Probably thinking hang on I’ve already seen this tablet before now. You wouldn’t be mistaken, because I did review the VI 10, which looks exactly the same. The VI 10 plus. However, this model here has double the RAM double the internal storage and it comes configured as a dual boot. So it’s got remix 2.0 and Windows 10 home on it now to quickly cover the specs, so it’s powered by an atom x5 0 8300. They can turb er up to 1.8. Gigahertz has 4 gigabytes of single channel 1066 megahertz Ram. Now it was clocked slower on my unit and I was able to actually change that speed to 1600 megahertz, which gives a boost of around 10 to 15 and 3d games, which will help speed things up a little bit. But you will probably lose about 10 percent battery life as a result. Now I do not know why do we have a clock like that? Now it has a 64 gigabyte MMC, which is split between remix and Windows. 10 also has wireless in and Bluetooth 4.0 and finally, a 8400 milliamp hour battery, which is good for around 5 to 6 hours of use. So for an additional 20 us, you can buy this type table style keyboard and I do think is well worth it. It improves the typing experience from using the on screen keys and you get reasonably good travel with their keyboard now, since it does the lie flat, it doesn’t have any flicks or bounce, but you only get this one fixed angle when using it, which you’re either going To love or hate, but I do believe that so we have positioned it quite optimally there for the best angle and viewing experience when typing and using this on a desk, at least but on your lap it’s a little bit more difficult.

So the case folds back up like this to support the tablet, and it is quite sturdy you can press on the screen and it’s not going to collapse. It has some rather powerful magnets in there that keep it all together and also magnets when docking it. If you want to separate that now one thing I have noticed that if you do fold it up and travel with it, perhaps you’ve got it in a backpack and you’ve got some books or something pressing against and putting pressure on the keyboard and the tablet. When it’s like this all folded up and protected there, it will actually end up scratching the screen protector. The keyboard. This is something that happened on the VOA team, which had a very similar keyboard design. Now the touchpad does the job it’s reasonably small. It does have hardware left and right mouse buttons and it does have, unfortunately, the annoying gesture of the swipe up and down. They cannot be disabled in Windows without a bit of a registry hack, so port, wise you’ll notice that we are missing full size, USB ports. We have a micro SD card slot. The type C port that only seems to be working at USB 2 speeds micro, USB 2 port. Now this will not actually charge the tablet. Only the type C port will microphone and then the micro HDMI, followed by a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the top, the power on volume up and down buttons.

Now these are made out of plastic and they don’t really have a very good feel. To, though I mean they do the job, but they’re not really high quality on the left on the right you’ll find that the stereo speakers that offer a reasonably good volume so build wise. It doesn’t feel bad at all. Thanks to the unibody housing, it is secured in place with these talked screws top and bottom on. Both the left and right sides feel solid, no flex, no complaints with it. Apart from the plastic volume up and down and power arm buttons and also the case, this material they have used is just an absolute dust, magnet it just attracts any piece of dust or dirt that’s out there on a tabletop or anything just seems to latch onto It straight away, so the screen brightness is particularly good. It goes right up to 450 lumens of brightness, so it’s a very bright screen, the same as the surface pro with a resolution of 1920 by 12. But you will notice here that outdoor use it’s very reflective due to the fact that it’s a non laminated screen, and it also has a screen protector on the top. So reflections are something you’re going to have to battle. Whether if you want to use this outside now, looking at the screen indoors, you’ll see that we still have a few reflections showing up here but it’s nowhere near as bad as outdoors.

That, literally, would not attempt on this tablet, because the fact that it’s got the screen protect that it’s not fully laminated. Now, if you are after a fully laminated screen, have a look at the chewy haibach Pro that’s got an excellent premium. Panasonic screen in that one with a resolution of 2560 by 1600, but this screen isn’t bad for a three by two aspect: ratio, it’s, the same piece of hardware that Microsoft used and the Surface three. It offers very decent colors nice, blacks and I’m pleased with it. It’S not a bad, i PS panel at all, and I do feel with the lower resolution it’s going to be a little bit easier and more fluid and remix and windows versus the chewy high book so I’m, going to start out first in remix. Now remix is remix version 2.0, which is it in fact. The latest version this one’s android 5.1 base, whereas remix 3 is Android 6 space marshmallow, so hopefully it’s going to get it update later on down the track. Now there is no way to actually switch over to Windows directly within remix. You have to go through a full reboot process, which takes approximately 30 seconds, unlike Windows, when your windows team, which I’ll show you later in this review, that you can actually just launch an application there and then reboot straight into remix here now remix. If you haven’t used it before is a very similar setup to Android.

However, the way the launcher is set up and the way it’s skinned as it’s more focused on multitasking, and what that means is, we can actually run some applications, not all side by side. So if I run PPC mark here, this will come up first in full screen mode, but with some apps if they do support mobile mode, which you can see this one does, because now we have this little icon here. That will, in fact relaunch this will resize that into there we go you can see now. This is more like a 5 inch mobile screen or 5.5 inch mobile screen on the desktop there, so you can run there is the things side by side there. Now how that would be handy would perhaps maybe you want to look at something in WPS office, you’re running something down. You want to have two windows of things, then you can do that which an Android normal Android run that you get, for example like on the chile hi book. You can’t do that and of course, the good thing about having windows on here that the games you can’t, get a window store, for example, some of those really cool android games that you want to play. You can play them on ramos posit course it does come with Play, Store installed, which you’ll see is right there and that works fine, haven’t added any problems, its overall, its fluid you get the occasional little stutter and things with animation and I’ll just quickly show you That you can play some demanding games like Mortal Kombat X.

You see model combo it’s got playable frame rates; only just you see it’s a little bit slow and stuttery, but this is probably one of the more demanding games because it runs a native screen resolution. It doesn’t actually upscale, whereas games like real racing, do upscale and that’s less demanding, but you can play this one. Just now, let’s have a look now at modern combat 5. So now just uh quickly show the start of modern combat 5. Here, if I look around, you see that it’s actually really smooth, not bad at all, just play a little bit of the game, so gaming performance is much better than I expected, but bear in mind that I have actually clocked that RAM at 1600 megahertz, which wasn’t The default that it shipped with so that probably will help – or the immense here now very quick internet – a check here. So this is tick tablets, my own website and it’s, quite image heavy, but it loads up relatively fast and not bad the performance for an atom. X50, 8300 it’s good at light tasks. Things like this it’s perfect for just don’t, try to encode any 4k video or I play triple a titles. Anything like that because that’s not what that chipset is designed for it’s designed for efficiency, so it’s, not high power. It’S! More about low power consumption, so I just want to move over to YouTube and quickly check out how those speakers sounds.

We got left and right facing slide facing speakers, and I have noticed that the two, the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack there’s some static coming through it, which I’m not particularly happy with I’m, a little bit sensor to that I’d like to have nice, clear, audio and every Time you hear, for example, the audio played when typing on the on screen keyboard there’s a slight hiss to it, which is quite disappointing. So I just took out a track here from carbon based life forms and at the one, how to receive volume and let’s have a listen to how it sounds. Okay, so the loudness is okay, it is actually louder than other Chinese tablets. I have heard, but just like the typical, cheaper Chinese tablet, those speakers they don’t really have any base to them, so they sound quite tinny they’re, not the greatest so audio quality. I have to say that on the hom plus here isn’t the greatest, but the speakers at least aren’t as bad as some tablets. Now I do like to run a few benchmarks and one of the things I wanted to focus on and definitely check out really detailed and thoroughly was the wireless performance in range, because I know a lot of people have been concerned about the all metal body on It saying that, while its performance hasn’t been good, what I’ve actually got good results. This is the same level as the floor of my wireless router and those speeds.

There are excellent uploads that’s pretty much the highest. I can get out of my 4G connection that I have now I tested out the signal strength. You can see right there, so it’s our negative 40, and when I went downstairs, I repeated the same test, which is quite far away from the router. It has to go through reinforced, concrete or floor and everything else, and you see that the same result there notice that the downloads beats did drop down about 25. Now that happens on every single mobile tab that they test out even my surface pro 4. The speeds would drop down around 25, so I haven’t seen any issues at all with that and the signal strength. Yes, you can see it’s gone down from a negative 42, now negative 60 there that it was still fine, still performing well and still showed two bars of signal strength there. Now the benchmarks that did run out was was the battery test in PC mark. So this is five hours and 20 minutes, which is not the greatest score. This is quite average. This one I had hoped at least six hours now in Windows. I can get around six and a half hours with the brightness at about 20 and while that’s on so a droid for some reason, it doesn’t seem as good as Windows when it comes to battery life. There there’s just the PC work, 2.20 Schoolnet, PC map, and here is Geekbench 4 and lastly, those were the only benchmarks.

I decided to run on this now. Those scores are they’re all exactly the same on par with other Adam x50 8300 tablets. So some of you, in the comments in YouTube and on tech Telecom and the forum have been asking me: does the high book Pro keyboard work on the VA 10 plus or the HR 10 plus, which I have here? The answer is yes, it actually dachshund. Just fine, it works completely. The USB 2 ports work there either side, but as you can see, it just looks a little bit awkward because we’ve got a 3 by 2 tablet docked into what is basically a 16 by 10 tablets keyboard. So it doesn’t quite fit right there, but it works. Fine, we can get the full angles then, for the screen – and I do like the the experience on the typing experience on this. One is a little bit better, but I’ll show you. I mean when it’s folded up collapsed, looks fine there, but when you turn it over, you will see that yeah, it sticks out and the whole sensor doesn’t work. So you can see, the screen is actually still on so won’t automatically put it into sleep mode like it will do the keyboard that properly fits it, but at least it works, which is something and it gives us there’s two USB to ports. So the a 10 plus does support a stylus as well as the vi, 10 plus version, but that’s a very basic stylus.

Now the one you need to get is called the high pH don’t get the hype in h1 that’s for another model that one there has 128 levels of pressure sensitivity. This particular model has absolutely zero levels of pressure, sensitivity, it’s, just the one level that it has now you see right here. This tip actually is rubber, which is quite nice now to power it on. You need to push the little button there, that lights up, blue and along the top. You can see there’s the microUSB port there for charging it so to show you how it works very quickly, I’m, not going to spend too much time on this one here, because it really it’s, not that great. So as soon as the stylus is on the screen and working well, if it is going to work here, hang on I’m on the eraser mode, sorry see it works reasonably fast, but no pressure sensitivity there whatsoever now, because it’s got the rubber tip it’s, not actually Going to scratch the screen protector, which is good and once it’s touching the screen you’ll see now there is palm rejection now I’m just going to try and write. This is where I run into problems and I’ll just explain to you why, after I write this is going to try and write hello world that w didn’t come out very good it’s. You can see there it’s a little bit laggy, but the problem is, you see there’s some marks here, so the problem really comes down to the palm rejection, which doesn’t really work until the tip is actually touching the screen and why that’s a problem is as soon As you lift up the nib from the screen, then you lose all palm rejection and then my palm there ended up causing that causing my text there.

When I was trying to write 2w for world to come out quite poorly, so the stylus. I cannot really recommend now, if you want a tablet, a Chinese one with a good stylist experience, have a look at the cube i7 book or the cube i7 stylus both of those models support Wacom statuses, so I put it over into Windows. I just wanted to point out one thing: I said in the remix portion of this review that you couldn’t go straight from remix into Windows. I made an error that you can. Actually we need to do is go through the Start menu and you have some options. There restart shutdown, reboot and in Windows. You could you tap that and then it will boot straight into windows there. So I tested out the internal emmc drive, which is a Toshiba 0 64 GE. A and here are the speeds. Oh gods, 1′ they’re on sequential reads: right speeds are a little bit slow, but the 4k speeds here are quite good. Now the touch accuracy of the screen, I’ve noticed that is quite good, unable to minimize and close things down relatively well there without too much problem, and the same goes for remix 2. Also wanted to point out that chrome was slow. Really here edge is just super smooth compared to how Chrome was running on to remix. Another thing also, I tested out my Sam 728 gigabyte micro sd card that can be accessed without any problems there so that’s to see now battery times I get around seven hours.

Six and a half to seven hours in Windows, so that’s, actually a lot better than Android. Would the PC mark test. I did with a very similar kind of brightness, around 200 lumens of brightness, and also to mentioned that the charge times you’re looking around for hours to fully charge it when powered off. Now, when you have it powered on and charging it will struggle to get any charge. It only charges at around 1 watt when you have the brightness set to about 30 and you’re not doing anything demanding as soon as you start to do something to money. So if you’re gaming with the screen on 100 brightness, then you’re not going to actually gain any charge whatsoever, you will slowly start to lose your battery level. So I have HW info running in the background here, checking out the temperatures and I’m just going to have a quick test of Counter Strike global Offensive and have a look, what kind of thermals we get so it’s only! It does two map with 800 x 600 resolution on the lowest possible settings you can select and the frame rate varies between. You can see the highest around – maybe 40 frames per second, but it dips down to 17 I’ve seen so not ideal performance. Here I wouldn’t really be getting this tablet for any serious kind of gaming. Now you can play titles like League of Legends, around 30 frames per second but again, lowest resolution a lower settings – and here you see that it’s dipping down again to about 21 that’s.

Just really too slow even actually drop down to 12 frames per second there, so really not ideal. So let’s have a look at the temperatures now so looking now at the thermals, we got up to 73 degrees, which is fine now the highest. I have seen it pushing it really hard looping 3d max cloud storm benchmark. It got up to 78 degrees, so there are no thermal throttling and no problems with the temperatures of it whatsoever. It gets a little warm just around where the volume button is just behind this area right here, but those thermals are perfectly fine for an atom set 8300. So too quickly just run over the pros and cons here. First I’ll start off with their pros. I think it’s got a nice screen on there very decent brightness on it. They can get up to over 400 illumines of brightness, which is ideal. Now it is a little bit reflective, as you can see here, outdoor conditions, but it’s perfectly fine indoors, and I do like these 3 by 2 ratio as well. I mean this. The screen was good enough to be and the Microsoft Surface 3. I do believe it is a very nice panel, now it’s good having remix on there and Windows, so we can have the choice between the two operating systems and you’ll see the performance there as well that I didn’t actually expect Mortal Kombat X to have what I Would call by a semi playable framerate.

It was a little bit stuttery, but most Adams will only run that at around about 15 frames per second at least Adams. It 8300 s. Now the audio quality was a little bit disappointing. On my unit here I have some static sand bars coming through the 3.5 minute, a headphone jack and the speaker’s well being a little bit louder than most other Chinese tablets do have some static in there. A little bit of hesitancy play some audio no battery life. In Android turned out to be a little bit average, but it’s, not so bad in Windows, and my other complaint is the type C port is only running at USB 2 speeds when it should be USB 3 speeds, as advertised typing experience on the keyboard, not too Bad as well, the camera quality is average good enough, for, I would say, Skype calls and good lighting conditions, but it wouldn’t be taking any serious photos with them, because really they just just come out very grainy and poor. So it’s not a tablet for taking photos. I’Ll be using your mobile phone for that anyway.