3 inch screen and we get a 14 inch screen with slimmer bezels on the lap book Pro, which I just recently reviewed. It'S powered this one by the quad core Gemini Lake, give us our own in 4100. It has saved me only 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage, so I'm, just going to quickly go with us review, compare different things, for example, the build quality of both of them, the keyboards, a touch pad and even audio quality, and just quickly touch On their performance, so it'll make your decision a little easier. Now, when you look at them both side by side, the Thule Aero book, the more expensive machine does have a much better look to it. I prefer the darker grade have gone with and it does weigh about 200 grams lighter this one is one point, two seven kilos and the let book pro weighs in at one point: four: seven and both of them they are about the same thickness when you put Them side by side like this, because the let book Pro has higher rubber feet on the rear of it, bring it up to about the same exact level as the era book, so both of these don't have any logos on the lid of them. Unlike the lap book SC, which has a glowing chewy logo for ports, you get more on the era book the more expensive model, so my model because it's a pre release, one here, it's, actually missing a full spec type C port.

That would be located right here. Now the type C port on the lap book pro this does not support power delivery. It does not support video out either, whereas the one on the Chui does so you get the mini HDMI out, which is only HDMI, 1.4 spec, so not 4k at 60 Hertz. But on the cheaper model it actually supports HDMI 2.0, a so you get 4k 60 Hertz with that one and then on the right side. Both of them have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and a full sized USB to respect pot that wall power external hard drives. You get an additional micro SD card Rheda here, which is sorely missed on the lamp book Pro for some reason. Chewy cut that out, but for these laptops also have easy access, SSD hatches, so they all take SATA 3 MDOT to spec drives in here. Nee can fit sizes from their twenty two. Forty two twenty two sixty and the larger 2280 goes in both of these now the let book pro this one does not come with an SSD. This just comes with 64 gigabytes of EMM storage, which is around about 200 reads and writes megabytes, which is not particularly fast and then the options you get with the Aero book they're a lot better. You get 128 gigabytes, 256 gigabytes of SSD storage right up to one terabyte when they had the crowdfunding models at least, and they get around 500 reads and writes so a lot faster there as well.

Now, when we take a look at the screens, both of them are hard for me to capture on camera without getting some sort of flicker coming through. They have pulse width, modulation, brightness control, but you don't see that flickering in person, because that would then be an issue. It would bother me so we have approximately 350 Lux on the lap Book Pro and then about 340 Lux maximum brightness on the Eero book. So they are very similar panels. The only difference really is the fact that one is thirteen point three inches on the era book. The other is fourteen inches with the slimmer top and bottom bezels. That is basically the difference. There they're both fully laminated with glass, 1080p IPS screens and very similar color space, so the color gamut. You can expect the output from this, so we get about 2 78 Adobe RGB on the laptop Pro right here on the left and then on the right. We get 74 Adobe, RGB interior sea and the srgb ratings of both of them are also very, very similar, it's, only just a few percent there, the difference between them, so the panels are almost the same. They are very good panels that they've used in both of these laptops. When you look at the webcams, both of them are not brilliantly by 720p webcams. That should be outputting 30 frames per second, but it's more like 15, but the overall winner here when it comes to the webcam quality and the microphones that are onboard.

The laptop has to be the arrow book, which is marginally better. The webcam on the let Book Pro is terrible if you've seen my review of that one now, both of these keyboards on the laptops have a very similar layout and they're. Both backlit were two stage backlighting, but you will notice here with the lap Book Pro that you get a bit of the light coming through underneath the keys. You can see definitely the light shining through there and if you happen to be using this in a pitch black environment, it can be a little bit blinding until your eyes adjust to it there's also less flex on this keyboard, so pushing down here really hard. You can see that as very firm, but on my unit there are a slight few units that have had a bit of an issue with the space key that if you were to tap it right on the ends here, then it will not actually register every single Time, there's no such issue with the Aero box keyboard. This one is very similar to the lat book. Esi'S keyboard it's, just a tweet version of it. You could say the power button. They have made a lot firmer to press so there's. No accidental tapping that and putting the laptop into sleep there. If I pressed down in the middle, you can see this one has a little bit more flex to it, but with your normal typing pressures, it's, not actually a problem and the backlighting on the keys, you can see nothing's leaking through along here it's, just the caps Lock, you can see a little bit of light that is leaking from the backlight, underneath that particular key.

These key caps have a more of a glossy finish to them, whereas they're more like met on the lip book Pro, but this one I prefer, because they are larger keys and the travel of both of them is about the same it's about 1.5 1.6 millimeters. Also of travel that they have and no issues with this base bar here on the Aero book, the touch pad on the Arabic for me is also superior. It'S just got a better surface to it, but both of them do work well without any issues performance wise. There is a big difference because we're looking at two completely different chips here, even though the let book Pro has a quad core chip with a higher turbo 2.4 gigahertz it's more low end, and they have a similar kind of power limit as well to them. The TDP now you can of course tweak this, but out of the box. Chewy has the Aero book. Sorry, the let Book Pro to 12 Watts TDP. So it performs a little bit better than the other Gemini elite laptops out there, but the error book, which I'm showing you now, of course, has double the RAM. So this one has eight gigabytes of RAM. It is ddr3 1600 megahertz and if you take a look at the Geekbench score, it does pull through a much higher single core score here and overall, the performance you do notice because of the RAM because of the the fact that single core score is a lot Better, it does feel a lot quicker and snappier moving around windows, and you see here with the lap book Pro now that we've got 2000 133 megahertz ddr4 Ram and okay.

That Ram is actually faster. But when you take a look at the Geekbench full score, it does come out significantly slower here, there's a difference of almost about a thousand points on the single core score. Both of these laptops are not powerful laptops in that regard. They'Re, not super powerful, they're more suited to, of course, light computing that's. What they're really designed for and there's, also one other difference when it comes to the video performance, so playback of the newer codecs decoding them is actually better on the weaker machine than that Book. Pro because it does support the hardware VPN NHE vc10 bit decoding, whereas the timber decoding on the arrow book with the core m3, the 6 y 30 actually doesn't, run so smooth and well. You can use other apps to halpert's, but it will take a lot more CPU power and it's, just not quite as smooth it'll play back the 8 bit fine it's just there. There is a difference on video playback with certain files battery life. There is a big difference here, so the Gemini Lake this hour on in 4100, is very easy on the battery. So you can expect around 7 to even 8 hours of runtime on the lap Book Pro, whereas the more powerful Core m3 there never been good on the battery. It was gon na last for about five, maybe even six hours, if you lower the brightness, both of the laptops have the exact same battery capacity, which is 38 watt hours and both of them take just over two and a half hours to fully charge so to Quickly recap: here you get the Aero book, which is their of course.

More expensive system as expected, has a lighter, build better, looking better key bored slightly better touchpad, and it also has a slightly better webcam. You get a full spec type C port on that one and an additional USB 3 port and the micro SD card reader. So that is probably the model that you would go for if money wasn't an issue there and you wanted something for the light tasks that both of these machines are ok at. But, of course, the error book is quite a bit faster thanks to that more powerful core m3 that it has on board. As for the let Book Pro well, this one might have some keyboard issues on some models, so just bear that in mind, but it looks like it's just a first batch issue that should be corrected and the touchpad isn't, quite as good as the Aero box, the Webcam is terrible, but it does have much better battery life you'll be able to get two, maybe even three hours more runtime. So that is very important to you. Then that's the one to go for, but of course, the type C port on that one does not support power delivery and the webcam it has is also terrible. So hopefully, this video made your decision between both of these.