This is the okk Geekbench 3 score it's more or less the same as the chewy VI, 10 and other atom Z at 8300 table it's that I have tested or reviewed as the pc mark 7 score. Well: gate: 1.1. It'S! An OK score for this type of tablet and the ice storm 1.2 score. Surprisingly, having the extra 2 gigabytes of ram vs., the chewy VI, 10 ultimate isn't, actually making any difference whatsoever to the performance of the tablet. So the GPU doesn't seem to have any more RAM allocated to it than the 2 gigabyte version. While the VI Tien sorry, it doesn't make any difference that extra Ram just allows us to multitask more. Maybe it might help a little bit with the performance in Windows but I'm not actually noticing any real difference. Has the 3d mac 11 score, so the internal storage, the EMC that's on board, is a high inks and here are the speeds of it. So 80 right almost is quite a good school there for the type of drive. It is the type of storage it is 4k speeds there. Ok, the random 4k speeds and the read speeds there of 123, not the fastest, but I've. Definitely seen worse. I mean I have seen only literally about 50 or 60 from one of those bwin drives. All the 4c drives are very slow, so that's, not too bad, but this could very chewy and other manufacturers from China tend to use whatever they have in stock.

So the batches of drives they used does actually vary, and this one right in the middle as the USB 3 port speed. I was just testing out there with the SanDisk 64 gigabyte, pendrive that's quite fast as fast as it could actually get really out of that port, and here we have the micro SD card slot. I used a Samsung Evo 64 gigabyte, micro, SD and that's about the fastest. I can get those speeds. There are definitely the high speed speeds. It doesn't limit itself to 23 megabytes per second, unlike the bait rail devices, last generation Adam now just quickly show you here's. The wireless card it's the typical one we see on all of these tablets, literally most of them, apart from the Broadcom one that now and then pops up but it's, a real tick well as in unfortunately, not wireless AC, it's, really time that we should start to See hopefully, this year, some wireless AC cards coming in and as they drive there, so they, the Hynix, now, will just show you that this particular version is differently running windows 64 bit. The first batch had a bit of a problem now because they actually released it with Windows. 10. 32 bit. So you couldn't even make use of that four gigabytes of RAM. You can only access three gigabytes well. 2.9 on that version, because 32 bit operating system can only address a maximum of three gigabytes of RAM, so we do have the four gigabytes there and we can access.

All of that which is good to see how that's gon na really help out. Well, you can probably multitask a little bit better having that RAM there, but it is only single channel RAM, so it's, not particularly fast, but it will allow us to have more tabs, open and Chrome to run other applications and programs and things or at the same Time should be a little bit smoother and the fact that it is 64 bit while you can run 64 bit apps, which you can't do on other models that only run 32 bit and Windows 10. There you can see activated, they haven't hacked it or anything like that. It'S, a proper valid version, so no problems there it's all legal legit and we need to actually set the tail it up. First turn it on you: you have various languages to to run. So you don't actually need to install any language. Packs you've got Spanish Russian Chinese in English. I think what the language is there and it does actually come with the latest November Windows. 10 update. So when you see this menu in grey and not white, that means it's got that latest collective update that Windows released. You don't have to bother about updating that so it's, a recent image that I've used Chui okay. So what about thermals to take a screenshot here? After doing all of those benchmarks that I ran around the 3d mark 11 test, which is extremely demanding for a tablet, it doesn't really have the power at all to run their tests very smoothly at all, so it's maxing out the GP and the CPU.

At the same time – and we go up to 85 degrees, so the same old problem with these cheery trails that do run a lot hotter than the bay trails. So it got up to 85 degrees, so just zoom into this a little bit and it didn't actually trigger any thermal throttling, but it wouldn't have been far off from doing that. So we'll scroll, this up, you see thermal throttling on the cause, no that's good. We don't want to see that but 85 degrees starting to get quite hot. The back of the tablet, just on the top left hand, side where the rule reports are, and the power button does get a little bit warm around that area that's nothing alarming. It was only probably about five degrees away from where it would definitely throttle itself down and lower. Those clock speeds significantly to keep temperatures down and that would have affected performance, but even when it was, I was using it doing some gaming on it and it got up to 85 degrees. It didn't seem to I didn't, really experience any throttling or when he slowed down or a complete loss of come to performance. Didn'T experience anything like that, so that was good to see. Another thing I just wanted to also point out is – and I mentioned in one of my first videos that I had some trouble charging the tablet when it's on and at the moment, it's not actually charging, but I did start to charge it when it was at 80 percent battery and it took two hours – just shy of two hours to get to 100.

This is when the tablets in use so it's a very slow to charge. Now, if you use the stock supplied, chili power, adapter and their cable, it will actually lose charge. Slowly and differently, if you run the screen at 100, there's no way that their power supply and the cable is going to deliver enough current to charge and operate the tablet. If you've got hundreds in brightness and gaming, then you're slowly gon na lose charge. That is actually typical on these tablets. You'Re gon na see that the best way to get past that problem I find, is to use a different, more powerful, USB power supply and cable use. One that's shorter, with a thicker cable, so a better gauge, a better quality of wire and what I've been using is a blitz, Wolfe, charger and cable, and I found that that works will allow me to use the tablet as per normal. I can be on the internet and it will slowly but surely charge itself. You'Re, not gon na actually lose any battery life, but it's not good to see that the supply charge is not up to the job really so it's. Something to think about that. If you're going to be using this at the same time, you're going to have to try and find it more powerful power supply or turn it off or put it into sleep charge, it then use it, which is an ideal so I'm, just going to check out Some games now have a look at League of Legends, Warface and counter strike and a few other store games.

So just a few other things here, I've got task manager up and see. The memory use at the moment is 42 and I've just run the browser performance. Here is actually not bad. You saw the animation, as I mentioned before, is a little bit slow, but I've noticed that on other cheery trails, with this particular processor running edge and scrolling there with my fingernail on the actual touchscreen and it doesn't seem to be too bad. And if I use the mouse, the scroll wheel, just as fast so doing a little bit of a multitasking here, I've actually clicked on the Yahoo tab and some reason it's not actually loading that in at all that's it's interesting. I think that's a hiccup to do with edge. I can't seem to close that tab, so it's complete, he just crashed on me a bit random. You know what's happening there, so those are loading it now at the background. So all the performance of the tablet – it doesn't seem too bad. At this point whoops, my mouse has got a bit of lag then at this point it doesn't actually feel any faster, really to me than the chewy via itn ultimate, and as I mentioned, you do have that extra RAM. So you probably can push it a little bit harder multitasking by the way, hard drive external one. There 2.5 inch, one terabyte drive that I have plug that in it works fine, it actually does power.

It no did have some problems with the cube. I work eleven. It wouldn't actually power the the hard drive at all. It would try to connect up and just keep clicking on and off, but it's good to know that at least this chewy does work with external hard drives with it without any problems there. So this is a quick look there at the benchmarks and a few other things to do with the tablet and I'm actually just capturing this straight out of the HDMI port into a external capture card, so that shouldn't be affecting the performance of what you see on The screen should be pretty much just hell. The tablet is running, so you get a good idea that, thanks for watching there's, a video, hopefully see you in the channel. I will have a few more upcoming videos on the chewy h8n. So keep it up for those.