Now its been a while, since ive taken a look at a windows tablet on the channel, mainly because not a lot of people are making them nowadays, its mostly android or you can get a tablet with chrome os on it and really, when i think about it. The only main manufacturers making tablets with windows right now is microsoft, with the surface line and one of the main reasons i wanted to pick this up to take a look at, it was its actually using the new intel jasper leg cpu. This is the n4500 and i havent been able to get my hands on many devices with jasper lake installed because of the chip shortage. The price on this is sitting right at 299 and it also comes with a stylus and this detachable keyboard. Slash stand so uh. All of this is included with it, plus we get a 35w usb type c wall charger and the tablet itself supports up to 28 watts of quick charging. This tablet is known as the chuwi hi 10 go its powered by the new intel jasper lake n4500. This is a dual core cpu up to 2.8 gigahertz. We have the new intel, uhd graphics, up to 800 megahertz in this six gigabytes of lp ddr4x ram. This is non user, replaceable, 128 gigabytes of internal storage, plus we can use a micro sd card up to one terabyte, a 10.1 inch ips display at 1920×1200, ac wi, fi, bluetooth, 5.

0, a 22 watt hour battery and it comes pre installed with windows, 10 home. So heres a quick look. I will connect this to my game capture because its really going to be hard to film this screen, but i wanted to give you a look at this thing in action. We have 10 points to touch on this ips display and it actually looks really good. We got that resolution of 1920×1200. It does work out really well. The detachable keyboard works like a detachable keyboard. Would it does have that trackpad built in? I know its a bit hard to see but uh. If you take a close look, we have that intel n4500. This is the new jasper lake line from intel and when it comes to the uhd graphics that are built into this little chip, its a 16 execution unit version up to 800 megahertz, and this should be perfectly fine for 1080p playback. It might handle 4k im not counting on it, but were also going to test out some gaming and emulation okay. So i just wanted to give you a cleaner look at this uh. This little n 4500 is actually a lot snappier than i thought it would be. Its a dual core cpu – it does burst up to 2.8 gigahertz, but its 20 21 and using these dual cores can be a pain, but the n4500 has actually surprised me. Its a low power option web browsing on it, everything loads up, nice and quick.

I am on my five gigahertz network lets: go back to the the high ten go and uh yeah, as you can see. If you wanted to use this for web browsing email checking, you shouldnt have any issues as long as youre connected to a decent network and the resolution im recording in right now is 1080p, with 125 scale. Lets check out some youtube. Video playback and well go with 1080p at first and then well see if this can handle any 4k, because if we go out of usb type c to hdmi, we could connect this to a 4k display, make sure were at 1080p and ill bring up stats for Nerds and well go ahead and play here so get a couple drop frames on the initial load in, but not bad at all. This is something i would never notice and uh yeah. We are at 1080p, so i dont think were gon na do very well. At 4k with this, but it was never designed to do 4k, not bad at all. So i mean, if you wanted to do some video playback on this, be it natively from a micro sd card stream from youtube. Netflix hbo go at 1080p. This little tablet will handle it just fine, so this setup is definitely not designed for gaming, but uh. You know im definitely going to test out. Some gaming here were going to go with some older stuff because i kind of got a feeling on how this is going to perform.

So first up were going to start off really light here with minecraft. This is the windows store version and yeah i mean were at 60fps with this. I did have to go into the settings and turn the chunks down to 16, but we still have fancy graphics on, but in the end, this isnt a super hard game to run. This is very well optimized, its been out for years and ive been able to run this pretty decently on lower end chip sets, so lets go ahead and move up just a bit. Next to the list. We have half life 2 low settings and im actually getting an average of 106 fps. I understand that this is an old game, but were working with a low powered chip, a dual core chip in 2021. This is not going to run something like cyberpunk 2077.. I also wanted to see how well it would handle cs go and going into this. I knew we werent going to have a great time were 720p low settings, and i got an average of 21fps out of it. The final game i wanted to test is one of my favorites of all time. This is skyrim the original version low 720p. I averaged 32 fps with this, its not ideal, but i mean you could get by playing this at 30 fps on this little tablet. So now i want to move over to a little bit of emulation. First up we have dreamcast using the redream emulator.

I am upscaled to 1280×960 marvel vs capcom 2.. The fps is up in the top left hand corner, and i had a great feeling that this would handle dreamcast really well, especially using the redream emulator. Next on the list, we have some psp using the standalone version of ppsspp chains of olympus 1x resolution, directx 11. Back in and its really really trying its hardest, but we do have some dips. This is kind of the way it goes with this game here, especially on low end chips, but when it comes to easier to emulate stuff, this should be just fine at 2x and 3x resolution theres a select few games that are just harder to emulate. Like this one chains of olympus midnight, club, dub edition and killzone, those are just the harder ones to run, but, as you can see, with chains of olympus, it is really trying here and its staying more at 60 than it is dipping down. And the final thing i wanted to test on this unit was gamecube using the dolphin emulator. This is soul, calibur 2. It is an easier one to run and this little chip is handling it. Just fine were at native resolution, directx 11, but this doesnt mean that its gon na run every gamecube game at full speed. Because when i move over to something a little harder to emulate like auto modalista, you can see it kind of fall on its face here. So when it comes to the new chewy high ten go, i kind of wish they would have opted for a higher end.

Jasper, like cpu like the n5100, its basically the same chip, but it has two extra cores and that would have definitely helped out. But seeing that this is only running at eight watts right now and everything we just tested here was at 8 watts. The n 4500 did perform much better than i thought it would, and we will start to see this chip more often in lower end chromebooks and cheaper laptops coming down the road, but it comes down to the supply chain and with everything thats going on right now. Its been hard for them to come out with these jasper like cpus. This was basically the only thing that i could find with the jasper lake that was readily available right now, but thats gon na wrap it up for this. Video really appreciate you watching if youre interested in learning more about this little tablet, i will leave a few links in the description. I did check out the bios in this thing and there is a way to up the tdp from 8 watts. I could actually go all the way up to 15, but this is not actively cooled. This is a totally silent solution and even at 8 watts. Right now i mean its getting on up there, its not thermal throttling or anything like that, but at 15 i guarantee it would. I could do a video down the road showing you the difference between 8 watts and 15, and it would make a big difference, but its really up to you.