6 inch 4k model, but they decided to call it the Aero book plus. So like the original Arabic model, this has a 13.3 inch screen, it's 1080p IPS covered with glass. I believe it's exact same panel. They used in that first model, which is not a bad thing, because that's actually an OK screen, backlit keyboard, mostly metal, build to it and it does come with Windows, 10 home eight gigabytes of RAM, and the big change, of course, is the CPU, which should have Been in the original model – and that is the core m3 8100 Y, with a maximum turret of three point: four gigahertz and 43, so the performance on this for your general light computing should actually be pretty good. So this video I'm gon na take a look initially at just what we get in the Box: the design, the build quick peek at the screen, the keyboard and first impressions before my full and final review, which I will follow up probably a week or two later. After chicken this out in depth so to ease typical Brown box, as always mentioned, no frills packaging, but it does do the job here. So when I go and just pull this out, they were first got right here, a box that contains our accessory. So this is where you will find the charger which is 12 volts, 2 amps with this one get this out and I should have an EU plug. So there we go EU plug and here is our charger.

So this one is yes: 12 volts, 2 amps. You should be able to see there now I'm in well packaged up in this sleeve we've got our laptop, so that's, the padding there that gray that's all around it, which is good to see first to run you through the design of it. So this is just 15 millimeters, thick it's about 15.5 or so chewy logo. Here on the top of it. This is all made out of an alloys, are pressing down here at hard, very little flex there and just open this up. To give you a glimpse of that key ball, now I'm gon na try and open it with just one hand, and it looks like it's just going to work so there's our backlit keyboard. So, by default, when you first power it on it, doesn't come on at all, so you need to tap f5 that's, the first level of backlight keyboard that we have backlighting and that's the second ear so it's quite evenly distributed. Maybe some areas here a little bit patchy, but what I do like about it is that when you look at it at certain angles, you're not getting all that light leakage underneath the keyboard coming through this touchpad as well, is nice and large good size. So this is exactly the same as the original Arabic model that I reviewed in terms of the keyboard exactly the same to me, and the key travel does feel good, but more of course, on this later on in the fall of you, after using it for a While so four ports on the left here, we do have a USB 3 DC and for charging status LED a mini HDMI 1.

4 a out. So this is 4k at 30 Hertz max. However, the type C port does support video out versus USB 3.1 spec with power delivery, support, which is great. This is just like their previous model. There too, now the thickness of it, where I measured was right here and that's, where I got fifteen point five or so millimeters and that's, not bad. The rubber feet only stick out an additional about one and a half millimeters there. So it's very slim and look at this build toe they've, actually rounded this off a little more than the original model, which was a little bit sharper. They didn't have such curvature to it there and the lid fits down nice and flush. It doesn't raise up a little bit like some laptops. I reviewed these cheaper ones. It could be up a little tiny little fraction and it's irritating these magnets that keep this lid here in place as well. Now then, on the other side, which is the right hand, side we've got a micro SD card reader. This is just a USB 2 spec and then our three point: five minute: headphone jack with mic support and another USB 3 port. So when you first power it on you, get these set up languages, so we've got an English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese Korean and the palm rest on this one, just like the original model that this is elastic here now, that's, probably because of two reasons: one To keep the weight down the other just to stop any electricity coming through.

This is sometimes you get like a micro shock off the ones that have met, or at least that I've been using and that's, not a good thing. We don't want that, of course. Now the touchpad is nice and large, and this color is a slightly darker shade of gray than the original. I believe which it does look actually pretty good. Now the Basil's – you can see them around here, aren't particularly small here, but they're, not too bad. At least the left and right bezels, the bottom one is quite large because some status LEDs here this is a typical cat stock, number, lock and scroll up or no touchpad disabled. I think it is with this one and yes, the screen is very reflective. Now this is the furthest it will go back then I have it push back right here, which is not a lot I'll just show you that side on you can see is not much there so for those that like to push a screen right back flat, if They'Re using it on their lap, then you just add a like with this particular model right here, of course, so we've got the operating system. The stance with these different languages, so they've really got pre installed. Langille language packs. There we've got English German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese Korean, and, I believe also a Russian is in here now that justice just didn't work because I'm not set up yeah Russian.

Is there too, so we do have Windows 10 on board with this one, and it is the home edition and memory wise, okay, ain't gigabytes, but I just seeing that it's 1600 megahertz, so it's not the highest that the court m3 8100 supports, which is actually 1866. So that would have been ideal and to top it off, it is only single channel here now you may possibly see a little bit of flicker coming through I've, been trying to find that sweet spot without having it too bright and not show flicker on camera. But this is the best I can get at the moment. So probably the full review I'll do a screen capture, so we don't have any flicker, but in person I'm not seeing any pulse width – modulation flicker from it it's just here in camera on camera. That is that this is happening now. If I move over to our network adapter another a bit of a surprise here, it does have the dual band wireless AC 3165, whereas all their material points towards them. Having the 7000 series of wireless cards, which is yes last gen, but twice as fast as this particular wireless card, and why it's here, it's, probably because I've got basically a prototype engineering sample here and it's, not a final version. But I will double check with chewie. Before the final review to ask them, are they gon na actually be using that one they did advertise all we're gon na? Have the Intel wireless AC, 30, 165, so it's SD speed.

You can see right here. This is a knee tech drive, so the same they had in the Aero book, Plus that I reviewed not particularly fast. I mean the 256 gigabytes should actually be a little bit faster on the writes there and I don't think it supports em via me drives the slot either. This is not the. What is the M key that we need? I think this one is just set or that you can put in this one, which was a little bit of a shame there and finally Geekbench 5. I did run this as well, so this score is yeah. It is low end, but for your light office work, this is still going to be quite quick and it's much quicker than the core m3, the 6 Y 30 that we had in the original Aero book. So it is a actually a big step up in performance. Even though it might not seem so with this low in score, so give you a quick audio sample. So where is actually the sound coming out for these speakers? So, just like the original area book that it's actually coming out just above the keyboard right here so they're not down with firing that's. Why there's no grill on the bottom it's just out here that gap that the sound will transmit and come out through from so it doesn't sound as good? Sadly, as the Arabic Plus now, the aerbook plus actually has some fairly decent speakers in it, and these ones have very average, as you hear from the sample so so far, I do like what I'm seeing here with the arrow Book Pro now.

I think the arrow book, the original model, should have had this chip in it. Now, better life is going to be the biggest concern that I need more time to test that out and I think it's looking about four and a half five hours at about 50 brightness, you can eat to do Wireless of course, they're. Just doing you a general kind of light use that this thing is really aimed at so spreadsheets Docs, chrome, tabs internet browsing that sort of things. What this is going to be good at I'll cover that performance in the full, detailed in depth review, which will be about a week or two so away. This screen it's not a bad screen, but I need to measure it. Of course, I'll check out the srgb values, Adobe RGB will gain B in the full review keyboard. Sofa is good. I like the backlight on it, so the backlighting on this one is quite evenly distributed. It looks good and looking at it at certain angles from like here and downwards: you're, not getting horrible like bleed coming through the bottom of the keyboard that can and bother. It can be quite bothersome on some laptops, but not here with this one. Now the fully laminated screen just want to point that out to means that there is no real flex with this it's possible that, of course, if you drop it, you can then crack the screen, and the glossy display does give us that improved color gamut.

It helps versus say the matte ones, but if you're worried about reflections to stick one of those anti glare protectors on this particular one so power delivery to support on here for charging is great to see scheme take about two and a half hours to charge it. I think it's a little bit slower than using the plug for some reason: it's just probably limited a little bit and the power delivery system, the the charging through that port – that you can get we're great to see that we do have the 4k output from that. As well so, overall, there are the typical weaknesses of the Chinese laptops. I review the webcam is average. I mean it's, not brilliant at all the speaker's again, not really great, and then that battery, I think, is gon na be a bit of a concern there. But good to see unlocked by us, so we're be able to tweak and undervolt and power limits as well could be adjusted if of course, thermals permit. That is the big one there, because there's no point pushing up a high power limit by even two watts say: go from 15 or 10 up to 15 or 18, or something if it's going to be thermal, throttling you're gaining nothing and you'll be reducing little life. Spending of the components, but I will check that out again in the full review.