Now this is very similar to the hi book. It has the same frame in it. It has the same exact screen and specs and everything else, but the difference was this: one. Is software wise, so this comes with remix on there remix OS 2.0 and Windows 10 home, whereas the hi book comes with Android and Windows, so they're, both dual boot machines and then again there is the hi book Pro, which has the very nice fully laminated. 1600 P screen on it this one doesn't, so this is 1920 by 1200. It has the atom x50. 8300 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte emmc wireless n. I know those specs by memory because I have seen so many devices now that come out with that. So, yes, it is getting a little bit confusing and it also works with the high book pro keyboard, so the keyboard dock. For the H item, which this model is, is exactly the same. I do have that with me, so I will show you the keyboard as well. Ok, so that is still fully wrapped up in the plastic, which is good. So no one has opened that up and you see there on the side just a little bit of the specs there. So HR 10 Pro just cut this wrap off alright get this open. So I will look at what is inside the box. We have here to be the power supply. Now, if it's like the hi book, then this will be rated to 3 watts it's, a European one.

That is good, and you probably actually see that there, so that is rated to get the camera to focus on that. To 3 M sorry, not what's, 5 volts, 3 amps and we have a USB type c cable there. They have included two so charges it doesn't charge via the micro, USB 2 port, only the type C port, and hopefully that type C port is running at USB 3 speeds. Because on the high book and high book, pro it's only running at USB 2 speeds, which is a bit of an error on Chuy's part there, so that we have tablet, it still has course the first layer of the screen protector on and as the 5 Pogo Port pins there on the bottom there's the holes there for the supports of the keyboard, and just remember that there is the high book pro keyboard is the same one on this ones along the top. Here we had the volume rocker power on on the back there's a a 2 megapixel camera. The front camera is also 2 megapixels and on the side there you can see we have micro, SD card slot, the type C and for charging, and also data micro, USB to microphone micro, HDMI and 3.5 millimeter headphone jack there. So a little bit isn't too bad. It has no flex in it. I can't feel that creaking or anything is no given that, because it does have these talk, screws either side, so the left or night.

We do have stereo speakers and the talk screws there will help keep that secured in place there. So I'll just have a look at the weight of it, that's 559 grams, which i think is exactly the same as the high book. So I just have at the thickest point here which out the way they actually is no thickest point the thickness there. At eight point, five millimeters, so here's the keyboard and, as mentioned it's, the same as the hi book Pro keyboard, but not the hi book keyboard, because the hi book keyboard has these supports a little bit longer. It'S, a nice keyboard actually because the top here is metal that okay, the touch pads a little bit small, but it has these supports as well to keep the screen off the keyboard surface, so it shouldn't get scratched up at all and in my use it hasn't. Actually been scratched up and you do get USB ports either side, so we've got one there and then of course, one on the other side there USB two ports, they're built quite nicely. The bottom has a rubberized, matte plastic kind of paint job to it. With these. For support feet there and when you do push it back the depart here. The support for the actual tablet lifts up the keyboard. So it gives you a bit of typing angle so to stop that in and show you what it's, like so there's magnets in there and that simply just clips in so the combined weight over both of the keyboard and tablet.

There is 1.1 kilos. Alright, so just get that screen protector off by the first layer of it there's a screen protector below still on there, of course, and get this thing turned on should be battery life in there. So you can see a small status LED now that blinks when you're charging it and when it is fully charged, there will be a continuous light and the dual boot menu should come up now, so that we have the standard dual boot menu. So we've got Windows or Android I'll go into Android first, so here we go remixes loading up and this is the setup menu. So we've got Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and English, of course, so I'll go through the wan na set up later on. I just want to jump straight into this and we'll have a quick look so remix there with a place door installed, of course and gmail. Is there so bloatware doesn't look to be anything else of a WPS office? That'S not really blood, though, is it sound recorder? Youtubes on that, you could classify that as bloat, maybe, and the gallery notifications and there's all the applications there. So you can adjust that that's, a quick shortcut menu there cc remix is really based on multitasking. So when you launch your applications like calculator and other things here, Gmail probably won't allow well apps that support it. You can run the apps that's the camera there by the way and run things and switch to them very quickly.

Some of the setup to how Windows runs because you has it down the bottom. You can just quickly switch to those as the home and back key there. So you still get that example again. The final manager, then, would give me free available space, probably not settings. Okay, so we've got 12.1 gigabytes free on the 64 gigabyte emmc, which of course is partition for both Windows and remix. Now, if you're lookin settings so remix will be running, think it's only remix 2 that's on there, yes remix OS version 2 and that is course running on android 5.1.1 by the looks of it and as you can see, if there are any updates to that, so Venus, what over now to Windows? And I wonder if there is a shortcut so normally you hold down the power button and when you do that, it's ok know to just power off. So it looks like I'm go to have to do a reboot and I can't boot directly from remix into Windows, which you could normally do on. The Android runs the dual boot: menu, windows, icon and let's have a look at Windows, so the first setup screen of Windows and again we have French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese okay it's, taking a little while, for some reason, English. I think this little Brown loading going on mr. hope, so there we go. That was a little slow, okay, so legal mumbo jumbo they're, the windows on skipper wireless.

It up. Of course, this want to go straight into this Express settings. Okay, now I need to set up an account here now, if you don't have to set up an account – and it goes straight into Windows – that's, probably because your seller has already done their pre inspection check on it, and only they just boot that out put it In English, for you or if, for example, you're French, then they will put it in French, now check it all that there's no problems and then ship it out to you. So if you do get the box that's, not all sealed up, then that's that's. Why? Because they do those pre inspection check, so it's very common to get tick from China that isn't fully sealed without the factory seals on it, it's just something you have to deal with. I don't particularly like it but that's just the way. It is so to quickly compare the displays here with the High Book Pro now. The high work pro has a far superior screen with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 P. It is fully laminated, it is a Panasonic display, and here it is, you can see viewing angles on this. One really good so being fully laminated there's no gap in the display, so there's no gap between the IPS panel and then the digitizer glass, whereas the haibach Pro does have that gap and you'll see here that if I get that up to the camera, hopefully that's Focusing okay, you can see a small gap of approximately I'd say one millimeter it's, not that noticeable on some device.

It is. It is really bad, for example, the pepo x10 that has a huge gap of about three millimeters and is quite distracting, but this one isn't too bad. So I put the screens there side by side, so you can see, hopefully a difference there and the quality the sharpness of this one. This is by far the best screen that you will see in a Chinese tablet on the haibach Pro Windows. First, boot did take a little while that took about thirty one more than that, actually probably bout a minute. So let's have a look at the screen: brightness. Okay, at the moment 100 – that is 0 25 50 75 I'll, keep it on 100. For now. So you have a look at the system and available space, see running Windows, 10 home and in Hey, look at the free space. So we have twenty seven point: six gigabytes, free on Windows and that isn't fully activated yet because I'll have to connect to the internet. For that you see, we have the full four gigabytes of RAM 64 bit operating system, of course. Otherwise we couldn't get access to let Ram and have a quick look on the device manager and what components we have on board. So what to strive? Is it using, which is an emmc samsung for a change haven't seen a samsung for a while? Actually so, that's a samsung, CWB, d3r and wireless will no doubt be real tick, but it could be Broadcom actually.

So wireless is okay, real tick, so that's wireless 2.4 gigahertz there and we do have a switch now. So you can switch over to remix from windows, but it looks like we can't just go from remix straight into windows. We need to do a reboot there, so that's the unboxing and first look at the chewy hie 10 pro here with remix and Windows 10. Thank you so much for watching this video.