You should definitely be aware of this one and I'll cover that at the end of this video, but first let's have a little quick look at our design here, so it only weighs 1.25 kilos, which is a very good way. We'Ve got a 13.3 inch screen in this one, which is IPS Adobe color gamut coverage is about 74 and I'll. Show you a little bit more on that as well as well as NTSC and srgb values. To for this particular screen and Kevin glass means it's, very reflective, it picks up. A lot of reflections now would have been nicer if it was a matte screen here, but then we wouldn't of course get that kind of color gamut. We'Ve got with this one. So it's only about 15 millimeters, the thickness, which is very good and is user, upgradeable storage on the underside of it. So it comes pre installed with Windows, 10 home and you do get a set of three Drive in this one. So it's not nvme, not that we would need it with a core m3 8100. Why that this has 8 gigabytes of RAM, which has low power, ddr3 spec it's running at 1600, megahertz and there's. Only single channel configuration, unfortunately with this, which i think is a bit of an eric, should have been dual channel in that way, we get a little bit more in terms of performance and you'll see later on the performance. This thing is definitely no monster.

It'S, really. Just designed for like computing tasks like that and i wouldn't be editing, videos or gaming or anything intensive on a laptop like this one here to point out now it does have a 2 megapixel front facing webcam of average quality speakers of also not particularly good there's. A sample of that in my unboxing video, where do actually cover the design in a bit more detail now the keyboard that is on this one here, it's backlit, so you can turn it on it. Doesn'T come on automatically to different stages, and this is actually quite a nice keyboard to type on. I do like it like the original model. No issues with this bass bar the touchpad is large and it is nice to use, but I've noticed well fine, a little fiddly kind of movements, if you're, for example, in Photoshop or you're in paint, and you want to select something. It can be a little bit irritating with the finer, tiny little movements. I have noticed there and the palm rest well. This is plastic, probably to stop any feedback or it issues getting like little zaps off it when it's plugged in and charging so the charge. Time is about three hours on this one. So what else does it have well port wise, look, 2 USB 3 ports which will power external hard drives hdmi 1.4, a spec, and it does have DC charging, of course, but also power delivery. Charging from the time c.

Port and it does support hdmi sorry, 4k, 60 Hertz with this one as well, which is good. At least we can run a 4k TV or monitor at the full 60 Hertz that most of them are supporting there's, also, a micro SD card slot, but it's only wired up via a USB 2 hub. So speeds are limited reads and writes to around 23 24. There so let's have a look now at the performance or run some benchmarks and to some real world test as well and even a little bit of gaming and then my thoughts on the end about the arrow Book. Pro 13 points range model from chewy. So when I take a look at the performance like sometimes with this lower intake that I review, we do get a bit of stutter with our Start menu. So I've got all my files installed and all sorts of bits and pieces, and I just notice that now and then windows can feel a little slow and and laggy just wouldn't. You bring things up. It just won't deliver that kind of performance that you would expect, and this is reflected in our benchmarks here as well, so this is Geekbench 5, very low score, really single core score for just a dual core chip: ok, with the default 5 Watts it's the power Limit level 1 it's 5 watts only severely restricts its performance, and you do feel it in Windows and I'll. Show you a little trick to how to get around this and boost the performance for nothing and it's.

Quite a good thing to do, and here is Geekbench 4 as well, so that's, nothing impressive, it's, only a 4 cores as well with this one. Sorry threads for 3, it's, 2 cores 4 threads. But look at the score. How have I done this? How have I managed to boost that performance so it's a little trick that most people would know with Intel chips that you can? There are still ways: there's a workaround. You have to look on the internet. No! I won't go into this in this video but there's a workaround to actually be able to get Intel's extreme tuning utility to install which I have – and I do recommend. Oh this, okay, because it's very easy to do just try a undervolt on the cpu here. So all I've done is the core voltage offset just lower this down: okay, 2.0 75 volts that's it and I recommend then using a power boost max let's, say: 10 watts. This is basically doubling it from the default 5 that it has. That is how I got that score there, so a big improvement, and it just feels a lot better Windows running that, because out of the box, with that 5 watts severely restricting as performance, it feels quite sluggy and not particularly good. Now again, I wanted to show you these values here with our screen, so it has basically the same panel that we had with the error book the first model and I'm, just getting so much pulse width modulation on camera.

I don't see it in person here so Adobe RGB is 74 is very good that's. Actually a really nice screen. It is fully laminated. I would glass over the front of it: it's, not Gorilla Glass. I believe it's only soda lime glass to be very careful not to scratch it. It does have a lot of problems with the reflections too, as well et. Cie 71 soon is RGB 96, so you're quite a good panel. Now the calibration out of the box. What this screen was super bad, really, ok, it was quite a greenish tint to it and not particularly good. So if you can somehow calibrate the screen, if you know someone who does have a tool to calibrate, then I do recommend that now I did roam a typical other little tests and things like to run here, but I wanted to point out just a few things At HDMI the mini HDMI put on this one is only HDMI, 1.4 specs, so of course that's. All I could get. You can only get 30 Hertz and connecting that up to a 4k TV, it was just a leggy mess at 30 Hertz. I don't, like it. It'Ll give me a headache actually, but the type C port does save us here, so he can run 4k 60. Now it took a few adaptors for me to actually get the 60 P. I'Ve got one cable that is straight HDMI to here to type C and that's, the one that worked for me, which is good; okay, that's it's nice having this option, and you can use, of course, power delivery to charge the laptop which is going to take about Two to two and a half to three hours same with normal charging, so it's, not particularly quick at charging.

Geekbench. Sorry, Cinebench, r15, here very low end: okay, 144 CB. So this is not a powerhouse. This kind of laptop has just recommended for your low end computing. So documents and things that I'll be showing you later on. All I recommend do not really try to edit videos, it's painfully slow, it's, just going to really frustrate you so battery life. Now this is a best case scenario. I did run it with the screen. Brightness right on the lowest setting, okay and I didn't – use the backlight keyboard. Often so I managed to get six thousand twenty six minutes, which is, I think, it's a record for a coin three laptop. But if you set the brightness to about forty percent you're gon na get about five hours, four and a half hours, so the battery life is disappointing. It is bad and I'm just showing you the absolute best that you can get out of it, and I was streaming with youtube here as well, and I was also using Amazon Prime video, so that's, probably why I managed to get such a good, better. I'Ve run time here and that's, why I say that it's really only about five hours, that you're kind of normal use would be out of this particular machine here, and what about our thermals so with the restrictive five watt power limit level, one that it ships with This is what you're gon na have. Okay thermals are actually pretty good, now, the underside of it.

If you'd intended use this laptop on your lap, it does get quite warm, but only when you're really pushing it hard. I'Ll notice that it will get to temperatures of about 40 41 42 three degrees, and that means it's getting a little uncomfortable on the underside. To have it resting on your lap, that is right there, so I'm running everything the stock now no more under volts, and I wanted to demonstrate the performance that you can expect out of this we're just with general kind of task. So, first up I'm, just in chrome here, of course, and I'm gon na search dogs that I haven't searched before here. I'M gon na see how this performs opening up different tabs and you notice it doesn't. Take too long for this particular tips here at that. Rather, limiting power limit that it has see it that it will start to bog down and the performances it really is quite and lackluster at time. You can see that again, it's still loading in that's, that's kind of normal, alright and anything more than about whatever turned up now. So if I start pushing it with more tabs, then it's gon na get a little bit slower because it's only a dual call with those four threads there we go. You can see slowing down a little now and not really super quick and that's about it. I wouldn't be pushing if you want to run like 20 tabs we've got the RAM for it, probably with the eight gigabytes.

Now you can stream 4k video. This is YouTube and it's a little bit stuttery. You can see when you take a look at our stats right here, that it's dropping a few frames, so drop 26 it's not entirely perfect, so it's only being shown here at well I've got it set actually to 4k, as you can see now, it's a bit Smoother it's, just initially at the beginning, it was dropping those frames and now it's running into problems, because actually my ISP limits YouTube streaming to like five megabits per second, so that's not helpful all to show that so I'll get out of this, and I just wanted To show you what it's like at playback of various different video files here, so one of the demanding ones that I like to test out as the swordsmith demo, there's 60 frames per second 4k, and you see it's not running at 60 frames per second entirely. It'S. A little bit stuttery at times, although it's not looking too bad here but it's, just not quite perfect. Now we go over to another demanding file. This is that jellyfish test 140 megabits per second 10 bit ATV, see it's a little slow at the beginning, see how it does all this kind of stuff, but it should eventually smooth out there. We go and okay the occasion little starter, so it's still not quite perfect either here and with these demanding video files. So anything that's, not so demanding so you're.

Looking at say a 4k clip that you recorded from your mobile phone, which is this one right here. 48 meters per second, this will be smooth. This is fine. You can see not a problem and when I skip ahead with that one, so video playback, it really just depends on the file. Wouldn'T push huge demanding files to this particular one for playback, because it's going to be choppy so gaming performance with counter strike here 720p on a low setting is terrible. You can see very stuttery. This is a full server, so it is struggling this dual core. Of course, the restriction from power limiting all the time that it can't really go over much over five once here means that we've got a frame rate that is about 22 frames per second, was so average, and it makes it very difficult to play, of course, with That kind of framerate a lighter titles should be a little bit more playable just got ta lower the settings, a completely lagged out then so I am dead. So what we'll do now is. I was increase that power limit and I'll under vote a little bit to see if it's gon na make a big difference or not. So now, with that power limit increased and an under vault, we see we're getting a much better framerate here, 40 frames per second. This is now it's getting a bit better. I mean. Ideally, I want to have 60 the whole time.

So if I knock the resolution down to even lower like 800 x 600, then I think it's getting more towards what you could call play ball. So there's, probably one right here – is gon na kill me no, not yet. Oh there we go. Okay. Is this to show you, though, the under voting and that power limit can definitely boost our performance a little bit here, but this is not really a system at all for gaming, okay guys. So this is really quite an average laptop here, it's kind of a bit hard for me to recommend because it is going to be selling for 449 US dollars. The early bird price for the 8 gigabyte to 256 gigabytes of storage. Look at your local market out. There just have a look around because you can probably get some brand stuff, that's Godse, a tenth or an eighth generation, Intel chip and there's. So much fast like a core i3 or qui 5. That will perform a lot better. It won't be passively called give you much better performance. Ok, you might not actually have a screen as good as this one that's the thing some of those other models that will be a much better SPECT in terms of power, but you could have a very poor screen and them selling they're still shipping. I think we're, like TN panels, yeah when poor viewing angles. It is not good, so the IPS panel on this one is one of the positives.

It has a very good keyboard as touchpad is okay and then the webcam, the loudspeaker, the weaknesses here. It does have the power delivery of the type C port with the 4k 60 Hertz. That is all good okay, but I have seen – and thank you so much guys for everyone – that's posted their comments, their feedback on the first unboxing video of this one. By the way to check it out that they're having issues with the original model, so people have bad batteries so after say fifty or a hundred cycles, it's recharged discharged recharged and noticing they're getting terrible, better life. Okay, so it looks like chewy I'm, not using quality. Very cells and the long run in the units now me as a reviewer I'm using these models for maybe a month. I had the previous model for about six months or so, and I didn't have any real issues with it. I noticed that maybe did actually lose a little bit of battery life coin. Threes, don't have wonderful, better life anyway and then hinge issues. I didn't really have any problems, but it did comment that it did loosen up a little bit now. Some people said that, after using one of these laptops and traveling around with it and a normal kind of laptop use may be daily, you is putting it in your bag. After six months, they had problems with the hinge becoming a little bit loose. They noticed some people had cracks, or just cracked too easy, it's very easy to damage it's.

Quite a soft alloy that I have on this as well. So these are all things to factor in bear in mind. With that price it's a little hard to recommend, then knowing that, if the track record on the previous model wasn't that great, what are we going to have a bill quadding this one? Now I express this with chewy my contact, who mailed me this loan unit here to review. They did say that although they've improved the quality but have they're really I mean they're aware of the problems and then some people said they had problems with chewy support as well. So these are things to all factor in so I hope you did enjoy this review.