I just got this in the mail – the chewy core book x. Now i decided that i’m going to upload my unboxing and initial impressions first, because it’s going to take me a few days more to get my my proper review done, because i want to do it. You know in depth and correctly, which means you really have to. Let windows do all its updates and everything on a windows pc to show what it’ll actually be like when people are using it, and i want to take the time to do proper battery tests and everything. But i will cover as much as i can just from the initial unboxing now also a funny thing. Anyone looking at the specs of this laptop may have noticed that the chipset and the basic design strongly resembles a 2017 macbook pro 13, which just happens to be the laptop my wife uses. So i i happen to have one here, and so i was just gon na. Do sort of a basic visual comparison, compare the brightness of the screens and the color reproduction and stuff just sort of an immediate out of the box, impression of not only the laptop itself, but comparing it to the device that it definitely bears a lot of similarities. It too so yeah i won’t, make you wait any longer. Let’S get right into it. Okay, so uh mine of course, came in an amazon outer box, i’ve, actually seen in a few people’s unboxings that it seemed to come with just the laptop box, depending on which reseller they got it from which that’s.

You definitely want your laptop to be packed in more than just its own box. You can tell this came through an amazon fulfillment center, so it’s standard amazon well, that’s, not the greatest. We got everything on one side and then the other side. The laptop is directly against the side of the box, but that’s also pretty standard definitely puts a lot of faith in how well this is packaged inside which i don’t know. If i would share taller than i thought it was. We got a vip card. Oh boy, now it does not look like. I got at least not attached to the outside. Like i’ve seen in other regions, i don’t get alternate keyboard layouts, so it’s it’s actually really clever. I i’ve seen this on numerous laptops that ship internationally is. They come with rubber keyboard, covers that have other keyboard layouts on them. So i’ve seen that with this laptop and other people’s unboxing, and they were just in this outer plastic wrap, but it does not appear. I have that. Thank you for your purchase of chewy product. It is it’s uh it’s our pleasure to serve. You hope you will be pleased with the product. If you have any questions, please contact us by email. Our customer service team is very happy to help you. We will reply within 24 hours – oh boy, if that’s true, that would already make this better than some of the other laptops i’ve reviewed in the past, which i’m going to name at the moment.

Okay let’s see what is the smart way to open. It looks like from this side. Okay, we got an end cap, foam piece, oh that’s. Actually this is actually pretty good packing, so yeah it. Actually, it is pretty vaping man, we’ve got the device itself, it looks like i’ve got a little warranty, chronic booklet, and this is the power adapter i’m assuming so yeah. Definitely no alternate region. Keyboard covers okay, we got our typical, whatever the heck. This is weird cloth. A lot of stuff ships in okay, all right, regional, adapter, let’s get the one all right. So i have my us. I believe this is 45 watt, 65 watt, so 65 watt uh adapter with a us plug, and i have let’s, see that’s eu. I know because it’s the one i use when i go to norway to visit my wife’s family, so uh yeah, just that one guys i’ll figure, that out later alright, we got warranty card product inspection report, user manual i’m going to skip all this because i have Respect for your time, i hope you feel the same about me and don’t be like no. I want you to read the manual for me because i reviews okay here we go here’s the laptop itself now this this chewy right here. This is definitely funny it’s. Almost exactly like the motile logo on the motel 14 i reviewed last year, which means that it’s, just these are plastic letters that are on with adhesive, so you should be able to get them off with dental floss, which i’m probably going to do brand.

This sorry chewy, i mean it’s, not i really like you guys so far as a brand, but uh i’m, a big debrander. Okay. So definitely not a one handed hinge open. Let me just display that some other people have already not it’s not far off, though the base was just a little heavier it’s. Just a matter of you know: it’s it’s, really you have to pretty much add weight to the bass on computers, so hinge feels pretty good initial open demonstrate the 180. oop yeah that’s, pretty decent everything looks correct, so the good news is they did not send me A core book pro by accident and charged me for a core book x, all right now, let’s do some comparison, real, quick, okay, so just doing a quick comparison here now again, this is not apples to apples of this obviously cost three times what the core book X did when it was new and even to buy a used macbook pro 13 inch with touch bar is probably at least twice what this guy is so i’m just kind of doing a comparison, because they have the same processor and chipset and they’re basically similar, so That being said on the touch, you can definitely tell that the deck on this one is plastic on the core book versus, of course, aluminum on the macbook, and this goes right over to the touchpad. So this means that the macbook has a smooth aluminum touch pad, whereas the core book has sort of a textured plastic feeling, and so you know, i’m not really decided if that’s a good or a bad thing it’s.

Just it does have a slight bit of texture. Rather than feeling perfectly smooth let’s see keyboards i’m not going to log into either one they’re, actually surprisingly, similar uh there’s deeper travel. Why not? Oh yeah! I just typed a lot of things: there’s a little deeper travel on the core book, but you can tell that, even though a lot of people specifically hate this macbook keyboard, even that being said compared to less expensive laptops, you can tell that there’s sort of a. I don’t know just like a responsiveness to the keyboard, it’s just it’s, just a little bit more muted on this one, but i would still say this is an excellent keyboard for an inexpensive laptop for anything in the under 600 range. This is a very good keyboard, in my opinion, um now as far as just doing weight by feel i’m gon na you know, of course i could show the specs actually that’s surprising, they’re. Actually, pretty close, like i mean i think, the core book’s a little heavier but they’re actually pretty close now in thickness, i can actually just you can see exactly how much larger the core book is about that much right. There thickness, though it’s definitely thicker, but i mean this is a respectfully thin 14 inch to even look comparable to a macbook like, i would definitely say, that’s, really not bad thickness, oh and as far as the screens, a little late. For that, i suppose let’s see.

If they both wake up to you awaken so on the macbook, you can definitely see this has better color reproduction it’s a little brighter, but it’s, not the night and day i’m used to when you take pretty much any budget laptop, and you put it next to A macbook pro and it’s, just like you know, you think your cheap laptop looks good, and then you put it next to something like a surface or a macbook and it’s, just like wow, okay, yeah that’s, not very good, color reproduction. This is not that, like this it’s, not that night and day difference, let me get back to the same screen, so you can see a little better come on. I do not know how to use windows. I guess i think i believe it but it’s not that night and day difference of where you can definitely see that this has a bit stronger, color reproduction a little brighter a little bit darker blacks. But this still looks very good compared to, for example, the alienware 17 that i’m recording on right now, that’s out of camera, this annihilates it and the alienware 17 was like you know, a three thousand dollar laptop when it came out, which is great, it was in 2014, but still that’s, only three years before this one came out, so i mean still a good laptop with a good, a good quality screen, and this just totally beats it for brightness contrast, color reproduction, so i’m going to definitely want to tune it a bit, but That’S, just you know an initial basic comparison between the two of these.

So by initial, just opening the box impression it’s, definitely positive. I like the way it looks and feels it’s definitely got a you know. A lightweight slim feel to it. It has that sort of premium design, and i don’t want to definitely say that it’s just you know, trying to be a macbook clone because it’s definitely not. I mean it’s using a different screen aspect ratio more similar to an ipad or a surface book. Um it’s. You know there’s a number of different decisions that they made, and you know one example being that the edges are more rounded than the sort of hard edges on the macbook, which is more like the surface book. Go uh so it’s definitely it’s, not like the the macbook rib off that you kind of expect from looking at the pictures and then looking at the specs like huh. It looks like a 2017 macbook pro 13., but you know when you take it out of the box, it definitely is a little larger and it makes good use of it. The screen has very narrow bezels, so it definitely looks a little bigger, even though you could see the difference was actually pretty small when putting them one. On top of the other that extra tiny little bit of screen space definitely makes it feel a little bigger and, as usual, with 14 inches bridge is the gap between a 13 inch and a 15 inch, as you would expect.

But i find that it’s a very comfortable size, and this laptop wears it very well just on first take now as far as everything else i you know bear with me. I only put up this part of the video early because i noticed how much search traffic, my other video saying i chosen this laptop was getting, and you know usually my stuff is from my subscribers or suggestions or other stuff, like that. When i see a huge spike in you know, traffic from searches i’m like okay – this is something people are looking for so yeah. I can tell there’s not a ton of reviews on this up and so um i’m definitely going to be working on my review, but i want to make it thorough and i want to make it as accurate as possible. So let it get all of its updates. Take the time to do proper battery and test all that, so in the next day or two i should be able to have that finished. But i just wanted to give an initial positive impression: um and uh yeah, just kind of give people an idea of what it looks like coming out of the box when you order it in the u.s from amazon. In this case, as i did so uh yeah look for my review coming up soon, i’m.