So this started out as an IndieGoGo crowd, funded coin 3, so it's completely fanless laptop. It has 8 gigabytes of RAM and the storage varies from 128 gigabytes right up to 1 terabyte. Now my unit is a pre release unit. I was in China and surely did give this to me so a little disclaimer here, but this review is completely my own. Like all of my videos, all of my reviews, so, on the left hand, side we've got dcn. We have a USB 3 port that powers external hard drives and we also do have a type C port that will be here, but I cannot show you it because my unit does not have it being a pre release model. That is why it's not there. So all the ones that you'll buy now and all the ones that are shipping out to the IndieGoGo backers will have type C, so it'll be data charging and video up to 4k 30 Hertz. There is mini HDMI out. This is 4k, 30 hits as well. So not the HDMI 2.0 spec that we get, of course with the Gemini Lake, so the level SC has HDMI too. You can run 4k 60 Hertz a lot smoother than your desktop. Now the build quality of this machine and the look of it. I really do like so. The build is excellent and I, like the fact, they've gone with this darker gray. To me, it just looks more professional more premium to because of that, so the lid at the top, this doesn't have a backlit chewie logo.

As I pointed on the unboxing, by the way, if you want to see a little bit more about the design, then do check the unboxing video. We do have a chulo go at the very top here, that's it so it's, very minimalistic. They look to it. Unlike the fact that we don't have big glowing logos or even a logo down here on the bottom bezel of the display, so does a 1080p display IPS fully laminated maximum brightness is 380 Lux, which is very good, and I will cover in this video later on. The car light gamut that we can expect on this, so the coverage, the Adobe and the srgb person that you're going to get on this and it actually turns out to be quite good for this type of laptop. So we have a large touchpad and it is Windows position, driver, controlled and I've had no issues using it worth the about two weeks now, I've had this particular laptop Palmer's as plastic. So down here, when I touch this yeah, it has a little bit of a list of premium feel because it is the plastic. I don't mind the fact that they've gone with plastic they're trying to keep the weight down which, by the way, is about one point. Two seven kilos it's around about 200 grams, lighter than the lab book, is even though this is a tiny bit bigger, so they've done well with the weight of this.

I think the weight is really quite good. Now the keyboard again, as I pointed out with the unboxing, it is a nice keyboard to type on it – has two levels of bec lighting on it, so it's backlit and when you press down in the middle, you tend to have a little bit more list on My pre release unit here a little bit more flex than the let book SC, but is it an issue? Is that a problem? Definitely not under your normal typing pressure, it's not going to cause any bounce and you won't have any flex. Unless you absolutely hammer away at your keyboard, then I don't think you're going to. I notice that at all so we do have the slim bezels on the side and it does have this like a metal or plastic are plastic clip around and then the lid of course is made out of alloy. Now this hinge is stiff. It feels good and for you, people that want to. I don't know why this is even a thing, but one handed openers know you can't really open the lid up. Just one handed, I don't know why people always keep asking me that for some reason so there's a webcam up the top here, it's 720p and here is a sample of it. I think the audio quality is okay, it's, not amazing, but for a laptop I feel it's fine. I feel it's fine there, but the camera quality yeah, not brilliant 720p, but it doesn't seem that sharp quite blurry too.

So you can see from that that yeah it's nothing amazing, unfortunately – and I kind of expected that so we do have speakers down in this little lip right here between the hinge and display a lot like the netbook se, but they've actually improved the speakers on this Particular model which I feel they just got a little bit more bass to them a little bit more mids there. They don't seem any louder, though, than the LAT book SC been here as a sample and then finally, on the right hand, side four ports, another USB 3 port. It will power external hard drives up to 4. Terabytes tested no worries there with that and we have a 3.5 mm headphone jack now this supports microphones and it does have good quality, so it doesn't have any static or no hiss over it and then a micro SD card reader. Sadly, it is not a fast high speed micro SD card reader, you're limited to about 24 23 megabytes per second reads and writes through that, which is a little bit of a shame. So, lastly, with the design before we get into the actual performance of this laptop, the back of it, okay on the bottom, we have an upgradable, is his DS so, depending on what, when you've got, of course, you're gon na have hundred 28, or maybe even one Terabyte in here my unit came with one terabyte. You expect about 500 to 450, 500, writes, reads and writes there, so the speeds are okay and it's very easy to replace that for solid feet, and no, there are no fans, there's, no vents on it at all, because it is passively cooled and just to mention The cooling – it is very good, so there's, no sir, more copper, heatsink mods required.

In fact I didn't even open it, because there's no need for me to do that. It doesn't get hot enough, and this is even with some under vaulting and increased power moments that I will show you now that we'll take a look or some screen capturing the performance and just what you can expect from the Aero book. So I wanted to just point it out first, that I've done and covered some of this already in the unboxing video too. So just quickly go over it. So we have intel's dual band wireless AC, so you said we'll work on the 5 gigahertz band and maximum speeds. Okay, i have done a benchmark here, i'm, getting out of the wireless connection from the studio inside where I am that's about three or four rooms away from the router. These are the speeds I'm getting so out of, for example, the Intel wireless AC 90 to 60 that's in my mini PC I'm able to push the full speed that's a gigabit card, so this one's not the fastest wireless card, as you can see here now. Out of FTP router transfer, I was getting about 350 360 piglets per second, so it's, not definitely not the fastest car that's got in here, but a lot better than, of course, what we used to have, which was always the wireless in chipsets, were stuck with that And here's our chipset, so it is dated now, of course, the court m3.

These six, why thirty it's, not the first for corium trees? If you remember they were the the 5y10, I think it was and they're even weaker, so it doesn't have a high turbo. The maximum turbo is 2.2 gigahertz, the CPU, but for basic computing as you'll see that I'm gon na demonstrate in this review, it's. Actually, okay, it's fine for what it is, but I really wish they went with the new one, which is the 8100. Why the core? M3, which is a lot faster, so single core performance I'm, not going to go crazy on benchmarks here, I'm, just going to show you just get bent for okay because it's a data chipset. It is quite weak, so we're getting about two and a half thousand single core score. Now this is faster than the Sauron in 4100 that's, the Gemini Lake, that is in the lap book SC, for example, and the lat Book Pro so single core, which i think is more important, probably here than most of things, you're doing with this type of laptops Or light tasks is important, so it's up about 700 points here, however, the multi core score down about 600 700 points compared to the quad core, so this only has 2 cores 4 threads this one, and if we take a look now at the CPU performance here, We can get quite a boost because I've actually under vaulted and increase the power limit, so it lets at turbo higher the integrated Intel, 515 GPU so originally stock.

This is about 13000, the score and now almost 20. So what I did is using Intel's XTU. You have to download an older version. I have under vaulted, so I'm. Just gon na show you this now so I've managed to get on the core. Now results will vary from chipset to chipset. Ok, you can actually increase the power limit, really high. It doesn't matter. You'Re not going to run into any thermal throttling or problems, because the copper they've got on this is sufficient enough. So under vault on the core of 0.08 and then on the graphics. I can even under volt this to 0.0 five, and this will give us really maximum performance. The only real shame is the fact that it can't go over 2.2 gigahertz, so it's not exactly a very fast chipset. So those those schools are okay, considering what it is right there. So that is the end of benchmarks that I will show you. I wanted to show you some now. Some real world use, so I've got a couple of demo files here and I did show this in the unboxing, the jellyfish one. So this is a 4k file at 16 bits per second 10 bit and you'll, see now that the GPU does struggle a bit to decode this okay that's, just stupid windows, trying to get me to pay for that codec. But if I open this now with the media player classic it's going to work okay, so you can see it starts up.

Few stutters, not great performance. You can see it's continually stuttering. Now, if I was to run this on the court m37 Y 30 or the 8100 Y it'll be super smooth, because it's hardware decoding this is, is only really just software, so the performance is not very good. It'S taxing the CPU. If I bring up the task manager in hell and I'll just quickly show that our CPU will probably be maxed out running this and yeah, you can see right there that it is it's really stressing it. So that is the weakness here of having this old chip. Read with the video format, however, if it's a little bit lower than that rate, for example this one here, which is 48 bits per second, a clip of my own – that I took on my Galaxy Note 2, for I think it was back in 2014 or in This one and we'll see that look at that it's actually performing perfectly fine it's smooth. I can skip ahead and no problems with that one, so it really depends on the codec, because that is not a TVC okay. This one that we've recorded on the Galaxy Note. 4, as mentioned, is H: dot 264, so it's, an older coding, and it handles that one at least fine without any problems. Now this is where this notebook was good. So for like task editing like Docs, this is, for example, there doc file. I have open here, which is a rather large one, quite a few pages it's going to edit it just fine, and you can see there's no lag now typing in text.

So if I just type in here tick tablets, you can see that that's not gon na lag and no problems with that whoops. Some very poor typing from me here, a one handed okay and the same goes for Excel spreadsheets. So here I have a spreadsheet open. Good performance for that, so all your office tasks like tasks Doc's internet, is what this real laptop is aimed at you're, not going to be playing a battlefield 5 or anything like that. You can do some light gaming, which I will show you shortly. I just wanted to point out a couple of things things here too, with the screen, so it turned out to be a lot better than I expected now. Normally, these kind of laptops you're not going to get in srgb of 96 coverage with the displays gamut, the color gamut. So this is good. Ntsc turned out to be a 71 again very good and in the Adobe RGB them the most important one. Really for me, that is to 74, not bad. You get a lot of laptops that are double triple the price of this one and they'll only be coming out around 60. 61. 64. So I mean it's, not a hundred percent coverage. Of course it's not ninety, but I feel it's, ok, considering the type of laptop that this one is and now to test out 4k streaming in YouTube. So this is where it's going to struggle in chrome, ok at something to do with the codec, the Chrome's, using as well for their video processing here, so just go over now to 4k demo finds just the first one will do now.

Reason I'm, not editing this. As I want you to see the actual performance I'm not going to go straight, jumping cuts to where it's working, fine, so it's already own. The 4k preset here, I've got that muted and we'll just go full screen, and I will enable the stats. Of course, the stats – and you can see 27 frames – have already dropped it's playing now and there we go. It will continue to drop frames the whole time now, if you use edge, you won't have this problem. Okay, so you stream 4k YouTube in itch a lot better. Now the video out on here it's 4k, but it's only 30 Hertz max, not the 60 okay, because you need of course DMI to for that which this does not have their hardware it's not supported anyway. With the chipset, so that performance is disappointing, I mean, if that's the new aquarium that would run completely fine, no problems so I'm going to go into Google now and we'll. Do the chrome tab. Opening test that I like to do is another way to gauge performance, to see how it runs for those that you'd like to open up lots of tabs so I'm, just gon na search dogs, okay and just bring up whatever is here so actually know. I want to keep that inside the same browser you said: I've been up a lot of tabs and we'll see how performs so far so good.

It doesn't seem to be lagging out too much and see those are loading in okay. So the the Wikipedia, of course, that's gon na load and really fast and the other tabs here scrolling speeds still good. So that is good to see so this, as I mentioned this laptops ideal for so there's like on a task. Ok, Netflix dogs that have enough as well. These ones here have loaded so overall that performance witching between those tabs, as you can see, is very quick. So this is good so for this is where the single core performance, as you saw a geek bench for means that it does perform faster and feels definitely faster than the seller on the in 4100 that's in the let Book Pro and the lap book ESC. This is a lot better there, okay and then on to a better life, just to mention that that my first battery cycle a little bit disappointing. So this is mixed, use 30 percent brightness. Now the screen, then, is at about 118 nets. I think it was the brightness, so it's, not full brightness if you're on full brightness then expect much lower than this, of course only at 30. So I got close to this time about five hours before it powered off. I didn't even have time to take a screenshot of it then, and then the second test. I did so sorry, the third third battery cycle, six hours and twelve minutes.

So this is light to us again. This was editing sites writing articles in WordPress, so some chrome use some YouTube, but no gaming. If you game then you're gon na burn through that battery. In about three hours I would say so disappointing battery life all up. It should be over seven hours for me, but I've always found the quarians to be quite poor at that they're, just not good a better life. For some reason, and if I take a look now at my remaining battery so I'm, just charging at the moment so full tote charge time it's now two hours but you're. Looking at about two hours and forty minutes to fully charge this laptop, which is about the same as the lat book SC charge time there all right. So if you know my channel, you know that my gameplay is absolutely terrible, but that's beside the point here. It'S, just a look at the performance, so we're hovering around 30 frames per second. This is 720p on the lowest settings, so unless we're getting a playable framerate and it should stay above the 30, although it just dipped down then, but this is slightly better than the Gemini Lake, which is good oops and I will be dead. Yeah. Okay on to League of Legends and I'll show you the settings so it's on the low setting. That is where I would keep it for this hardware, because it is a little bit dated this architecture, so we're getting most of the time over sixty frames per second and that's.

What we want, of course, so very playable, so any games that are old or liked engine titles, for example, counter strike and leisure League League of Legends that I just showed you it's gon na run fine on this hardware. But if you want to play a triple a title, no that's, not gon na work, it's gon na be completely choppy, might not even load so people asking about fortnight games like that. I wouldn't even bother don't even try it not on this hardware and then to point out the thermals, so it's only been running for nine minutes. Sadly, I closed it. It was going for 89 hours and I had counter strike crash on me and I had to do a reset lost those stats, but the heist had got up to with the gaming gaming four hours. I got the 75 degrees, it gets warm on the bottom. Now. Remember this 75 degrees is, with my power limit, set way above the stock, so it's using up all the power at once. If you're, not gaming, you will not see the temperatures go over what it is now about 65 degrees max. So the thermals are actually very good on this machine. No copper, heatsink mod required, okay, so overall I'll just do a very quick recap on here. We have a very good keyboard that is back load. We have a very nice design to it. I love the dark gray. Look now they've got the.

Hopefully they keep with this because it just looks more pre. You touchpad is good speakers slightly better than the let book is seen. There are amazing, high quality speakers, but they are getting better. They just could do with perhaps a little bit more volume to them so on the retail version, the final version, of course you can have type C, which is great, so you can have type C charging data and video out the real kind of con of this Particular laptop, of course, is so obvious to everyone really is the 6 y 30, so the corium 6 by 30 is a dated chipset now and it has a very low maximum turbo, especially for 2019 standard. So 2.2 gigahertz is really limiting it. There ok thermal wise, very good thermals as well. The screen is, I think, a very good screen. I would love to have a matte screen, but it can be sold by just applying one of those anti glare matte screen protectors over the top and as long as you don't get any air bubbles underneath that they tend to actually work out. Alright, I have done it before in the past and then of course, the battery life battery life 5 hours 6 hours – that is mixed use, office, use, Chrome, some YouTube and when you're of course, going to be doing even more demanding work than that. So if you're gon na be gaming, that's gon na be way less it's gon na be about maybe 4 hours.

Now I think you might be able to stretch it to about 7 hours max but you're, giving up on about two hours versus the Gemini Lake version. Well, the gym – and I like netbook SC, which is one of my favorite laptops from chewy I'm, able to get eight eight and a half, and even sometimes almost nine hours of run time, whereas this is falling quite short. Yes, their performance is better than the Gemini Lake single core and you do notice that Windows feels faster opening up, tabs and chrome and doing various things, but we don't have the native hardware decoding of vp9 or a TVC codec file. So if you're, looking at a lot of videos like that it taxes the CPU a lot, it runs a little bit. Slow you've got VLC player which will help, but overall chewy, please. I know you're, probably gon na, be watching this video give us a call. M3. 8100 Y version please work towards doing that, giving us a much better chipset in this laptop and if you can a slightly larger battery to to improve the better. But overall it is a very nice machine so for the IndieGoGo backers that are finally taking delivery of this laptop, I think most people are going to be very happy with it and performance wise for, of course, you're like computing it's perfectly fine. We just need a more up to date, chipset in this. Thank you so much for watching this review and if you want a similar laptop that is cheaper.

That has been a better life, not quite as faster than that as the let book se right up here.