But this is now the chewy h8n plus it gets a little confusing the naming, but this one here has remix OS 2.0 and Windows. At 10, 64 gigabytes of internal storage got the same atom. Zi8 thousand 300. I thought I'd finished looking at those there, but there were a lot of requests for me to review this particular model because it does have a surface 3 screen in it. So this one here, I picked up from gearbest.com and you can see that it came by DHL now it's something for around about 189 u.s. at the moment, and the keyboard is an additional 20 US. So the typical chewy box, there, the other side there HR 10 and just a few specs there. So the screen resolution nineteen twenty by twelve eighty. So instead of the typical android 5.1, we see on their remix this time around. So charger will be in here and the type c cable and the charges they have been using lately, 5 volts and three amps. So chat is a little bit faster. You see, they'll have a European one and yes is rated to 5 volts 3 amps, just like the VI 10 and a black USB type c, cable, so here's a tablet. It has a screen protector, already applied to it: a magnetic docking, keyboard, connector technology for stylus penile. Sorry, it does actually support a stylus. I was not expecting that that's right it has the h2 pin so it's the high pen, but the second one, not the first one that was on the chewy H.

I twelve. You see: we've got D 3.5 million, a headphone jack micro, HDMI, the microphone micro, USB 2 port and the type C port. Hopefully this is USB 3. I will check that out and the micro SD card slot. One speak there on the left on the bottom. The five Pogo port connector that there's two of course connect up with the keyboard, which I'll show you in just a second and then the second speaker on the right. So we have good stereo separation, at least from that, and on the back of it, a rare 5 megapixel webcam the webcam up the front that's a 2 megapixel one there so quickly show you the keyboard. The keyboard has this felt like material around it like a fabric it's a very similar keyboard to the chewy VI: 10, the first one that had the full size USB ports in it that I reviewed a good year ago. So now it's a very similar keyboard. Very similar setup to it. Do you see here at the layout, all of it we've got a reasonably sized touchpad there it's, not too bad. It does have hardware left and right buttons and the key travel on it. Isn'T too bad at all: it's, not a bad keyboard, it's a little bit, plasticky feeling it's, not quite as good as the the chui haibach keyboard, which has mostly metal on it or metal on the palm rest. At least it is all plastic – and you do have this little rubber feet here – to help keep the keyboard from touching the screen.

So the keyboard just folds back like this, this magnets in it, so that will keep that latched in and it's quite stable, like that and the tablet with the magnets in the bottom it's um just dachshund like that I'll show you how the keyboard folds up. So we need to do is just simply just place it down and then that folds up and creates a protective cover for it like that and that's easy enough to transport or slip in a bag. So quick, look at these tablets. Wait before I actually power it on weighs a 700 grams, so it's quite heavy for what it is, and then we add the keyboard with that. That makes it one point: one four kilos. One thing: I almost missed the power on, and volume up and down buttons. Here along there, these are made out of plastic and they feel well a little bit cheap there. So I'm just gon na power it on now. You just got ta hold down that button for about four seconds. There should be battery in here because normally they ship out of the factory with some battery – and I can see yes, that that is now powering up there. We go get rid of the screen protector. Well, that's, only the first layer. There is also its pre applied. It'S there behind that is always a screen protectors on, because these do not have dragon tail or gorilla glass, so they don't have scratch.

Resistant glass is what I wanted to say all right, so just power it up into remix first, and you see a different layout. There from your typical android 5.1 wrong, so just check the version should be under here on settings. I can actually see any bloatware either. Will they'll probably be a couple of things on there, so just running remix, OS 2.0 and as Android version 5.1.1 let's close that down so have a look and see if we have any bloat we've got WPS office on there, but there's, something that Remax always put On use Republic, I would consider that to be bloatware, remix applications and, of course, Play Store is on their own remix central's and another app there, but that's well, it's, not really bloatware is just another place to get more applications really so free available storage have a Look at that, if I can remember how to bring that, I think it sounds seedings it. Oh there we go so we got 8.1 gigabytes free on remix, so at least it's some space to be able to install a couple of large games and a few applications there. Of course, you can insert a microSD card slot to expand on the storage too. If you want to put all your music on that, instead of actually putting it on the internal storage to leave space there for all your games and other apps and things so look at this later on. In my full review, I'll test out a few games to see the performance, whether it's going to be able to play something like Mortal Kombat X and the full native resolution.

The screen does have a quick look at the moment. The brightness is right down that's. What are going to be absolutely overpowering? The exposure settings I have in the camera, but that gets up to 400 should be around 450 and it's of brightness, the the surface 3 screen it has in there through by 2 ratio. Of course, so I can't see any way in this to boot over to Windows directly unless I hold down the power button and that well there's only got risk just reboot there, so I'm going to have to use that and move over now into Windows. Ok, so the bird took about 25 seconds and it actually had an account or he created, which was named Edmund, which is interesting. So that means that gearbest must have gone in there and down there post, sale, inspection. Their test is to make sure we think was working and that's what sometimes some of the sellers do. Unfortunately, even though the windows image on this will probably no doubt support English and there's, no real reason for them to go in there to change it over to English, because you can actually just do that on the initial first setup. So does that work on the device manager and I bring up file explorer and have a look and see how much free available space there is so 31.5 gigabytes, free and windows. So you got plenty of room there. Well, it's! Never enough is it, but I mean it's a lot more than Android has then the remix in there and just under the device manager, have a look at the disk drive so two Toshiba, 0 64 GE, a that is very common it's good to see that at Least, we've got a brand name and looking under now, the network adapters a real tick wireless n and that also handles Bluetooth 4.

0. So these green accuracy touch there. I can see I'm not having any problems just closing things. It seems to be quite good and quick and responsive it's a bad, so I'll just go sorry back into Windows as when I have looked there, so it has Windows 210 home on there and the full four gigabytes of RAM where you don't normally see any problems. Now, with that, they don't tend to allocate anymore to hardware and when, as activated so normal, you have to connect up to the internet to get that activated, but it's already been connected by the looks of it. Seeing that is already activated so just brought up the windows, task manager and under the performance tab wanted to have a look at the memory speeds. So we do have the four gigabytes of double data rate three, but I can see that at the speed of it is running at only 1066 megahertz, even though this chipset does support 1600 megahertz now, I'm. Quite sure that were the Choi's at least you can go into the BIOS and you can go into the Northbridge under the speed settings there and change the dim a. I think it is listed as up to 1600, and that goes of boost of around 10 to 15, at least in the 3d mark and 3d performance, for the GPU benchmarks that I have tested out. So I don't know why they are clocking that down to 1066, possibly for extended battery life or stability, but I'm going to change that later on, because I prefer to run it at the fastest possible speed, which is 1600 megahertz, because these atoms need all the speed They can get okay, so I've just connected up to my wireless connection that I have, and I wanted to test out those speakers – I've just got into you – jus YouTube here and search quickly.

Carbon based life forms just to play a quick soundtrack. Okay, so they're a little tinny sounding, but, as you just heard from there that they do have a bit of volume behind them, which is good so at least they're. I would say they're loud enough and in Android well Remax. Normally, there are even a little bit louder for some reason: it's something that's driver related I'll, just have a quick little type on the keyboard and see how it feels. Of course, I've got the tripod in front of me, so a little bit awkward to type on, but the keyboard feels ok and because it's lying flat, there's zero flex when pressing down on there, of course. So all in all I mean it feels reasonable it's not going to be the best typing experience ever, but I use the chewy VI 10 keyboard, which is basically just like this one, and I didn't have any issues with it. Now I just wanted to test out the type C port, whether it's going to a be able to power an external hard drive and be will it run at USB 3 speeds. Often these tablets fail this little test, so let's find out. Now I have a Western Digital one. Terabyte drive here, just plug that in okay can hear that firing up and a white light indicates that you need to see down here. That is only USB 2 speeds, but at least it's powering it, but it's sad to see that that's not running at USB 3.

0 speeds, which it should now truly did not include in the Box a Type C adapter, which is disappointing. So you're going to have to supply and buy one of those yourself if you want to convert that port into a full size port, because there are no full sized USB ports on this tablet, which is a little bit of a disappointment. Okay, so that's the unboxing and my first impressions overall, quite good. The build of it is solid, it's, not too bad. Now we don't have a fully laminated display, so there's a little bit of a gap between the touch digitizer, glass and the IPS panel below and the other thing we have to also be a little bit. Careful with is the fact that the keyboard, just like the chewy VI 10, that I used to have, will end up scratching the screen protector. So it might pay to put down a cloth between the two layers when using it or buy some extra screen. Protectors and you've only got that one fixed angle, so you either love it or hate it. You'Re stuck with that one angle and the lack of a full sized USB port on there is a shame, because the VI 10 one of the first dual boot models from chewie, had two full sized USB 2 ports on it, which was really handy and the type C port is only running as far as I can tell now, with my test, as I just did in this video only running it used to be two speeds, which is a real shame.

So we'll be back with built benchmarks, battery life testing it out and full detail with the review, which will hopefully be coming out within a week or so so, hopefully we'll catch.