This is their 13.5 inch convertible laptop. It is called the chuwi free book, so it is powered by the 11th gen Celeron 5100 thats, a quad core, a 6 watt part thats paired up with eight gigabytes of ram. That is in dual channel. It does have a 256 gigabyte to pcie thats, an mvme drive that you can upgrade, but also inside. When i took a look at the motherboard, you can install an additional m.2. Sata 3 drive the screen on. It is the highlight that it is a touch screen and the 13.5 inches and 3 by 2 aspect. Ratio is good to have in a laptop like this and also does support a stylus, which is the chewy HiPen H7 that ill be covering in this review. So the lid here made out of alloy its a 6000 series, one so slightly harder, not as soft as some of the alloys weve seen before used by them. It has this matte gray paint job. I think it looks really good the chuwi logo here. This is not a sticker, so you cant, unfortunately remove it its actually recessed its set into the alloy on the top, so you cant just remove it, pick it and take it right out. Unfortunately, not so. The hinge does feel very good on this. Its a new design hinge from them and, of course, 360 degrees, so youre able to flip it around. You can use it in a presentation mode, as you can see now the tent mode use it as a tablet.

A rather bulky heavy 13.5 inch tablet by the way, which would weigh almost 1.4 kilos and then, of course, as a normal laptop, our keyboard and our touchpad, so touchpad plastic service palm rest plastic, surface 2. We do have just above the keyboard two little speakers. There are four in total, this keyboard is great to type on, so its a full size, keyboard weve got function for all of our media controls. Brightness volume we do have insert delete home page up and down end keys, are all there print screen. Is there full size, arrow keys? It is a typical chewy backlit keyboard, and that means that its a good keyboard, theyre quite good with their keyboards. I find its great to type on. There is no flex pressing down here in the middle because there is a metal backing behind the keyboard, so its about 1.5 millimeters of travel, pretty standard about 1.6 and then the touchpad very large. I find gestures, work well. Accuracy is good overall, a great touchpad, a good keyboard and the keyboard is backlit. So here is the first level, which is the lower level and now the maximum brightness on the backlit keyboard evenly distributed no problems there. So great combination of keyboard touch pad. So the thickness of this laptop is approximately 17 18 millimeters here, so its not super thin, but not bad for a convertible. We have a status led now. This first type c port here is usb data, so thats usb 3.

0 spec, and then it does support charging which is chuwis, ohm charger, not power delivery, but this port is okay, so the second one here is the full spec type c port. This supports video, so 4k 60 usb 3.0 data and then power delivery. 2.0. We have our power button, which is made out of plastic. So this side here is plastic at the bottom, is metal and a status led right here. There is a speaker built in here, which is one of four in total on the left side, weve got which looks like a vent out if this did have a fan in it and was actively cooled thats where the air would be pushed out. So i do hope that chewy releases this or a pro model of this, that they could call it, for example, the free book pro with the core i5. That would be good and it could have a fan and a lot more power. So a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, with mic support and a type c, usb 3 port right here, so theres, no full size type, a ports which is unfortunate. They should have at least one on here, and it is missing a micro sd card slot that we see on other models from them once you remove all of those screws on the outside, not forgetting the two here that are located under those rear rubber feet. This lid just lifts off with ease the internals, a couple of good things in a couple of bad so right here there is an m.

2 sata, 3 slot. You can see the screw here, so it takes the 2280 size. The large ones – and here is our boot drive, which is a pcie 3.0 spec one mvme thats a kingston drive 256 gigabyte. So you could upgrade this, but what i would do on the cheaper side of things is simply just get myself a larger capacity. Sata 3m.2 and use this one as a windows, 11 boot drive, so thatll, be good. Battery here could have been larger theres a lot of free space. As you see here, this one is ‘ watt hours. We have the two front speakers which are the big ones that sound the best here you can see. Theyve got large chambers to them, so this is why they have a bit of bass and sound better than normal. Another two little speakers there at the top, which do add to it middle hinges: theres a metal backing plate across the whole bottom of the keyboard, thats, why the keyboard feels so good its got metal behind it. A wireless card, which is the intel wireless ac3165, is located just here with two antennas, so two, two by two setup: one antenna here on the plastic of the palm rest and the keyboard, and just up here too, so that aids in the reception so really theres. Not a lot we can do with this. If you wanted to do maybe a thermal mod to increase the power limits, you could put right here over this large copper heatsink, which is very large its all this part right here, copper.

I simply put a thermal pad here that has contact with the back of the plate about here. That would then turn this into an even larger passive heat sink. It does transfer a little bit of heat already onto the back of it, but that could transfer even more so the build quality the internals here. It does look quite good, its a step up from previous models, and the hinge so far feels very good on this. Very quickly just wanted to show you that the bios is completely unlocked. All of the advanced settings are available to us, including power limits, so you cant get yourself into a bit of trouble. I recommend you do not mess about with any of the bios settings unless you know what you are doing, i now have it set up in the tablet mode, so ive flipped the screen right around and you can do it with this. The hinge does feel very good and chewy are known for going with quite decent panels. A lot of other companies that have affordable tech will use terrible tn panels. This is an ips screen, its 13×5 resolution, and if i go in here and take a look at the resolution, you will see that its 2256 by 1504. Now, why is it that unusual resolution is because it is a three by two aspect: ratio screen? It supports a stylus which ill get on to soon later on. In the video its the high pin.

H7 has 4096 pressure points and ill do a few little tests of that one later on, but i do find that the accuracy of the stylus and touch is very good and it responds to that touch really well. I really have not had any problems with it. Now, with the screen, when we take a look at what my spider x pro has got here with the stats with the color coverage were looking at 79 p3 adobe rgb is 77. Ntsc is 72 and srgb 99, so basically 100 coverage, which they do claim. The brightness again, according to this sensor that ive measured with it, is 342 nits maximum brightness, that is white, of course, and its still good its decent. Now the screen itself covered with glass, its a scratch resistant glass, hopefully, but its probably not actually, its, probably just more like soda lime, glass, it doesnt come with a pre applied screen protector on it and when i look at it very closely, especially at the corners, I think it might not actually be a fully laminated screen. There is a very small gap that i can see, but its super minimal. It always looks to me like the glass is touching the screen and the screen. When you look at it very close, it has a bit of a grain to it, as if the panel that theyve used to show some demo images here could actually be anti glare behind it. But then, of course, we have the glia glass over the top of it.

So again the touch response is excellent. The accuracy does seem to be very good. It is a screen that is really punching above this class of laptop what it is paired up with the weaker jazz black chip. It really does need something like a core i5. I believe in this, but ill get on to the performance now of it. So when you take a look at geekbench scores, it does have dual channel ram, but the ram is only at 2.4 gigahertz, which means right here that this score could actually be a little bit faster if it ran in the maximum speed of 2.9 gigahertz that the Jasper lake supports so these are low end scores its not a powerful laptop and its a true weakness of this as its a six watt part not really super powerful, ssd speed. So we can change that ssd and upgrade it if you wanted to do so, but you have to open it, as i showed you, the insides there youre able to replace that. So that comes with a kingston, its 256 gigabytes, and the speeds of this for an nvme drive are okay, but certainly not the fastest. You will see if you do want faster. You can get something like a samsung, 970 evo or the evo plus, which would go quite well in this. But again the bottleneck is really the cpu, so i would not bother – and you only get 256 gigabytes, which is well probably not a lot for many people out there and theres no micro sd card support with this.

So you cant just go along and expand upon that storage under the device manager. Youll see that wireless. This is one of my minor little nitpicks here that it is the intel dual band wireless ac, 3165 super common in all of the gemini lake tech and unfortunately, we dont have intels wireless ax, 200 or the 201 card with bluetooth 5.. This has bluetooth 4.2 and the wireless speeds transfers will max out at about 340 megabits per second, so its not super quick. I have had no problems with the range of it and it does seem to work well, the wireless at least, but i wish it was just a little bit faster. You see with sensors. We have a accelerometer that one in the keyboard one on the screen, because it will of course rotate around depending on how youre, using this convertible sample of the webcam now so its an hd webcam, and it has a microphone on the underside of this laptop. So when you type on the keyboard, as you can hear, unfortunately, we do get a lot of feedback coming through, so you probably want to use an external cam. This camera quality is okay, the frame rate, but it does look quite grainy, its still a lot better than what i saw on the vmax y11 plus. However, then our stylus, you can use this and its an optional extra that you do have to pay for, of course, so the stylus does have two buttons, its wacom power, the tech thats in this, and you can see that im just triggering a few things off Here, in the background, ive accidentally touched the screen so thats normal with the pen, but just how does it work so pressure, sensitive levels on this? One are 4096 and you can draw right up to the edges in certain areas where it will actually let you the application and straight lines here you can see there is a tiny bit of lag, but it isnt too bad.

Now, pressure, sensitivity, ill start out here. Just very lightly drawing and then press slightly harder. You can see that the line is getting thicker now the nib on the end of it is rubber or rubberish plastic material, and they do give you an additional spare tip that you can remove theres a tool to include it. The status takes a quadruple, a battery which will eventually wear out get flat. You need to replace that now what about notes palm rejection as soon as it is detected, the stylus will then have a hover. You can see, which is approximately one centimeter here now, just right a little bit. I find that the stylus is not actually that bad and the palm rejections working quite well. So, in an app like this one bamboo, it is very quick. Ive got my messy handwriting. There so it could be used for jotting down notes. Now i wouldnt call this exceptional stylus performance, but i think it is adequate and you do have those pressure levels, the palm rejection, the hover and it works right up to the edges. Well, there i come because it thinks i want to select one of those tools right here so using the button. I can press the first button there and go along and just erase everything with this app, so app support for it, and it is great that is using why com tech, so wacom theyve been around for a very long time when it comes to stylus tech, and I do think this has to be an above average pen from what ive been testing on a lot of these more affordable laptops and tablets, and things this one is certainly one of the better ones for these lighter applications like this now my chrome tester im going To be using touch and ive already just searched this.

This is cats and im going to now just to proceed to open up a lot of different tabs, including some videos and well see just how long its going to take for all this to cache and load in, because i do believe it is one of the Quicker jasper, like laptops, that i have been testing out recently here in the channel, so thats a lot of tabs open, you can see still things are loading in all right and if i do look at my cpu use, youll see that yes, the cpu has hit 100 percent there, its under full load things, are loading in a little bit, so you could say its choking a bit but its not bad. Okay, a little bit of slow down there lets go through these other tabs, so some of those are still loading reasonably quick. Swapping between all of these tabs now look at how fast and fluid this is its not bogging down its not looking. Laggy weve got a video going here in the background, but i do want to test out 4k 60 demo and this will probably end up dropping a few frames. So lets take a look theres an lg one here, okay, its already in 4k. I shall enable these stats. Okay, there we go, stats are on full screenness and you can see its dropped 23 frames per second 36 now, and it has now stabilized. So that is good. No additional drop frames.

Okay, just one there, but looking very good, considering that its 4k 60 streaming in chrome youtube. I will get out of this and well take a look at just a normal 4k, so 4k 30 demo and it shouldnt drop any frames at all. So i have found that the i think, because of the 24 executional cores, that this does have with the jasper lake, is why its not dropping any frames here. The performance seems very good at streaming, so this now is 4k 30 frames per second drop for three frames there at the start and its its stable look at that so good performance. This is what its good at these kind of light tasks, so itll play back. All your videos chrome documents spreadsheets. All of that is what this spec is good at anything more demanding than this, it will get a little bit. Laggy gaming performance now is a lot better than what i saw on the jasper lake b max y 11 plus, which had only 10 frames per second on average. We are looking at here in the 30s, but it sometimes gets down to 10 frames per second as well its not exactly what i would call perfect and yeah, of course, im dead already, but were looking about three times the frame rate so three times better performance. Possibly because of the dual channel ram, but its really to do with the configuration here from chewy with the buyers settings, it seems to run a lot better than other jasper lakes.

So this is gaming on the lowest possible settings here with counter strike. At a resolution of 768p thermals on the free book are good. It gets up to 81 degrees maximum for a passively cooled, laptop thats, not too bad. Now the underside will get quite hot up to almost 50 degrees celsius. Transferring and passing some of that heat from that copper heatsink to the rear metal underside of this laptop. Now you might notice here that power limit one and power limit two. I did increase these to 15 watts and then 20 trying to boost the performance, but it seemed to have made absolutely no difference and it would not go the temperatures any higher and even stock. It would use about 7.5 7.8 watts. It was what it would cap out at often its around six, but if you do benchmarks or your game, it does increase in pool and peak here at 7.8, which is not a lot, so it could actually do a little bit better. I think this chipset and it does tell me it got up to 81 degrees c, but it did trigger this, which is thermal throttling battery life now, so it has a ‘ watt hour battery and you will be able to achieve just over five hours. Chrome use was my test light use and around about approximately 30 with the screen brightness, so its not a an impressive battery life at all. They do have room Chuwi inside the free book here to actually put a bigger battery in or another cell, and i hope they can do that.

If theyre going to revise this model at least give it a bigger battery. So it would last within seven or eight hours. It does look from looking at the internals that they may possibly have a more powerful version that they could install a fan in there, because its got all the space for a fan and even the vent on the side where the hot air would be pushed out. So the screen, when you look at it, it does have a minor graininess to it, its not a deal break or anything like that, its only when you look really close at the screen, youll notice that it seems to be to me at least my eyes, an Anti glare screen and chewy has put the touch digitizer glass over the top touch accuracy response is very quick. The high pen, which is the high pin h7 with wacom tech, works really well on the screen, and i do like to see that its one of the better styluses that i have tested out the overall performance for light computing is quick and snappy. But as soon as you do anything demanding like opening up really large spreadsheets or you want to try and video editing a bit of that at 1080p, even or even 720p, it starts to bog down and show its six watt power limit. And you saw from gaming performance that wallet is better out of the jazz blacks, ive, been testing out its still, not great, and not really a powerful unit, good keyboard, its backlit, very good, touchpad, its nice and large.

And overall i like the design its a little on this heavy side if you use it as a tablet. Of course, you flip the screen around and weve got that option to use it as a tablet. A windows 11 tablet, as a convertible there, which is good pricing, is where the cons start to creep in. I think its just overpriced for what it really is for, especially for the specker cpu. Now, if it had a core i5 in here, i would say that over 500 us price tag is then acceptable, but just having the jasper lake in this the n5100. I dont think it is priced well, okay, just a little bit too expensive for what it is. Even though the build quality has improved its a very good build, we are also missing a type, a usb port on this. There is no micro sd card, unfortunately slot on this, but i do like the fact that we can add a sata 3 ssd. If you wanted to do so, there is that option, so we can add additional storage and it does have pcie support the boot drive. So you could keep that boot drive and just add a sata 3 later on. So there we go. That is the full story out of Chuwis free book here.