Today we are reviewing the Joey car box, 4th generation, and this is a high performance Mini PC with 12th gen Intel I3 CPU. We have powerful specs at a super, affordable price. So lets first see what comes in the box. We have 165 watt power adapter, you may get different power plug standards depending on your location, and here is the core box itself. It comes well packaged and protected. The build quality seems pretty good, and my first impression is how small and light it feels in the hands it weighs just 860 grams. We have a lot of parts on the back, including a thunderbolt 4 Port that can be used as an audio video interface, external Graphics, power supply, Dock and more. Another cool thing is that we can very easily open the core box and upgrade our other extra storage space more on that later in the video a Mini PC like this can be used for many different applications watching movies on a big TV screen surfing the web. Playing the latest games and even connecting up to three displays with 4K resolution. All this sounds pretty great, but it has to come at a price, and here is the biggest surprise. The chewy core box cost only ‘9 bucks, but wait. There is even a better deal. You can get it for just 349 bucks with a discount code. The link is in the description. This is a limited offer, so check it out when it comes to Ports.

We have plenty starting from the left, have a power port, followed by four USB 3 ports display port, an HDMI, 2 port, a gigabit Ethernet port, a thunderbolt, 4 port and microphone and headphone jack. As I mentioned, there are many different options for using the core box. Here is my setup with 4K external Monitor and a wireless keyboard and mouse. The chewy car box comes with the 12th generation Intel I3 CPU and Intel UHD Graphics. We have 16 gigs of RAM and 512 gigs of nvme SSD storage, thats enough power to run all the latest apps and games in the cinebench and geekbench test. The new 12th gen Intel core I3 CPU shows very promising results over the older generation CPUs and when it comes to gaming, you can see that it maintains pretty decent frame rates. The cooling system is also improved compared to previous core box Generations. The fan is super quiet with very low noise, making it one of the quietest mini PCS on the market for an even faster wireless internet connection. We have the latest generation of Wi Fi 6 that delivers super performance with speeds up to 2.4 gigabits per second, when it comes to an actual upgrade of the carbox. This is a super, easy task. You just have to open the panel from the side of the fan, and you have easy access to the internal components. You can install an external, hard drive or an SSD storage.

Another option is to replace the existing nvme SSD, with a larger capacity, runs on Windows. 11 out of the box from my test, I can say that everything works smoothly. The 16 gigs of RAM are more than enough for working with big data documents. You can also edit large images without any worries. Everything runs super smooth and the fast nvme SSD loads files very quickly. When it comes to gaming, you can enjoy the latest games on an external monitor or on a big 4K and even 8K TV screen. I can say that a Mini PC like this has its advantages over the big box. Pcs and laptops Mobility is very important here. You can easily connect it to a big TV screen and watch movies on Netflix YouTube or any other online platforms. You like actually the chewy car box, is so light and compact that I can easily take it with me and do some photo editing on the go, which is pretty cool. If you are looking for a compact, yet powerful Mini PC, see, you should definitely check it out with so many parts and decent specs. The possibilities are endless and guys lets not forget the price of 349 bucks. This is a real deal. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments, and I will do my best to answer you until then thanks for watching and as always, dont forget to subscribe, like and comment dont be shy, stay cool and Ill.

See you in the next one Music.