of. So it was a bit of a delay there and actually getting it between the switch of batches. I thinks once chewy was correcting issues and whatnot, so you can see that the box itself is exactly the same. Really as the VI 10 box, I mean I didn't. Obviously have to really change many things here now this does have a 64 gigabyte emmc drive and it does have the atom's it 8300, which can turbo up to one point: eight four gigahertz, you can see there there four gigabytes of RAM, and hopefully this is running 64 bit so we'll have to find out. Ok, so you see they have included. At least my seller has here a screen protector for me, which is handy now. I don't actually have the keyboard dock yet I'm waiting for that it hasn't arrived yet, unfortunately, so I'll have to have a separate, unboxing, video and hands on video with the keyboard once that finally arrives so just quickly.

Look at the Box on the side here, which is of course going to be the micro, USB, cable and there it is, and the charger which is exactly the same as the VI team charger. So this is rated to 5 volts 2 amps. You can see there now I'll just have a look at the tablet. Now let's say: 10.1 inch screen and it's 1920 by 1200, this time, so not by 1080p, so it's, the 16 by 10 ratio, so slightly square than the VI. 10. The VI 10 causes the previous model. This is the successor to that one see here at the bottom. We do have a docking port, so Pogo pin and this little tabs here will be where the metal supports from the keyboard dock. When I get that I'll be able to test it out with slot in there, so the build overall is plastic. Xl on the front here, there's a small little slot there, which looks to me like the microphone, will probably be there and we have the front facing camera and the side so good to see. We do have a blue port here which lets me know that that is going to be USB 3 and we do have a USB 2 port here, full size, micro, USB to micro, HDMI, 3.5, millimeter audio jack, and this one right here of course, it's the micro Sd card slot, so a plasticy build. It has a texture on it.

But this is all plastic, so no glass on the rear, like the VA 10 no metal, there's the rear facing camera, which i think is still 2 megapixel and the front facing as well or it could actually be 5 on the rear. Here'S. Our power volume up and down, of course, and the 2 speakers are on the left side, so both of the speakers on the left side – we're not going to get that stereo separation that we had on the VI – 10. Unfortunately, they obviously didn't have space to fit them in well. They could have maybe put it in here, but there must be a reason for that. So I'll get this tablet now fired up and we have a look and see if Windows is indeed and 64 bit Windows 10 there, and just how much free space is available on this storage. So that's now powering up I'll just remove screen protector, while the first layer on it there is that screen protector below there still so the tablet powered up just fine and I did actually have installed options. You had English, Russian Korean and Chinese, of course, which is good to see that the windows image they are using does actually have install options there for other languages, because normally what you do get is just Chinese in English or sometimes even just Chinese. So you have to go along and install a language pack, so that's good to see and the other thing as well is.

It actually does include the latest Windows 10 November update. Now you see the the screens at fifty percent. At the moment, fifty percent brightness that's a 75 100 and it does go right down to zero percent very nice and dim. Therefore, reading at night, it probably wouldn't be too bad for that, and if you have a look well, 50 percent as well I'm, just gon na leave it on at the moment. If you have a look at the screen, viewing angles are pretty decent there. It is an IPS panel and the sharpness of the screen I'm definitely noticing it compared to the Chui VI. 10. Of course we have a lot more pixels now on the screen, so it does look a lot better there. Now a lot of you probably wanting to know straight away, we'll go into system here that it does actually support 64 bit operating system. So that is good to see that sure we have corrected those problems they did have with the first batch been only 32 bit and Windows 10 home is activated, no problem is there and we do have their full 4 gigabytes of RAM and like those first models There now the disk drive is a hynek's h, cg 8 e model and it's. Actually not bad here are the speeds just bringing that up. So the right speeds, they're quite good, almost well just shy of 80 megabytes per second write rate, the read 123, not bad.

The 4k random retune rights there – okay, you have to remember this – is an emmc drive. Four point: five point: one speck, but those speeds for this kind of flash drive they aren't bad at all. Now this here is the USB 3 port. Just using my SanDisk Extreme 64 gigabyte drive there and those speeds there are pretty much the fastest. You can get out of the drive so proper, USB 3 speeds day, which is good to see, and this is the micro SD card. Those speeds are good they're about the speeds I get out of my SanDisk, sorry Samsung Evo 64 gigabyte, but I have plugged on the side here which I'll just show you. It fits. It really flush like that, and it is a little annoying to get in and out. You need to have longer fingernails than what I have at the moment and just remove this now. I will later on check to see if my one terabyte drive will actually be powered from that drive and the free available space. We have is 44.1 gigabytes there, so that's not too bad for a 64 gigabyte we've got Windows does take up a bit of space. So here's the H I 10 compared to the VA 10 here. You can see that the H my 10 screen looks a lot better, of course, it's the 16 by 10 ratio, the screen and the top one. The vit in alternate – has the 16 by 9 screen.

So a lot wider, so you're going to get obviously some advantages having the Y to tell but the keyboards going to be wider and not as narrow as the HR 10 keyboard, which I unfortunately don't have at the moment and when it comes to build quality. The VI 10 feels a little bit solid. I actually just because, probably because it has the middle around the outside gives it more of a solid feel, but both are the tablets. Don'T have any flex on them. They don't have any creeks or noises. They both seem pretty solid. The chewy h8n is lighter, let's get that screen there. We go autorotation. There is working so both of them side by side very different. When it comes the screens cause the lower resolution on the VI Tien there and now just quickly Weibo. For them, first up the H I 10 that's 526 and the vit much heavier at 400, so I 647 grams I'll just move on now and have a look at the touchscreen and the speakers on the H. I 10 now to have a look at the performance of the speakers. I'M. Just loaded up YouTube here, sorry: I'm, not going to play Justin Bieber! Sorry! I know you guys are be pretty sad that I'm not actually going to play that so have a look at the touch keyboard as well to see how that runs there and a little run. Carbon carbon based life forms because they aren't going to give me any copyright issues, and I normally run this for my tests with the speakers anyway.

So we'll see how this performs. So this is on 100 here full volume coming out the two speakers on the back: they aren't particularly wonderful, which is normal for tablet – speakers really they're they're, not that good only they show me me paired to – I think I said the best because so far, but They lack base, they are definitely lacking. There'S no mid range base, quite tinny. They have some volume to them. So it's not entirely bad news. They do have a little bit of volume there, but I'll see if you want to get some quality sound you're going to have to plug in to that headset jack there and use a headset. Of course. Now there were a few of you on the website and comments asking me if the VI 10 keyboard would fit the Chewie H, I 10, unfortunately, it doesn't it's a completely different docking system. Although the Pogo ports are the same, the connector installers different. So if I try to put that in there it's not going to connect because we have the problem there with the difference and the connector there, we have those little tabs that stick out a completely different spacing there I mean if they did have these spaced out To about here, then that would fit inside, but it wouldn't secure itself on there, because this has magnets in it, and this doesn't it's a different docking mechanism altogether, so it's definitely not going to work at all and later on.

I will have the the official hita keyboard to check that out and review it and see just how that is so that's my unboxing and quick hands on there. With the Chewie H, I 10, I will be back with benchmarks, gaming tests and anything else. I can think of think of so do stay tuned to the channel and I will have those videos up and coming very soon.