I only arrived in from China yesterday, but I did pick up while I was there Chuy's era book that was handed to me and I did do it alive. Unboxing, but the quality, if you did see that stream was not good at all. We had problems with the the upload speed with having various different other youtubers uploading at the same time, and I had to actually use a data SIM card in the end to go. Live so I couldn't show you a lot. I only had the one fixed camera angle, so that's all going to change here right now. I made an area in that video and that era was, I said it was on Kickstarter. It is not okay, so it's IndieGoGo. This one crowdfunded laptop from them, so if you're unaware of the specs of this one so it's thirteen point three inches, it has a fully laminated screen the brightness I have measured. It now is 318 it's, which is great that's, not bad on the brighter screen. But I feel that perfectly fine for what this is backlit keyboard palm rest is plastic. The rest of the build is all an alloy. I like the dark, color they've gone with, so this dark gray. It is a Windows. Precision, touchpad I'll, give you more on that. In this video as well too – and it does have a dated processor in here so unfortunately due to intel's shortage on 14 nanometer chips and then the stock that they do have the crazy pricing, apparently it's almost doubled with some of their chips.

We have the six generation khorium three to six wife, thirty, so maximum to about 2.2, its dual core four threads paired up with eight gigabytes of ram and the storage starts from 128 right up to one terabyte. It is a Windows, 10 laptop and I'm, currently running Windows, so I mean what am I saying: windows 4, but Linux? Okay, this is Linux. Mint Linux runs fine. I wanted to get that out of the way at the start of this video, no problems with it. So the error book is fifteen point five millimeters thin, which is not bad now that's without the rubber feed with them it's about 17 millimeters then – and this is the total – carry weight so with the charger which is very small, 12 volts, 2 amps it's, 1.4 2 Kilos and taking that away you can see, it is only one point: two, six kilos now taking a look at the lid. We have a Chui logo here, just nice and small in gray, which kind of makes it a little bit difficult to see at certain angles which to me is perfectly fine and even better, because if you have a look at the lab book SC it has the Chui logo right here and the backlight will mean it actually shines through and it stands out a lot more. I didn't particularly like that. I know a lot of others didn't as well. So to me, this just gives it a more of a professional look.

Keeping things simplistic and overall good, so you press down here no flex on that, so I don't see the screen pressing up against the keyboard and damaging it. Even if you were to put this in a backpack with a lot of textbooks and things it's not going to be a problem with this laptop, the bottom is made out of alloy, as you can see, it's screwed in and it does feel solid there's. No, given that the build quality overall is good for solid rubber feet, so it's not going to slip around and these little two holes here, you can see one either side microphones, just like the lab book is see and they actually do sound fine. I will give you a sample of those mics and the webcam in the full review. Now, if you have ordered the 128 gigabyte version, or you want to upgrade, this storage is very easy, so it's just two screws and this panel, this comes right off giving access. Then, to that 22 by 80, sized SSD bay left hand side of this laptop, a full USB 3 port. It will power external hard drives DC and for charging status LED and then a mini HDMI. It so it's. Only 4k 30 Hertz it's, not 4k 60 Hertz HDMI to speak, sadly, which is disappointing. I mean it is 2019, but that's, a limitation of course, of the chipset. Now, if you happen to be getting one of these just recently, this is the first model.

So the newer ones now, because they met one of the goals and IndieGoGo with the crowdfunding. You will find then a type C port next to this, so that will be Type C, full types B, USB 3.1. So we can have power data and display out with it on the right. We have a USB 3 port again this one again, just like the other wall power external hard drives up to 4 terabytes tested 3.5 milimeter out with mic support, then a micro SD card slot. Now this SD card slot is wired up with USB 2, so it's, just a real tech reader. The typical we see so the speeds are gon na max out approximately 23 to 24 megabytes per second now. This keyboard we have here is a plastic keyboard backlit with two different levels, it's great to type on. I have noticed, however, for some reason this seems to be a little bit more flex in the middle than the. Let bug s es s by no means a deal breaker under your standard, normal typing pressure, you're not going to have any problems with that, but I just wanted to point it out. You can see the two different levels now, so that is now off on the first level and then the brightest there, so it will come at the cost of a tiny little bit of your battery. You get your typical shortcuts there. There are three status LEDs at the top, so one for power, one caps lock and the other is when you disable the touchpad.

So that is function and then escape. You can see touchpad now, disabled, but with the drivers. You can also set that when you plug in a mouse that it will automatically disable the touchpad, the palm rejection also seems to be fine I'm, not having any problems with it now compared to the layout book SC, they did make a change to the power button. So not only did they place, this read all around the outside, so you can distinguish it from the rest of the buttons. It also has a very short travel to it and a resistance so pressing the Delete key here, that's nice and easy with about 1.5 millimeters of travel pressing this button, you can feel a big difference in it, and the travel is only about 0.5 millimeters. Now the touch pad here seems to be exactly the same as the lap book ESI's. It is not glass, it has a smooth finish to it, texture, it does run off windows, precision, drivers and I have expertly no problems with it left and right hardware buttons within there too, no pressing down here. You can see there's there's a little bit of flex. So the palm rest here that is made out of plastic at the bottom metal it's, a mostly middle, build it's, just the keyboard and the palm rest. Now there is a webcam up top it's in the bezel it's 720p and the quality seems to be reasonable. So far, but I will give you a sample in my full review in about a week's time and some more good use here.

The chui have not limited us in the BIOS it's completely unlocked. So you can get yourself in trouble here, but we can increase the power limits. You can tweak it this an even an overclocking menu but that's. Not really that handy because you can't it's, not a Kay processor, can overclock it, but at least we can, from the BIOS level under volt the CPU, to help boost the performance, our temperatures and then increase that Parliament. Of course so chewy has on here a 1080p IPS panel. It has a maximum output of 318 nets, which is fine, it's, decent it's, a bright screen. Now it is, of course, reflective Ben glass fully laminated. There is good for your blacks for your contrast, but it's not super practical and light le let's environments. You will get a lot of reflection. I wish it was met and, like I always say, if it is glass then give it touch. Support often find myself tapping the screen but I'm happy with the colors. Now I'll get my spider 5 Pro out and I will check and give you an update on that and the full review the kind of color gamut, the coverage we are going to get from the screen, but it does look actually very nice it's, not a bad Panel now there is some light leakage down here and I don't know whether I caused some damage to this, because I found that I'd actually had it on in my backpack, and it got very, very hot because it been powered on a the screen set 100 and Might have possibly caused that myself, but it does look like around the edges.

You might see some light leakage and it doesn't tend to have too much bleed it's only visible on very dark backgrounds or when you're looking at a completely black image. Other than that I mean you're not going to see it when I minimize a desktop here, you cannot see it all so overall. For me, this screen gets a pass a thumbs up now. This is where things are: an improvement over the terminal lakes. So the typical seller on the in 4100 that I review a lot of you'll get a score about 18000 single core. So here we have no 2570 much quicker, so you notice that it does feel quite a bit snappier and in around Windows I'm, not noticing any problems whatsoever with the performance. It seems fine for light tasks so far, of course, any more time with it now, the multi core score here is slower than the in 4100 that's a quad core, even though this has the four threads that one problems a little bit better. You typically see scores of about 5300 and here, of course we're about, I would say, approximately 500 points slower there. When you take a look at the GPU side of things, OpenCL score. This is slower a game, then a sell rom, so the sale on n 4100 will typically get about 13000 points, if not a bit higher than that and here we're seeing about 12. But we have to bear in mind that this is being limited to only a 4.

5 TDP, what TDP, so the power limit is quite low. The term no lake has a six watt power limit, so it's a little bit higher and if I do use Intel X to you, which I will show you in the full review, I will tweak that a little bit and we can really get much better performance, Especially from the GPU, once you give it more power, so you don't restrict it with the power limits it will perform a much better there see here is now the internal storage so that one terabyte drive four SATA three spec. This is perfectly fine. Now there's another area with the CPU, because it doesn't have the native decoding and the GPU so cannot decode HEV C vp9 natively. It has to be via software, so I've used something like VLC player. You'Ll get better performance here, but I just wanted to demonstrate what happens if we run a 60 mega bit per second HEV C 10 bit file you'll, see that it will play it, but it will be rather slow. Now this is playing off the SD card, but it shouldn't matter here you can see it's fine, it's a 4k clip, but look how it slows down there's, quite a bit of study here now. This does not happen on the Gemini Lake and, if you're, using the seventh gen Core M 3s and 8th gen it'll be super smooth there as well, so that's. Why it's disappointing they had to use the older sixth generation chip here, since I have had some time on using this laptop I've also been testing the audio in the last week, since I got it in China and I'm happy with it.

3.5 millimeter audio output is clean, it is clear, could be louder, but apart from that it's not that static. None of that has that we will often gear so they've improved the sound there, and even the speakers as well do have a better quality to them, but they are lacking in loudness. I will give you a sample of them now. The charge time is looking like two and a half hours approximately, so the same as the lap booked SC. It does have a 30 watt hour battery and it's a little too early to tell you right now battery figures. I need at least a week fully cycle. The battery, perhaps about three or four times and then up to add to your now, but I can't, give you an approximate it's about five and a half hours to six web use with the screen set relatively low about 30 percent web use on the wireless. The whole time so there we go, I think overall, for what it is their performance from their core m3. The seven way 30 is going to be good for light tasks, but it's a shame that it doesn't natively decode, some of those more modern codecs, like the a TVC vp9 you're gon na, have to use software for that. So the RC player things that will decode it fine but it's, just not as efficient, will use more battery power on there. So the keyboards great touch modes great, not really changed much at all from the let book SC the keyboard has a tiny little bit more flicks in the middle.

For some reason, it seems to me at least my unity here – to have a little bit more, but under your standard typing pressures, you're not going to have any problems with bounce and flex, they're very easy to add more storage. If you needed to do that, I like the fact that it doesn't have the back lit backlight chewie, glowing logo there, which I found to be a little bit off. Putting it just didn't look great, does it it didn't, give it a more quality, look to it, but now without of course, that big glowing chewy logo, it looks much better. The darker grade I have used. The screen goes back that far so for most people, that's going to be fine, it's, not gon na lie a hundred and eighty degrees flat completely. The USB 3 ports on here do pal external hard drives no problems. There 3.5 millimeter headphone out as clean there's, no anointing static interference, hiss, none of that no popping noises as well, good or good there. In that regard, now you gon na have type C on this for most people that we're buying this, it will have the type C port if you bought that, depending on when you, when you fund it and back that on indiegogo, so that will be power. You better use external pari battery packs to get around that five and a half to about five to six hour battery limit on this, which to me, is the biggest con.

So far. I will have exact battery figures when I just get myself five or six hours to sit down and use the surf, the internet chrome using the whole time typical standard normal years. Then I can gauge just how well that is charge times. Okay, two hours and thirty minutes or so and really the build have finished. The look of it is good. The screen will that's five. Sorry, almost four hundred Nets of brightness is great, but I will get that measured and give an update on its srgb percent. The coverage want to get an Adobe RGB as well. I don't expect it to particularly high, but hopefully I'm going to be in for a pleasant surprise there with that. So we'll be back with the full review, which will test a little bit of gaming. A lot more on the performance to not just geek bench but actually show you what you can do with it and perhaps tweaking the power limit as well on the bias and under vaulting to get the absolute maximum out of the Aero book here. Thank you.