They sent this out to me to review and all the opinions expressed in this video 100 of my own they’re, not approving it and i’m not being paid for this review either. So this model has an extremely dated chipset in here i’m talking 2016 chipset here in 2021, quite dated and very low end as you’ll see later on, with some performance tests that i will be running with this one. So it has the core i3, the 6157u, with iris 550 graphics, 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram 256 gigabyte ssd, which is sata 3 and i’ll, show you the exact speeds of that one, but we can upgrade it too, which is good. There is a little flap on the bottom. If you remove that, you can install an nvme drive or a sata 3.. The main drive sail is not mvme it’s, only sata 3 with that. So the weight of this particular laptop it’s about 1.36 kilos, which is very good and the thickness, is not bad around about 18 millimeters. You can see closed. It is thin now to open it up. One handed hinge opening. No, we cannot do that and the hinge so far does feel stiff and good. I know that chewy have had issues in the past with the reliability of their hinges, loosening right up and causing the screens to crack and things like that. They claim it has been fixed, but i’ll only know after one year of using this model, of course, and i’ve only had it now for a couple of weeks.

So the screen this one is a 13 inch ips panel 2160 by 1440. That has an aspect. Ratio of three by two now, according to my measurements, with my spyder pro 5 measuring the screen, it tops out at 260 nits, which is not the brightest out there. Now it has recently good colors, the color reproduction measured of an srgb of 99 and ntsc of 65 adobe of 65, sorry, 75 and p3 also 75. Now, when you look at the screen with just the lights off and a complete black image, you’ll notice that, especially with my unit that, on the right hand, upper right hand, side i’m, getting a lot of light leakage with this panel it’s already too much of an Issue, i only see it if i look at a black image, which i never really do anyway and then just above the screen is a hd webcam. It has rather poor quality and here’s a sample of it. The frame rate on this one is not very good. It’S only about 15 frames per second, it seems a little dark too considering i’ve even got my bright studio lights on, so not a really good webcam. Unfortunately that’s within this chewy core book pro and then for the ports. On the left hand, side we do have a type c port that supports power delivery. Although i’m having a few issues with this one, that i need to turn it off first plug in the cable and my power delivery power supply for it to actually work.

But it comes with a dc charger, and this is rated to 65 watts and that’s. All you get included in the box with this particular model and then, on the right hand, side you will find a type a usb 3.0, this powers external hard drives without any problems. Micro, sd card reader, the cards sit in flush. They only operate at usb 2 speed, so not particularly fast and 3.5 millimeter out and in and then our keyboard on this one being a 13 inch size screen. They didn’t have quite as much room as the 14 inch jimmy book pro, which was the last one. I reviewed from them, so this keyboard to me is not quite as comfortable so it’s backlit the back lighting isn’t as bright either as the jimmy book pro, which is a shame it’s all right, but it’s not evenly distributed. We get about 1.6 millimeters of key travel. The key travel and feedback feels okay, but i don’t like the location of the power button, which is where the delete key is so sometimes you can accidentally tap this. There is a way around this, of course, to set the power button to do nothing when you press it to stop you from accidentally putting it into sleep now, the touchpad is of a relatively decent size, it’s, not the biggest i’ve, seen and smaller than the jimmy Book pro again and it does support windows, 10 gestures, finder movement seem to be okay.

When i do type and tap on it with the hardware left and right buttons, it sometimes rattles a little bit so the overall build quality of this laptop. I would rate as being it’s fairly decent it’s, not bad we’ve got the plastic palm rest. The alloy round and the hinge, as i mentioned, feels quite stiff. But what about the internals? What are they using for the cooling of this core i3? So we have a dual copper transfer heat pipe in here with a relatively large fan and the fan noise is quite good. We don’t hear the fan; normally it will come on, it will go off and most of the time the fan is off, especially on battery you’ll. Basically, almost never hear it unless you do something demanding the fan. Noise is not very loud and it’s very hard. For me to capture a sample of it, and the lid here is made out of metal as well, so giving this a little bit of a flex because it’s a fully laminated screen i’ve used with the glass it doesn’t really move about too much so applying a Bit of pressure on the top of that it presses in a little, but again i don’t think that’s too much of an issue. The screen should not, and i don’t think it will press up against the keys marking it or anything like that, and the callbook pro has four little speakers that are on the bottom downwards.

Firing here are a sample of them at 100 volume they sound okay, but they could be a little bit louder to my ears, Music Applause, Music, so this bios is completely unlocked. This is great. A lot of manufacturers will lock us out of a lot of these advanced settings, because some of them could potentially end up causing this laptop not to be able to boot at all. So it is great that we’ve got this now, not a lot. We can really do because of the well the fixed clock. Speed of this one is 2.4 gigahertz, so you’ve got power management near cpu configuration you can adjust and change c states and all that sort of stuff. If you’re into that and there’s other things to tweak in there with the thermal configuration chipset as well and the memory configuration not a lot, we can change so it is in dual channel. This is using uh high next chips, both of them. So two chips there with the or the four gigabytes each uh, giving us the eight in total running in dual channel there, of course, and then the boot menu can change the boot order of that too. If you needed to do so here, we are in windows. So this does come with windows 10 home, not pro especially 1909. So a little dated, of course, you’re going to have to run windows, 10 updates, 8 gigabytes of ram installed. None of the ram seems to be dedicated to the gpu.

I thought they normally would have like 200 megabytes, but that doesn’t seem to be the case there and you can see the cpu. So this is yes very dated so 2016. it’s, the 6000 series, the 6157u with the iris 655 graphics there’s a little bit more information about that particular chip right here, so that is uh. The sky like, of course, discontinued chewie, must have got a really good deal for these very dated chips and you’ll see it’s got two chords. Four threads maximum turbo is 2.4. In fact, there is no turbo it’s just that the base frequency it does not go up or down or anything well, it will go down to 800 megahertz at idle, but that is the top speed, so very dated chipset in a laptop that well it’s only just Come out a few months ago, so not really amazing. So the ssd that i showed you for the the internals when we took a look at that that it is a kingston, 205 gigabytes free on first boot and the speeds say to the three speeds. As expected, i mean nothing amazing here and then our wireless adapter, so that is the intel ac 7265 again recently dated this one and it’s a bluetooth 4.. The funny thing is, is the jimmy book pro that i reviewed that has the intel ax 200 wi fi 6 card much better than this one. Yet this pro model, the slightly more expensive model, gets the more dated wireless chip, all right, let’s focus on the general performance.

What can you expect out of the callbook with the only two cores at 2.4 gigahertz? Well, windows feels okay, the speed of it just getting around. Sometimes the animations can be a little slow. I have noticed the start. Menu will sometimes lag a little bit depending on what you’re doing so it doesn’t handle multitasking too well. But what about the video playback? Video files demanding ones that i always test out so 140 megabits per second 4k 10 bit hevc. It is meant to have now with this one native decoding, but it doesn’t seem to be native to me, that is very poor playback of 4k it’s really laggy, and it takes a long time if you skip ahead to catch up and that hasn’t even caught up. Yet so that is really disappointing now, why are there borders that is because i’m recording in 16 by nine aspect ratio? The screen here, of course, is three by two aspect: ratio. That is why we have the borders either side there that’s just how it’s going to be. So if i try to play something like 4k 60 frames per second same thing, it is going to be terrible. That’S, just yeah it’s, laggy, it’s horrible it’s, just not going to work so it’s, not good at all for video playback. Now what about spreadsheets things like that, so documents a little laggy at times so scrolling through this? It is all right you can make you edit.

Some things this is a rather large one, 400, sorry, 859 pages, so there’s a lot of pages in this it’s a test file that i always test out and yeah. You can do your edits and move images around and things without being too laggy here. So this is strictly light computing only with this weak dual core chip and what about benchmarks so night raid, that’s, okay, the graphics score that is actually pulling out faster than the gemini lake, so the cell run j4 125. I reviewed in the jimmy book pro that one gets a lower score there, but the cpu score, multitasking and because it’s only two cores that is actually lower there and very low score here for geekbench five. So not very impressive. I mean it is what it is. It’S, a low turbo it’s, an old chip, so you cannot expect a lot performance wise and how is the performance in something like chrome? Can you run a lot of tabs? We’Ve got the eight gigabytes of ram in dual channel and it is running at 2133 megahertz. So this is dogs that i’m going to search. You already have searched i’m, just going to go through now and open up a whole bunch, tabs and we’ll see. Is this going to really hurt the performance, get some video files in there as well so they’re in there the video files – and that is about probably where i would go with tabs open continue on this – you can see that swapping between them that’s all right as Long as the pages aren’t too heavy, now where’s that one with the video okay youtube’s a little slow to load in here and i’ve got our stats for nerds i’ll play this at well.

The maximum. Ah maximum, is only 720p with this one. Okay. So if i type in a 4k demo file see how fast that is going to be so, this performance is it’s: okay, it’s, okay, considering the chip, but i do expect now a lot of drop frames. Okay, the buffer health is not exactly the best of my connection and it still is not at 4k, yet there we go starting to play now, so two frames dropped not too bad, but it seems a little slow, no okay, that’s actually running fine. This could be here what about full screen, though that’s when it’s going to struggle? Okay, that is a little slow there. We go dropping frames as i suspected. It would quite a bit. Look at that. It’S continually dropping frames there so for media playback, video playback files, like this not recommended at all, so the chrome tabs here, yeah that’s fast enough that doesn’t seem too bad gaming performance. Now so let’s have a look and see what can the irs 550 do used to be okay for integrated back in the day back in 2015, when it was announced back 2016.? So yes, very old, of course, as i pointed out and started this video, so around 100 frames per second or well 90s, but look at that dipped right down to 20 frames per second just then, which is not good and now again a bit of lag. Definitely coming through, i don’t think it like that smoke grenade at all.

So if someone throws through a flashbang right now, i’m in a bit of trouble, let’s see if i can. Oh, i think there’s someone out there yeah there he is. Oh, he got me. Didn’T kill me, though: oh another big frame, dip, all right should i just go charging out see if i can get him thrown a grenade. Ah, it lagged, and i i had my finger on the trigger. So no, not good gaming performance. It completely just froze up on me. I had me. He definitely had me, of course, and onto our thermal, so it gets a little bit hot on the surface of the keyboard and around just above it that gets up to about 41 degrees, it’s warm to the touch. Now the internal temperatures 72 degrees celsius. Maximum is what i’m seeing that is, after almost two hours of constantly stressing it out, and that is at least 45 minutes of gaming as well to get to these temperatures. So it does get a little bit warm, but these thermals are quite good and considering the fact that it’s only just two cores for threads and that low clock that it has a 2.4 gigahertz it’s normal, really that it’s not getting up to say 80 degrees. And i did power up linux mint on this laptop. It runs just fine, so the wireless is working. The screen brightness adjusting that right now, that is working fine and the volume controls in audio also working there.

So not a problem runs well on this laptop. This is the latest build of linux mint. So what is my verdict on this one all round? I think it’s a disappointment because of the chipset, mostly that they should have put something more potent in there in 2021 now and they’re, going with the 2016 chipset in this, even though it does have the iris graphics, it doesn’t matter the video playback, if you intend To play he vc and you want to play, for example, vp9 codec files, it’s, not native decoding, and it is quite choppy it’s poor, as i showed you that’s disappointing and overall, the system performance does seem at times a little bit laggy. The dual core is struggling, especially with that quite low now, especially for today’s standards of only 2.4 gigahertz flat out speed, that’s. All it has, although it will lower down to with the speed step down to about 800 megahertz, but it will not go any higher than that. There is no turbo, which is quite disappointing. Better life battery life is well it’s, average you’re, looking about five hours really at best uh, depending on your screen, brightness. Of course, the screen isn’t bad – i mean it does have the adobe coverage of 75 percent and around 260 nits it’s, not the best i’ve seen, but indoor use it’s still fine, a bit of light leakage which isn’t bad so screen. Okay, the speakers they’re. Alright, they could be a little bit louder, but for chewy speakers and their laptops recently they have improved them a little bit, which is great and then the backlit keyboard it’s good to type on.

But i don’t like the location of the power button being where the delete key normally is, which is a little bit of a hassle and takes a little bit to get used to there. But the touchpad as well, that is okay. But when i press and tap on it, it sometimes has a bit of a rattle noise to it. So all up as a recommended laptop, very, very difficult for me just for light tasks. I really think so. Uh otherwise check your local market see what is out there and for me, the jimmy book pro that i’ve also reviewed in the channel it’s almost about the same kind of power. The battery life on that one is longer it handles video files much better in a way, it’s kind of better because it’s, a quad core too, but it’s still not fast and still just for light computing.