I believe and i’ve learned a few new things. I also i made a verbal mistake in my review and i accidentally cut a short section out where i tested the sound and talked about the wi fi. So i actually re recorded that part to make it a little better and i’m going to be including it in this video. But first let me start with the correction i flubbed in my last video. What i meant to say is the laptop supports power. Delivery. 2.0. At 40 watts – and i just smashed it together with power – delivery, 20 watts, which obviously is not correct. 20 watts is slower than this battery discharges, only cell phones and tablets charge at 20 watts. So if it only charged to 20 watts, it would not be charging as fast as it uses the battery, so yeah that’s, not the case. Sorry, i was wrong. I i knew that i just flubbed it together, 2.0 and 40 turned into 20., so it is 40 watts that is enough to properly charge the device while in use um – and that was the only one. I noticed – it’s difficult being a one man operation uh. You know because it’s like i can view my oh like i can watch my own video and not catch my own mistakes several times because that’s how the brand works but yeah, even when i know better a lot of times, i’ll just misspeak and i won’t even Catch it so yeah.

My apologies on that. He definitely does not charge only 20 watts, because that would be useless. It does have power delivery, 2.0 charges at 40 watts, so my apology’s there i’m just gon na end with that and i’m gon na put in this section that i cut out of the previous video. That should be it for now. I’M doing. I love emulating on this thing. Three by two is the perfect compromise between 16 by nine and four by three for emulating. So, even if i stretch like ps2 games to fully fill the screen they’re, not that stretched to be super distorted like when you view them on a 16×9 and like, if you choose to view them with black bars, they’re very narrow, so yeah emulation video coming soon Because that’s, the only gaming i care about doing on this and it runs like i suspected i just quick preview. It runs everything up to it: can’t quite handle wii. U and ps3, but gamecube wii, ps2, psp, ds, 3ds. They all run awesome and they look awesome. So yeah that’ll be coming soon now, here’s, the part sorry i’ll, uh i’ll, put timestamps to make this less tedious, but here’s. The part that i cut the speakers are stereo with the dual cone design. Now there does seem to be a little bit of separation between a high and low frequency between the two cones. I wasn’t smart enough to stick a tuner on it, but just by here – and it does give a pretty good balance and separation going up into the middle volume ranges, but just it’s limited by the size of the drivers.

So when it gets louder, you definitely lose some of the range and it does add a little distortion and also the maximum volume is not incredibly high, but i mean, i would say, it’s very adequate it’s, just you’re not going to entertain with it Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, so Music Applause, Music, Applause, oh Applause. The wireless card is an intel ac 7265, which is a pretty old card, originally released in 2013. This is, i think, like a revision c that was being sold about the same time as the rest of this chipset. In early 2017. now it’s uh, you know it’s an ac dual band, a 2×2 card. It was. It was good in its time, it’s 867 megabits per second uh maximum speed, and it has bluetooth 4.2. So i guess you know like a lot of things in this laptop it’s good enough uh. My internet is slower than that so it’s, not a huge problem, i’m able to get pretty good reception throughout our house, but it it is definitely an older card that doesn’t have the newest standards and you could potentially feel the need to upgrade now. If you do it’s a little bit of a process because it’s located under the heatsink rail, so if you did want to remove it you’re going to have to clean and re paste, i always recommend re pasting anytime. You remove the heatsink rail. I definitely don’t recommend sticking the paste back on there, especially because sometimes you can get dust in there.

You might be able to just wiggle it out of there, but definitely be careful and don’t use metal tools because you might scratch contacts on the board.