This one has 16 gigabytes of ram, which is a lot in fact more than we actually probably need with the type of cpu. This one has very low end. It is the celron j, 425 it’s, a 10 watt cpu with four cores four threads and as you’ll see in this video, it actually does all right for basic light computing, and i even went as far as testing out 4k video editing, which it didn’t actually fare. Too bad at considering again how weak it is, so this was sent out to me from chewie a little bit of a disclaimer here but i’m not being paid for this video and they do not have to approve it before it is published either. Just like all my videos, but they are running a giveaway too, that i agreed to that – i would mention so they are giving away one of these particular laptops if you’re interested there’s a link in the description of this video. So so far now in my two weeks of using it, i think for light computing. This is not a bad offer at all from chewy and it’s, not because i was sent it to review it’s because well it’s doing a very decent job. So far on what you need in a computer for light tasks, so enough ram, as mentioned more than we actually need with this, but we’ve got a backlit keyboard two stage: backlit keyboard very nice to type on they’ve, been using this design for some time and it’s Good don’t change, something if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, don’t change it and that’s great nice evenly distributed backlighting on it too, as well, two stages and the trackpad, nice and large working well, even with little finer fiddly movements.

The curse is not jumping all over. The place, which is great so the build quality on this one. The palm rest like there are others is plastic on the bottom. We have alloy middle here, the lid as well as metal, and you so we’ll get to it. The hinges there have been some quality issues in the past with chewie’s hinges, not standing the test of time after say a year, or so they become very loose. People have had issues with it coming off and things like that now chewie did mention, and they said this a while back that they have addressed this issue. Apparently so i guess we’re going to find out in a year’s time, but i can report that this one does have a nice stiff, hinge and it’s not going to flop down or anything it’s, quite good so far but hey. How is it going to fare in about a year’s time of so many opening and closings? We won’t know yet until later on, but i hope fingers crossed to fix that problem. So there’s the chuwi logo here on the back it’s, not just a sticker, that you can pull off, unfortunately, but it’s, not too offensive, not too large, so that is good there. Now the weight of this laptop. It is very light: it’s, only 1.4 kilos and about 16 millimeters is the thickness overall decent. I think that is good and we get well not a lot of ports with this one.

So, on the left hand side we have a type c port that supports power. Delivery 2.0 spec, it will charge in about two and a half hours fully dc. Charging is the main charger that you get in the box with this, and it does support 4k up to 60 frames per second tested and working and then on the right hand, side. All we have, sadly, is just the one usb 3 port on this type, a that is, and then we do have an sd card. Reader micro sd card, which fits in flush it’s only usb 2 speeds, unfortunately, and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, with reasonably good quality. Loudness is fine and there doesn’t seem to be too much interference. There’S a tiny little bit. I can pick up on a little tiny bit of static it’s, not super clean audio, but i guess with the price of what this sells, for it isn’t too bad. Now, speaking of price, it’s been selling for around 350 us dollars around 320 euros, i’ve seen it listed for and so far i think that is actually pretty good. Now the webcam above the screen here is one of the cons of this particular laptop. It has a static over the microphones that i will show you right now. I’Ll give you a sample of listening to it. So it’s a one megapixel webcam. We have hd video, so that’s 720p. Only and the frame rate is definitely not 30 frames per second it’s meant to be, but it is really more like about 20 frames per second, i do have some bright lights on and this quality, as you can see, not really that great and then the screen Itself, this is one of the highlights, so it is a three by two aspect: ratio screen.

It has a maximum brightness of well. It should be about 300 nits i’m measuring here with my unit about 286 nits of maximum brightness, which indoors is perfectly fine, it’s, not a bad screen at all. When you look at the color gamut and coverage here for this price, it’s actually definitely punching well. Above its class, so the srgb is 96. We have adobe rgb of then 74 very similar ips panel than what we’ve seen on the other models and say 13.3 inches and 16 by 9 aspect ratio. But this one’s, the more squarish three by two aspect: ratio fully. Laminated with glass, so there’s no ugly gap, it’s bonded to it optically bonded. So it does look good overall it’s, a very nice screen to use now the resolution being 2160 by 1440, a little more demanding i’ll get on to how that affects the performance too. Later. On in this video, but a quick look at the internals, so there are no upgrades possible to the ram or even the wireless card, but it does come pre installed with a very decent wireless card. It is the intel ax 200, with bluetooth. Five good card we’ve moved away from wi, fi, ac and we’re now on to the wi fi six spec, so very good move of chewy to do this and include it so ram cannot be upgraded. There is a single copper transfer heat pipe as you can see, and a little fan, and now this little fan is constantly on and you do hear a very minor tiny little noise, but it is very inoffensive.

It doesn’t make too much noise and overall, i don’t have any issues with it and it keeps the thermals later on. As you see in this video very, very good, but just to give you a bit of a spoiler, it doesn’t go over 65 degrees celsius. For me, so it runs really cool the battery sells in here. So maximum capacity of 38 watt hours is a little on the slim side and you can see we have a lot of free space in this particular laptop too. So they could have gone with another cell, giving us more battery life and i’ll talk about that too. Soon in this review you can see we have some speakers down on the bottom – four speakers, in fact little small ones, but they have improved these speakers compared to previous models, and here is a sample of those four little speakers downwards firing at 100 volume. Okay. So when you first power it up, you will be greeted with the installation and you’ve got a lot of windows 10 languages and it is official. The version they have used is windows 10 home. So when you check out system here just bring that up, it is a license and it’s all valid, and we have usable ram 15.8 gigabytes, which is more than enough. This is ample, probably overkill. Considering the bottleneck of this system is going to be, of course, the processor, which is that sauron j 412 and free available space on the 512 gigabyte ssd.

We do get quite a bit here. Okay, so we’ve got 445 free. It is a sata 3 drive and there are these speeds there: okay, so the brand of it i’m, not too sure it’s the w800s and for say to three spec. I mean it’s okay, so we have on this particular model 16 gigabytes of ram, which is in fact more than we will ever need with this kind of spec so clicking on that start menu. You can see that it loads in with a noticeable tiny little bit of lag and that’s, probably down to the resolution more the chipset, and i will show you that the ram it is configured in dual channel i’ve double confirmed this with hw info dual channel ram. However, it’s only running at 2.1 gigahertz if it was 2.4, it would give us a little bit more performance but it’s not going to matter too much considering the chipset we have on here. Of course, that is the sauron. The j 4125 maximum turbo is 2.7 gigahertz and you’ll see it hit 100. A lot of the time, especially with some of the examples i’m going to be showing you now with this. So if you do a bit of multitasking here, you can see a black screen. Pops up and scrolling here in libreoffice with 83 pages, so this is a very heavy document file a little bit of noticeable lag. You can do your edits and you don’t notice that bogging down just move this image as well around, not a problem there and the same for spreadsheets again when you swap over to it.

You can see how that did have a bit of a lag to it, but again, using this copying, editing general computing performance. There is fine and good. Now i do have lots of documents open here. In the background, this is just a multitasking example. Here, it’s only edge so edge is a little bit lighter weight and does tend to perform on this particular cpu, better than chrome anything swapping between those tabs, not a problem there. I will open up chrome here as well i’m, just going to log in as a guest and search here, cats again, okay and oh, he wants me to accept. The disclaimers still seems quick now the wireless on this, the wi fi, six, that intel ax200 card very quick uh i’m, seeing transfer speeds with my router doing, file transfers, ftp ones of about 1.3 gigabits per second really really good, and look at this. These tabs are opening in and swapping between them are very quick. Okay, always these things i need to accept and the scrolling performance that for chrome is still very, very good there. That is nice and smooth, and we even have a bit of a video in there and that’s a very heavy page here at the moment and with all this running and going on in the background, i will also stress it out to the maximum here so run A 4k clip here, 10 bit. You can see that performance says it’s, very good.

So with the hardware native decoding of this, not a problem, it looks really great on this nice sharp screen and let’s step it up to even more demanding 140 megabits per second file. A little bit of lag when you skip ahead, but then the playback is smooth, so that is great for your general computing. You wouldn’t be trying to play cyberpunk on a laptop like this, so whatever you do do not get confused about the power of this particular laptop because it is very low end. I mean just look at this geekbench score here, very, very low. I mean it doesn’t. Even make over a 500 points there on the single core score, multi core score. Well, i guess for a 10 watt, cpu it’s, not that bad but it’s low, end. Okay, even though i don’t recommend this 4k video editing, this is an adobe premiere pro and the timeline setting the playback here to a quarter is actually surprisingly good, it’s much better than i thought now. This is just an absolute basic edit and i’ve only placed one minute in the timeline here, because i want to export it in a second, so just dropping in a file. You can see that, oh, that doesn’t even want to go on hang on. I’Ll move. One of these files right here into it, it’s not too bad and it’s – probably that 16 gigabytes of ram that is helping out here and moving things around i’m, not seeing like super amounts of lag i’m just going to remove that right here and we’ll go to Export and we’ll see how long it’s going to take.

I don’t expect this to be good at all, because this is so low powered, of course, in this particular chipset, and i do what i always do, which is the preset even that that’s a little bit laggy that menu there um. I need to get this. Of course, on h.2.4 no youtube 4k: here we go and there we go let’s just export this now and i expect it’s going to take a long time, so i will skip ahead. It has about 30 seconds to go so this is looking very good considering how low spec this is it’s an 18 watt processor, as i’ve mentioned a few times and the thermals here now, so we are looking about 66 maximum and it is holding the 2.6 across All four of those cores – and that is probably why it’s actually doing this in a reasonably good time, so it looks like it’s going to be for one minute of footage about 3 minutes and 30 seconds or so so, if you have a 10 minute, video do Expect encoding times of 30 minutes, which is for 2020 very slow, but at least it is possible, but just basic 4k edits basic 4k videos like this one. So there we go. That was about three minutes and 22 seconds, not bad at all. Now gaming performance so it’s, not very good at all. You can see we’re scraping just 30 frames per second counter strike here on the lowest possible settings and the resolution i’ve set to 1024×768 and it’s just playable.

Now there are a few tweaks. You can apply that i’m not doing so. This review is 100 stock, but you can remove the power limit, which should hopefully double the frame rate or give us a good at least 50 or so more. You see there’s a huge bit of lag just then, of course, with that smoke i’m just going to run out here right now, i won’t last too long, oh, and i think i might have had him – probably not so as you can see that the gaming performance Is not a reason why you would be buying a laptop like this and what about our battery life so because we’ve got the 1440p screen at 2160 x. 1440P. It’S, not amazing, because we’ve got a bit of a more of a taxing resolution, and that is why so the 1080p models i have them running for about seven hours, runtime, where this is about five that i got so what i was doing was streaming with youtube. A lot documents editing some things, so general kind of work with the brightness set at 40 percent. So if i put the brightness on say something like 20 or 30 percent, possibly five and a half hours, so the battery life is a definite calm with this model that it is not particularly good now charge time of the 38 watt hour battery you’re. Looking approximately two and a half hours to fully charge it and you can charge it with a type c port that does support power delivery and before i get into my conclusion, linux, yes, it will run on this hardware.

Now, depending on what version of distro you get, you may not have the driver for the intel ax200 it’s, a relatively new wireless chipset, but use or hunt down and download a new build. Something like linux. Mint will actually work just fine on this laptop. So i think this is one of their best, considering what the price is, what it sells for the chuwi jimmy book here offers the 16 gigabytes of ram and, as i said a couple of times, that’s more ram than we actually need now. Performance is both surprising at times being able to edit say 4k video that i did a very light, simple edit, but hey. We can do it and then sometimes when you’re multitasking you’re swapping if you’re running a lot of stuff trying to use some of that ram. You will notice that it will chug along at times the cpu will hit 100 load on all four of the cores, and you will see sometimes a little bit of lag. So it’s not going to be a powerhouse. But, as mentioned your basic computing that, if you’re someone that needs to check emails, media consumption, so your videos, your movies, youtube you’ve – got great wireless on this. Very good speeds: good bluetooth, the 5.1. Sorry five spec on here with this and then your documents, your spreadsheets, all great, and you can do a little bit of light gaming. But gaming is the weakness with this one, not particularly good, and then the screen.

The screen is very, very good for again the price. This is a nice screen. 3X2 aspect ratio, i think, is great for especially websites and document work as well, very good for that good color coverage. The brightness is reasonable: it’s, not a super ultra bright screen, but for indoor use is going to be perfectly fine, a little reflective, of course, because it does have the glass on there. Now the weaknesses of this laptop, we don’t know in the future. How the hinges will hold up, so i can’t comment on that. Yet i’ll have to come back in a year’s time for that one, but the webcam has the static over the microphones and the webcam quality is quite poor. This hasn’t changed from previous models and the other one is the battery life. So battery life is not a strength here, we’re looking at five to maybe six hours. If you run a lower brightness, you might be able to squeeze six hours out of this um and you’re doing more light kind of work because i pushed it. I didn’t actually take it too easy on it so five hours, but if chewie had put a larger battery cell in this, if they can do that in the future, models perhaps give us a 52 watt hour battery, then we’ll be able to get then about seven To eight hours – and it could be an all day kind of computing on this, which would be great if it had that kind of battery life, but it sadly doesn’t so all up.

I think for the price it’s selling for it’s actually chewy’s best, yet the keyboard as well great to type on good touchpad. Overall, i think it’s a decent machine and, yes, you can win one of these. There is a giveaway that is a limited time that it’s on, of course, that is down in the description of this video. You can click the link there to find out all about that, and thank you so much for watching my review here of the jimmy book.