This one is called the core book x pro. Now it has a core i5, its the 8259. U, with iris 655 graphics, this configuration has 8 gigabytes of ram ddr4, its 2.4 gigahertz and a mvme ssd, which is a 512 gigabyte capacity. Its a kingston drive theres, also a spare mvme slot. In this it comes with wi fi, ac, sadly its not ax, and the screen in this one, its 15.6 inches 144 hertz ips, full hd resolution, the battery capacity, its chewys largest, yet 70 watt hours. Now in the box. What do we get? Well, we get an eu power cable if you do get the eu version, of course, and this is our power supply, so its really nice and small. So, yes, dc charging not type c. This one is rated to 65 watts and well take a look at the weight, so the laptop is 1.81 kilos and then you add the power supply and the cable which you are going to need, of course, to lug that around total weight is just over two Kilos now, just over two kilos for a 15.6 inch laptop thats, not actually bad. Now the lid of this one little tiny bit of flex made out of alloy. This is where we have the metal just on the lid here and it does curve around the lip over the edge to help protect that screen 144 hertz panel that weve got in it full hd, so lifting it up.

One handed i cant. I need two hands for that all right, and here we have our keyboard, so this one is backlit the travel on its a little bit short about 1.4 millimeters. The spacing is okay, the keys are a little closer together than what weve seen on other chewy laptops power button separated away from the keyboard. This is good, so no accidental pressing of this, and if you just lightly tap it nothings going to happen. So you have to really push down quite hard for it to then register so compromise with the arrow keys and overall, it is good now ill. Just show you the backlighting on this one. There you go with the lights off. You can see its a little uneven. It just bugs me that the backspace here and the caps lock brighter than the rest of the keys for some reason but thats about it now typing on it. Ive had no problems. Okay, no missed keystrokes, nothing strange going on its an okay keyboard, really no problem with it. So this is where it feels kind of weird like its not a chewy laptop that im reviewing here. So we have a little bit of a red stripe around the outside thats painted on it. This is plastic the side here, as i mentioned its just the lid, that is the metal sd card reader usb 3.0. So this sd card reader, unfortunately its just usb 2 speeds, so its not that great it caps out about 24 23 megabytes per second gigabit lan and a kensington lock slot right there and then over on the left side.

Here weve got some more ports, a type c now. Unfortunately, this does not support video out all right, thats a bit of a shame. It doesnt support power delivery either so dont plug anything into it. You could risk it shorting out something so theres a status led. So if i flick this, that is to actually disable the webcam, this physical switch, there will completely cut it out, which is great, thats, hard, wired and along here then weve got another two usb 3.0 hdmi, 2.0 spec, so thats, 4k, 60, okay, thats good, and then Our dcn for charging with a status led now charge time on this, its about two and a half hours for the 70 watt hour battery along the underside. We have a lot of little rubber feet all around here and whats great about this particular model. Here the corebook x pro is this ram upgrades easy access panel, one screw nvme drive, so this is the 22 by 80.. Now they were a bit of a pain to get out. The single screw is fine to screw it out, but its just to unclip them. So there you can see, we have a single sodium slot and then the eight gigabytes that is soldered into place. Now, what im going to do is im going to add eight gigabytes more, so i can run this in dual channel just so, we can see the possible performance, the maximum performance, especially when it comes to that iris 655.

Graphics that this eight gen chat chip has in it taking this off, you can see, there is our main boot drive. This is a kingston and then the second slot right here so were able to swap out those ssds. There is no reason for us to completely open this right up, so ive got an eight gigabyte stick here. This one is ddr4 2400 megahertz from lenovo this, and i just slot it in like that clips into place, and i just wanted to mention too the backing material on this. So the underside. This is a very light, alloy very easy to scratch, but at least it is metal gives it a bit of a better feel to it and even these panels those are made out of that alloy. So this is pci e3 spec sata 3 for the two m.2 ssd slots right there, a little bit of a space here, but not too bad. So for maintenance. You can just undo all the screws. You can pull this off and you could blow out or use a vacuum to get dust out of those fans later on in a few years time. So you can see our cooler right here. It does have two copper transfer, heat pipes right there and then theres. The fins so the cool air comes in from the bottom is blowing, then out the back and thats our sodium slot right here now, whats the bad news. The bad news is this is a wireless card, its hidden under here, but it is soldered on to the motherboard, its the intel 3165 and thats just wi fi ac.

So it does not have wi fi six, unfortunately, which is, i think, a big mistake, and then now the screen. This one is a really strange choice from Chuwi here to put a 144 hertz panel into this particular laptop with this kind of spec. It really does need a dedicated gpu. It needs to be a gaming laptop which this is not so its a full hd screen, so thats 1080p, its ips matte coated, anti glia maximum brightness very disappointing, so its actually currently on its peak brightness right now, and that is 213 nits. Only so srgb 66 ntsc, 48 adobe rgb of just 50 and 50 p3, so a true disappointment in terms of screen quality and this laptop it should be brighter. We should have better color coverage than this and weve seen it in some of the other laptops. So this screen is a huge step backwards and now the downwards firing speakers. So these ones they sound okay, heres a sample at a hundred percent. They do lack in volume and base, so it ships out with windows 10 home. Now it is fully activated no problems with the license, none of those kind of issues that we had maybe about five years ago, with some of these brands long gone now. If you look in the device manager, youll see that under the ethernet weve got real tech. Okay, so gigabit, and then a wireless card, as i pointed out, is very disappointing.

Non upgradable, the intel ac card here so the 3165. Now really, they should have gone with the ax 200 wi fi 6 card would have been so much better. The internal storage that weve got with this one, the 512 gigabyte mvme drive pcie 3.0 spec the speeds. Here you can see it gets around 1 500 for reads: rights are okay, but for an mv, nvme drive its a little slow and it should be a little bit better than this. Its only a basic entry level kingston drive from them. So if you want faster, get yourself, something like the samsung, 970 evo plus now the general performance of this laptop, i wont, go into spreadsheets documents because the core i5 here the 82 59u handles everything just fine start menu, no lag. Ive got a bit of applications and things ive been opened here in the background uh. But what i wanted to show is 4k footage here. Is it going to drop frames in youtube? This is with chrome, so ill go into full screen enable our stats there and okay 16 drop frames out of almost 2000. Now that ive been playing this clip back thats, actually pretty good, so really most of the video you will throw at it so h, dot 264, hevc, vp9 codex, all playable, not a problem with this chipset, whatever you throw at, is going to be great their performance. So a couple little benchmarks here that i do have that i wanted to show you so this is geekbench five, the scores.

Okay, i have seen over a thousand for single core score and close to four thousand with this particular configuration well with this chipset. So its still okay, this is an okay score, but starting to fall behind a little bit now. The 11th gen certainly are quite a bit quicker than this and integrated graphics performance. So this is night raid here just to show you. You can run this on your own hardware, this particular benchmark. If you wanted to or geekbench you can see that again its its an okay score – and this is our cinebench r23 score so 2684 points. I have been monitoring the thermals every time. Ive been running. All these different benchmarks and gaming and whatnot ive had it running in the background hw info. So what have we gotten up to here with the thermals? This is always a bit of a concern here: uh hot okay, so 91 degrees is what it will get up to on that uh. 82. 59. U so its a hot chip and it gets a little loud with the fan noise, so maximum wattage is pulling here. According to hw info is around about 50 watts at peak, so yes, thermal throttling did take place, throttled down those clocks a little bit there. So if you undervolt, which you might be able to do where you should be able to do that through the bios, you can probably lower those temperatures down a little bit and help boost the performance heres.

A sample of the fan noise. Now exactly what it sounds. Like under load and now our webcam, so this one is 720p max. It has dual array: microphones and the quality, as you can see and standard kind of lighting here. So i turned off my powerful studio lights and what i would call a normal ambient level of lighting here, not great at all, and when you type on the keyboard, you can hear a little bit of that noise coming through so poor webcam. But at least we do have one with the core book x pro now. This speaker, pc, can edit video. This is 4k adobe premiere pro and my clips here from my sony, a6400, so theyre 4k 100 megabits per second and the timeline here is okay. Its not super fast playback is at least here just running at the quarter. Playback resolution thats fine and even if you set it to half or full, i probably wouldnt run but half not really dropping any frames, so thats good there. What about the export times? So what ill do is my standard test here, which is always one minute of the youtube preset? Okay, so thats the youtube 4k preset there selected and well see how long its going to take to export that start on the timer export and it shouldnt take too long. You can see its going through it relatively quick here. The iris pro graphics will aid this. Okay, it finished up there at approximately one minute and 22 seconds or so, which is not too bad for the spec of 8th gen cpu now on to the fun part, so they claim that it can be a bit of a gamer right, a gaming machine.

Well, not really, i mean this is the witcher 3 on the lowest possible settings 720p and its struggling were getting around 30 frames per second, but there are some noticeable lags and dips now here in the town is where i always test, because theres a lot of Npcs around theres a lot to render out in the countryside with this game, the frame rate does improve, but really its a little too choppy here for my own liking. I would like to see well, ideally, of course, around 60 frames per second, which were just not going to be able to get out of a demanding game like this. Look at that just down to 19 frames per second, so not ideal, but ill. Try something a little lighter, which is counter strike, not as heavy as the witcher 3 here. So this one i set to 1080p on the lowest possible settings and were getting around 80 frames per second, which yeah its okay, but we cant really take full advantage of the 144 hertz screen with this kind of hardware. Ideally, we need a dedicated gpu with this dont we needed like an rtx. I dont know like a 3050 ti or something would be perfect with this screen, which we simply dont have so im just going to run out here and see if i can get any shots get lucky. I think someones shooting at me right then probably wont. Last long at all, oh bad time to reload anyway, you can see that its not really an ideal gamer at all, not with this kind of spec, even though the iris 655 graphics was good about three years ago for integrated its now a little bit dated and Finally, linux, this is working well, so the brightness, the volume everything bluetooth wireless, all working now battery life ive got some good news in that area because of the 70 watt hour battery, which is chuwis largest ever that ive come across in one of their laptops.

Normally, there are only like ‘ watt hours and a lot of the tech they have, especially with the old gemini lake and the apollo lake, and everything like that, this ones big. So if you put the screen onto 60 hertz, if you dont need 144 hertz for the desktop for your web browsing and things like that, its well worth it because then you can get around eight hours of light. Use now, im talking about just like streaming youtube. Okay very very light: there thats not bad its, not bad okay, but when you have it on 144 hertz youre doing again light work. That brings it down to about six hours, five and a half really able to squeeze out of it. So it does take a toll on that battery life. Now its a really odd combination. For me, this kind of spec to have 144 hertz screen doesnt really make any sense at all, because if it had an rtx 3050 in it or a 360 and then okay, yeah fair enough youre gon na be playing your games. High frame rate high refresh rate right, but the rx 650 graphics on this, as you saw the witcher 3, its an old title now, but its still very demanding but hey 30 frames per second and even counter strike its not going to be at 144 frames per. Second, to take advantage of the screen, the screen is my biggest complaint. I mean the brightness, i measured it again.

It did get a little brighter around 230 nits, but thats it thats. The peak brightness for whites, not exactly amazing. The color coverage there terrible 50 adobe rgb, not good, so anyone who wants to edit video or color grade or photos not the screen for that not for professionals not for professional use, no the average joe the daily computing. However, performance is great from the core i5. It is very good, its quick, its snappy. We have an nvme ssd, its, not sata3, easy to add another eight gigabytes of ram, which i highly recommend recommend doing. You can easily add another ssd say to three 22 by 80. thats good, but then theres a few other things speaker support webcam is poor and the thermals it gets up to 91 degrees celsius. It also does trigger thermal throttling, okay and then the wireless card thats. A big one for me if i could upgrade the wireless card, it wouldnt, be so much of an issue but im stuck on wireless ac, old tech. Okay, i want wi fi six spec and we should have the intel ax200 in this, but we simply dont and you cannot swap it out, which is a real shame there. So this could have been a really good laptop, i think from Chuwi. If we had a better screen, if we had maybe 10th gen or 11th gen cpu in this and priced a little bit better with the wireless ac, so pricing wise its just under 500 euros, which i find is a bit of an ask considering the overall spec Other positives, though build quality does seem to be pretty good.

The hinge seems fine, it is lightweight its thin. I do like it its like an old acer laptop to me, or maybe an msi very, very similar there. So there we go now. You know the full story of the Chuwi corebook x pro. Thank you so much for watching this review.