So no more of those – and this will be the last emulator because let's face it I'm sick of them you're, sick of seeing them this one at least does have 8 gigabytes of ddr4 Ram that is configured in dual channel. You can add an SSD in this. It does have a 2.5 inch Bay, which is another positive HDMI to spec. It has 2 USB 3 ports, two USB to ports, micro, SD card reader and also VGA. If you did want that, I think most people would be happy not to have it there and perhaps it's a little bit cheaper or give us a second HDMI to port on there. If they could have done that, of course, so in the box you'll find a visa adapter here. So this is just a to screw one here for the top brackets, you can put it behind a TV or a monitor. Our power supply is 12 volts, 2 amps. Now the bottom has these four solid rubber feet here now, if you remove the three screws either side here so six in total, there is actually a tamper seal over one of them, which is really silly. So you pull this up and there you can see. We can install a 2.5 inch SSD or hard drive, so I went even further. I don't recommend doing this. If you're going to remove the plastic in a plate to and start removing all those other screws, then you can actually remove the whole motherboard.

So you can see it does have a battery right here for the BIOS. So again, if you needed to reset it, I don't see why, though you can actually unplug that too, as well. So here is El Intel wireless, the 3165, so that does have dual antenna setup but it's just a one by one diversity antenna with Bluetooth, 4.2, so non upgradable. Here, the only components you can upgrade, as you see, is this right here. So el SSD that's the only thing that we can swap out so, if you're not happy with the hundred in 80 gigabytes they've given us, which you get about 160 or so free first up our buyers, so it is completely unlocked here. Chewy have done a good thing and they normally do this, what their tech actually including their laptops. So under the Advanced Settings, every single option is available to us now under CPU configuration one of the interesting ones. Here is our power management. So this is where you will find the power limits now. What they have set. Chuy is quite a high power limit here, so they're very confident with that bit of aluminium. They have for their heatsink to use 12 watts here. Normally, this would be set on auto by most manufacturers, and that then goes with Intel's recommended six watts, which is a bit lower here. So nothing else really of interest. I wouldn't mess with any of these settings here. You could end up breaking the bios, but you can remove the battery or reset it.

If you did do that, so I've got all my files set up right now and I'm, not actually using the original SSD. I forgot to take a screenshot, a screen grab at least or record the speed to get honest so that intel SSD we have the hundred and eighty gigabyte, one will get speeds sequential, writes actually higher than this one. So this Drive I've got in here is 500 gigabytes, but just to show you that SATA 3 speeds there as expected, and there is no issue with that. They are performing as they should now. A Windows version that we have with us. If I just quickly go into system it's Windows, 10, home, of course – that they are using and no problems, you will need to run some updates to get software updates. Use intel's driver update utility as well to gain the latest graphics and wireless drivers so wanted to show you and demonstrate, as I do them out of videos the performance you can expect. So a very high encoded, 140 megabits per second for K, 10 bit HEV C file is decoded. Natively, okay and you'll see the beginning that there are a few stutters, but look at that that performance at least here what Cody is excellent net is now 30 frames per second and looking very, very smooth there and that's what we want so great performance there from That now I'll Ram just to show you is running and dual channel.

So this is good as well. You'Ll see here, performance I've used up about half of it at the moment, so with the eight gigabytes that gives up because that's a little bit of room there to play around with with some multitasking, which I'm currently doing I mean I've, got steam open, I've got Chrome at the moment, so performance wise. When you take a look at well the wireless Here, I am using 5g okay on the 5g band and I'm, a good couple of rooms away from the router here, and this is to be expected, not brilliant speeds for wireless AC with this particular card. Now, if I'm closer to the router, then I can expect around 300 maximum sort of tops out at which is not brilliant, so use the Gigabit LAN and if you need faster, of course, for that now, I'll get bench five here, the score very low, because this Is low end hardware and you expect this so that's, not amazing. This is not a mini PC for editing 4k video files or playing triple a gaming titles. Of course not, but some people don't actually realize that they think for two hundred US dollars. You'Re gon na get something that's got amazing performance, each bench for score here, like others, perhaps a little bit lower here for some reason, maybe on the single core score, but multi core score is good and where do you go to the Start? Menu there's no lag here.

Now often I see this terrible lag. What these were specially within single channel configuration and just notice, everything seems pretty snappy here with Windows, so I'm, going to quickly search here with Google and I'll bring up. If I can type correctly here, Google, calm and I'll just do a quick tab test here before we get on to the thermals, so I'm gon na search cats that I often search and haven't searched it. Yet on this particular machine and let's just bring this up. Oops I didn't want to do that. Sorry hold down control, not shift, get it right and you'll see that these thode and pretty quick and the performance of swapping between these tabs, all quite good actually for what it is this hardware. This actually surprises a lot of people, if it oh that's, actually faster than my koi 5, that I've got that's four years old or something, and you see that look at that loading in relatively quick scrolling performance is still good there and some of these pages look To be still loading because they want me to click over and you'll, find that it's not refreshing when you go back to these tabs later on, it won't have to refresh so let's get on to other cat. Looks like my vera, almost funny that onto the thermals. Okay, so not great all right, it did get a little too hot, but it's understandable, they're, pushing 12 watts for the power limit, which is actually double than what most people will use.

Most manufacturers tech sometimes uses 9 watts and some of their tech. If I remember correctly, there so 99 degrees didn't trigger in a thermal throttling here, but I was pushing it very hard over this one hour. So this is worst case scenario. If you're not pushing it really hard, you won't see these kind of temperatures. So yes, CERN was not amazing. I mean it's doing an okay job, the heatsink considering it's 12 watts, but if you want to push a higher power limit, you're gon na have to do some mods there. I think now for like computing, so right here, just in a spreadsheet that you're able to edit this. Just fine and I've got a few pages with this one and you're able to do all those edits without seeing any noticeable lag, which is good. And if I move over to a document as well, this one has 82 pages. You sometimes see just a little bit of a slowdown, then, when I went between them, but overall, again, very usable, so for light computing. That is really all you want to be doing with this particular hardware. This is not for anything really heavier than web browsing video documents and some very old gaming. So because we have that dual channel RAM – and we have the 12 Watts of notice that the performance here with counter strike wind gaming, even though it's an old title frame rate is not too bad, so you're, seeing it will dip down with things like smoke and Flames, of course, to about 45 40 frames per second, but overall, pretty playable and a lot better than a typically see work.

This hardware now I'm probably going to just die here, but the point is just to show you that well for health, we'll, heft there's at least playable. What these older titles but that's all you can really expect with the Sauron in 4100. This will not play the latest triple a titles, so I did install will then X mint on this, and it runs perfectly fine, because we don't have a course. A touch screen, like all the other tick hopping. Reviewing with the jiminy Lake see sometimes run into problems, in fact, all of them didn't have touchscreen drivers and that's my main issue with the mini PC. So the worse was working. The realtek Gigabit LAN no problems here with that, so that is great. So in the performance because of that 12 watt power limit, that Chui set means that this performs a lot better than others. It'S got the dual channel Ram as well. However, it comes with a rather bad trade off. You could say because it's getting up to 99 degrees now originally when I was first testing it out. It kind of fooled me and thought hey. These thermals are actually good, but then it started to game and stress both the GPU and the CPU that's. When you notice that it will hit the 99 degrees C, so over long periods of doing that, if you're going to be always pushing this hardware to 100, it might not be good for long term reliability, because that motherboard is going to be all the time.

Very. Very hot it's, after all passively cooled now, I've noticed that to use the thermal pattern there, we could remove that thermal pad. Add a copper shim and some slimmer thermal pads or paste and probably improve upon those thermals that I've done before the issue is the plastic. In here is holding that heat within it. So for was an all metal build. It would probably run a little bit cooler and if they put a fan on it, okay would be even cooler then, but I hate fan noise and you don't normally need actually a fan for the saralyn for thousands, one hundredths, at least so overall HDMI to great To have 2.5 inch drive great to have good performance, and where is it not so great? Well, thermals really that's about it thermals it could have a microphone on it and it could have had instead of the VGA port, a nother HDMI to which would be great. But maybe there's some rare case out there that someone's, actually gon na run a CRT monitor and they want the VGA to run old, emulators or something then well. Hey you've got it with this model. So thank you so much for watching this review.