Indiegogo laptop has a 4k screen full size, backlit keyboard and a good weight. A good build quality too. Now this one seemed to up to me from Chile to review in exchange for this video that you're, seeing right here, I'm not being paid for this review. They are not influencing this ringing either. All the opinions expressed how to set my home. Of course I go to my videos, otherwise I wouldn't even be doing this because what would be the point so it hasn't 6th, gen chip in here. No, that is not an error, a 6g and a chip so it's a bit old it's, the 62 87. You it has iris pro 550 graphics, so something it's a little bit more capable with some dedicated RAM to drive the 4k display. So in this in depth review I will be covering the build quality. Of course, the keyboard, the touchpad, even the webcam, or give you a sample of that, including two samples of these loudspeakers home depth, we'll, take a look at the performance and anything else I can think of so it comes in the typical brown box from chewy and Our power supply this one is 19 volts, 3.4, 2, amps, so 65 watts, and it will take around two and a half to three hours to fully charge the laptops 55 watt hour battery looking at the underside. So this is also made out of metal right here. Everything'S screwed in place screw in the middle there too, which is great to stop any keyboard bounce.

And then we have left and right down with fine speakers with a little small cutouts on the top of it. So they're both upwards and downwards firing. But I would say a good 80 down once these speakers here's the fan and it does vent the hot air out the back. So this is the intake all along right here and then we do have that m dot. 222. 80. Is this D slot now this one is completely empty, so one's already filled that's a 256 gigabyte, SATA 3 SSD, and then you can install another one up to 2 terabytes right here now there are some good news with upgrades. We can at least install an nvme SSD for faster speeds and it will work, but you've got to use the drive that is accessible to us, which is good. That means we don't have to open up the whole laptop it's, just 2 screws to gain access to this hatch. So our internals here they do look good – is a bit of free space here to play with, so they could have almost another is his D or they could have added, maybe upgradable RAM, which would have been grave. So this is our battery pack here. So 55 watt hours screwed into place here it has an internal plastic frame that everything is screwed in place to speaker. Design is different, so these are much larger in size and they do produce a tiny bit of bass which most of the Chinese laptops are.

If you have terrible speakers, these ones are actually probably the better ones I have heard now. We do have two copper transfer heat pipes, taking the heat away from the motherboard, and this chip says right here, Ram that is unfortunately soldered onto the motherboard. So no Ram upgrades. If you need 16 gigabytes, then you need to pay for that upgrade and by the 16 gigabyte version. If you're interested in giving us laptop letters and then of course, our fan here, reasonably large, decent kind of size, I roll the internal layout. Does look pretty good it's just disappointing? We have no wireless card, upgrades upgrades or RAM upgrades, which would have been great to have the era book pro here. Has a metal bill to it, it's quite a good quality. One has a matte finish. I, like the gray color they've gone with it's a slim laptop as well, so it is only about 16 millimeters, the thickness that's, not including the rear rubber feet. It weighs one point: six, six kilos and here on the left, you can see what DC and for charging status LED USB 3 port HDMI 1.4 and then a full spec type C port. Now this one is USB 3 spec. So that means it supports. Also, power delivery, which I will plug in now, so it will take about three and a half hours to charge and we do get out of this port 4k 60 frames per second and on the right hand, side.

We have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. That does support microphones. The output out of this one is clean. There is no static or hiss over it, which is good, USB 3 port and then a micro SD card reader. So the cards will sit in flush, which is good, however, it's only USB 2 spec. So reads and writes top out about 2223 megabytes per second now the only branding you will find on this is right here so on the top of the ledge estate, small Chui logo, it's rather discreet, there's no glowing white, backlight Chui logo, like previous laptops they had And yes, you can actually open it up. One handed you'll see it'll lift up a little bit and the hinge does feel stiff, which is good, and this palm rest it's also made out of metal. So this is the furthest that this green henge will allow us to put that screen back. I think it reclines enough. So if you're gon na be using it on, say your sofa or something like that, it should be okay there, but it won't lie completely flat. Like other laptops, as laptop comes with a very large touchpad or supports Windows, 10 gestures – and I don't really have too much of an issue with it. I'Ve just noticed that, sometimes with the finer movements, it can be a little bit fiddly. So if your finger is there sometimes the cursor will jump around and move a little tiny bit now.

It does have Hardware left and right clicking buttons here they don't have a loud sound to them. They are rather quiet, so typing on this keyboard is very good. I, like the spacing of the keys they've got here: we've got very nice key travel, good feedback from these keys, as well, so about 1.5 millimeters of travel, so it's, not too shallow it's, not too deep either and, as I mentioned before, the backlighting, which is currently On here, when my bright light, you can't see it too much is evenly distributed I'm, not seeing any light coming out from when underneath the keycaps, which is good. However, this model, I do have a bit of a problem with the space key. If I press it right on the edge here or on this edge, it doesn't tend to register all the time it will work, maybe about seven out of ten times or even six, which is very poor in the middle it's, always working now. Chewy is aware of this apparently assistant issue with this model, because it is an engineering sample. The final version will have this issue correct. That they've told me, so you can see our shortcuts at the top here so screen, brightness controls and volume. You need to hit function first, then, to control that will go out to print screen, page up and down separate arrow keys as well, and then the full numerical number key word and speaking of the bias.

Well good news is here: it is completely unlocked to us. So that means our CPU configuration power limits, everything okay, so there are some settings in there that you should definitely not mess with, could get yourself into trouble, and then you have yourself a rather expensive paperweight. So when you first power on, we do have these options right here for language packs that are pre installed. So we've got a English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian and Korean. I believe so. You could be seeing some shimmering with the screen, and that is just on camera that that is happening. So we've got an e tank SSD. Now this is just a set of three Drive. I have benched mark the included, drive 256 egg whites and yeah not exactly fast. I mean I wish they'd gone with a PCIe SSD with this one would have been good. You can see what 206 gigabytes free there and in the device manager the wireless card as the all too common into minus AC city 165. Now you get maximum transfer speeds of around 380 megabits per second out of this one. So it's not a super, quick and then popping over into windows. Right here, just wanted to point out that we do have Windows 10 home. It is version 1909 and also the RAM so eight gigabytes installed. It is dual channel this Ram, so we have a 15.6 inch boe panel on this is the hardware.

Now the maximum brightness is 314 it's, which is quite good. It is, however, a glossy panel and I find the lost brightness sitting to be simply too bright. I mean look at this, that is the lowest brightness right there and then on 100 cent. We get that 314 it's because it is a glossy panel. It is super reflective, and that is probably one of the most frustrating things there's a way around it. Of course, by using an anti glare screen protector, so the Adobe RGB value here is 74. This is measured with my spider pro 5. So that is not a bad result. Then we get 69 in TRC and 95 srgb. So it is a quality panel in here now I have a tiny little bit of light leakage. It is very hard for me to capture on camera it's, just a little tiny bit at the top here and really it will not bother me at all unless I'm. Looking at a complete black image, then I see just that little bit shining through, but this is going to vary from panel to panel, so expect to have a little bit, maybe at the top, maybe a little bit down the bottom or one of the sides. But it's actually not bad, so the screen, I feel, is great for looking at video content for media consumption. It is absolutely perfect, apart from being, of course, just a glossy panel there. So when you're looking at video for one of your favorite YouTube channels, if you put it into 4k, it does look really quite nice on this screen the bezels around the screen.

They are met, which is good and up the top. Here we do have a tiny little webcam, with two microphones left and right of it so here's a sample of my webcam. You can see it's a little bit choppy. It doesn't seem to you running at 30 frames per second it's, just HD as well, and the audio you listen to is from those jewelry microphones, so very average poor webcam quality. So we have a 6th gen, the CPU. This is a sky lake. Okay, sky, like you, is the Core i5 or sixty to eighty seven. You and this one does have the Intel iris, graphics, the 550's, so it's, only two cores four threads and the maximum turbo speed is quite actually low. Now for well 2020 isn't, it we're seeing a lot of laptops getting up to 4.8 4.5, at least over 4 gigahertz, so that is 3.5 which will affect the performance. So it does have a TDP maximum of 28 watts it's a lot higher than the 15 watt. Cpus that we typically see – and it is 14 nanometers it's – not like it's – the old 28 nanometers, but I mean, inter still on 14 nanometers, but the improved yeah. You get the idea there. So performance general performance here just want to quickly show you that, when you're in YouTube and things scrolling, this is very, very smooth now recording this part here in 60 frames per second, so you can see that it is very smooth, so the whole video is actually In 60, but this part is running in a proper 60, so over into Twitter, Twitter performance scrolling.

So the light tasks like this, the CPU, even that is only 2 cores and the 28 watts and the iris graphics – is gon na handle this kind of stuff. Really quite well, if I move over into just editing documents the same for spreadsheets, you can see when I scroll up here there's, I decided it's gon na save, ok, that's, normal automatic saving, a little bit of slowdown because I've got 83 pages here. So a lot. So when I just leave some text here and just do a test – ok, that's, fine, all right, that's, not gon na, be a problem for this kind of chip said it's, really easy kind of like work for it. What about demanding video files here so let's bring up a 4k clip. This is an older one, shot on a Samsung Galaxy Notes, for I think it was, and yep looks actually really good in 4k on the screen being a 4k clip very nice panel. That is in this, and what about? Okay? This is something that's very demanding. So this is a TVC file. 10 bit let's check out the problem, so this one okay Wow bit of lag there at the start, you give it a few seconds and then it does become smooth here with that native decoding. This is actually very similar performance. I see with the Gemini Gemini Lake chipsets that I used to review in the channel, but now pretty much sick of them and ok what about something even more demanding here.

So this is 4k 60 frames per second, alright, you can see this one's yep that's pushing the limit. It is a super demanding file that is not running at 60 frames per. Second, that is running like at 15 frames per second simply too much. That is a very high bitrate that one too, as well so that's to be expected just pushing the limits and we'll get on to benchmarks. So Cinebench r15, you go score all 320 CB mmm yep that is very low for 2020. So this is not. I feel a laptop for editing. 4K video files are definitely not. It just seems a little bit too choppy too laggy painful for that kind of thing there, and what about Cinebench 20 so ran that we got score of a 735 CB regain low yeah. Okay to be expected right, there just wanted to point out too that the type C port that it can run 60 Hertz 4k, which is good just make sure you have the correct cable there. So I used a type C to HDMI to cable, and that was just one ideas: generic one I bought off. Amazon works perfectly fine, and what about? Okay, the HDMI port. As I pointed out the start, if you missed it, it's only HDMI 1.4 specs, oh yeah, 30 Hertz is our limit. There let's go back into Chrome for a second you can see. All of this multitasking here is very smooth and fast.

There is our Geekbench v score if you're interested again yep no average score very low and same goes for Geekbench for there. So nothing impressive because well it's an old chap, but this is a lot faster than they caught em three. We had the six wire 30 in the first Arabic model, a lot slower than this a little bit of a GPU test here. So this is open C, our score of 28000, again kind of average they're, not too bad for integrated, because it does have a bit of dedicated round with the iris pro graphics. So all I think the performance for office tasks for media consumption, things like that is very good and you can run a lot of tabs and chrome, but occasionally with the 4k screen, you sometimes see minimizing and maximizing a little bit of lag. It does pop up there as well, so I have a look now at gaming performance, so we'll run a FPS meter there, so we can see what kind of performance we get, and this is the typical light game here, so I will run Counter Strike alright. So here we go so this one is actually running much better than the typical integrated you can see around 40 frames per second, this is a 1080p. It does look pretty good. Now the screen is quite good at upscaling. I have noticed I won't – probably last long so later – titles like League of Legends dota 2, and this of course counter strike they're going to be playable on this, but keep it to 1080p and low settings it's going to run in charge in here bout to die.

Maybe not oh now, I'm dead, so let's take a look at the thermals. I have been monitoring it with intel's extreme tuning utility here, so it does get up to around 81 degrees maximum and see 81. But the fan comes on to save it from getting any hotter, so will not trigger any thermal throttling. You occasionally do get some power limit, throttling the spiking now and then for a split second. But overall it is pretty good here. So i'll just bring up hw info as well. That'S been running for now, what's 6 hours of runtime and 81 degrees, 81 hasn't gone over 81 here, so the thermals are quite good. What about in battery life 2 as well, so you can get around. I would say somewhere between five and maybe even six hours. This is on the lowest brightness sitting and this was just in chrome a lot of YouTube. I was in my website and I was doing a few other things typing in Google Drive, so you know I'm, not amazing, better life. Here now it does report that it's just a 37 one hour battery, but I believe it still is actually a 55 watt one because, where there's 28, what CPU? If it was just 37 watt hours, it would have gone through it. I think a lot faster than the reported times that I'm able to get out of this, so I have been trying to run a Linux Mint on here.

This is just the only destroy that I have at the moment that I can test out and for some reason it just will not vote it keep saying, remove the media so every time I try to boot through a USB pendrive, it says that, and I don't Get anywhere, I tried to compatibility mode which you're currently looking at some of the stuff on the screen there, and that is just not working either. So, sadly, it might actually work. But at the moment I don't have a lot of time to test it. But I would say then, its compatibility at the moments, not good. As I showed you with the internals. We have those two down ones firing speakers. They do transmits a little bit of sound out through the top of them as well, but that's mostly just reflected downwards off the tables and whatever surfaces you're using, but they actually do sound good. So well done that chewy, finally putting some decent sounding loudspeakers with a little bit of mids and bass and their laptop and here's a sample okay. So what about fan noise now, when you're doing light tasks are just browser? For example, internet surfing you're, not gon na hear that fan just occasionally come on and off it should turn itself off. But as soon as you start to do anything demanding, then the RPMs of the fan to kick in, and you will hear it quite often so. Here'S, a sample of the fan noise, alright guys, so I want a recap here as fast as they can so.

The build quality is good. I like the hinge, it is lightweight eseni, 1.6 kilos very thin. Actually, you see like if I close the lid and hold it up to the camera like that, you can see some bang, it does attract finger prints. The matte paint job on here that it has and then it's green it's a fork a glossy panel, but I actually do like it. I think it's good it's, a high quality screen very reflective, of course, and the lowest brightness seating, though, is way too bright. So hopefully, a bias update will come through from Chuy if they're watching this video, which they should be pleased OS update to just lower the last brightness seating to something a little bit more dimmer than what it currently is it's just way too bright. So the three hundred and forty or so nits we're, getting out of it, is good webcam quality, the nothing special I mean the mics are oh hey, but the webcam yeah it's, quite poor there, so the keyboard. This is a nice keyboard to type on. I do like it good spacing full size keyboard. However, as I pointed out I'm having issues with the spacebar, I didn't want to hide that effect. I'M, not hiding anything here, and this is the way that sure we can improve on things now. I did ask them about this keyboard. They said I have a earlier version of the keyboard, so it will be improved upon on the final version.

There won't be that issue that I'm. Having that just the edges, don't register all the time about seven out of ten times when you press it, it will read just a bit right in the middle it's working fine, the rest of the keys are good, even backlit, keyboard 2 as well and yeah it's. Not bad now, this touchpad, the touchpad, is big. Its large it's good we've got the hardware left and right mouse buttons, but I find they're very fiddly finer movements, for example, if you're doing a cut and paste of an image or using a selector tool over lasso or whatever. It can be very frustrating with this touchpad, so this is recommended a mouse. I would use the touchpad for a normal kind of use, but it's if anything, fine and fiddly. I don't, I think the sensitivity is quite there whether it does have support for windows gestures as well. There love it gaming yeah. This is not for gaming. That gets me to the big big con. Really, I think of this particular laptop as the 6th gen CPU. I mean that's gon na put off a lot of people. I mean come on we're in 2020. I think at least put the core i5 a 250. You in this would have been a perfect chipset for it. We can edit, then 4k, videos smoothly this one's. Not so great for 4k video editing, I wouldn't use it at all, but even if we have to pay 50 US dollars more, I think a lot of people would say: hey.

You know what that's a good idea 50 years more, give us a much better ATM chip worth the four cores and then eight threads. It would really boost up their performance and just make it so much more attractive than the people, while still giving us the nice screen the build quality, backlit keyboard and an attractive price there. So there you go, that is more or less the full story behind the Arabic Pro here from Chewie. So hopefully now you know whether or not it's a let pop view you and if you did like this review, please do give a thumbs up. I put quite a bit of work into this testing out behind the scenes and everything that you don't see, of course, and you subscribe to the channel if you are new.