You might have heard about google, bringing chrome os to windows, laptops and macbooks with its chrome, os flex, and this is it right here now. I can tell you this that this is a game changer, a lifeline for your old windows, laptops, your pentium, celeron laptops, you get it. This laptop here has these specs celeron dual core cpu, uhd, 500 graphics, hdd, 4gb ram and the windows 11 experience on this is absolutely horrible. This is actually a brand new laptop that came with windows, 11 out of the box and its funny, because we started seeing issues with the very first startup heres, a video i recorded from my phone theres no apps running and i hit refresh and just check out The cpu usage it went to 100 now heres, another video, and you can see how erratic the cpu graph is and thats when the system is idle. In fact, here i am opening and closing the start menu just for fun and see how the cpus are just rockets up to 100 percent yeah its crazy. Not just this chrome crashes with just two tabs open edge does not crash, but its super laggy booting from shutdown takes three freaking minutes see we bought this laptop for 28k because we wanted to try out chrome, os flex on a budget windows laptop and after seeing Windows 11s performance on it, chrome, os flex, just makes perfect sense for this laptop now lets face it.

We all have these old windows laptops with a similar experience, and we just want to throw them out, and this is where chrome os flex comes in see before i get to the chrome, os flex. Installation, let me tell you, chrome os on this laptop is a far far far better experience than windows 11. see im someone whos personally used a lot of chromebooks. In the past i mean back in the b bomb days. I used to write a lot of articles on chrome, os yeah. I did that too, but i can tell you this that the chrome os performance on the cenron machine is actually better than a lot of budget chromebooks and its on a whole different level. First of all, from almost a three minute boot time with windows, 11 chrome, os flex boots up in flat 30 seconds now thats a huge difference. I ran a focus 60 fps video and also ran an 8k video and a phase minus stutters, but its still better, compared to not even being able to run chrome on windows 11.. Next up i have these 10 tabs open up in chrome and youll notice that theres absolutely no stutter. I can move between these tabs easily put chrome into split screen, start the built in screen recorder and its all, not a problem. The performance is just really impressive. Coming from windows, now whats even more impressive, is how the subscribe button turns from red to gray.

Try it out if youre, enjoying the video so far, the battery life seems to be better too on windows. When the battery was full on the laptop, it was showing me around five hours of runtime on chrome, os flex, its a lot better on chrome, os flex, im at 84 battery and its showing more than seven hours remaining again huge difference. Now, im not sure of this number, but after using the laptop for around 1 hour, it only lost 15 battery, so yeah the battery performance seems promising with chromes flex now chrome os, as you all know, is all about the web. Apps chromosplex here is based on chrome, os 100 and it has these usual chromos. Apps google web apps pre installed now theres chrome, the the chrome web store. So you can install all the web apps you want. You also get this system app. That shows your device. Specs and theres the play store icon, but its not working right now it just takes you to the play store on the web yeah. You cannot run android apps right now, and google hasnt confirmed it yet, but im really hoping that we get android support in chrome, os plex, because thatll make these budget windows laptops even more useful. As for all the basic hardware features of the laptop be the wi fi bluetooth speakers camera the ports. Everything is working perfectly with chromers flex. The keyboard and trackpad are working. Fine too.

I can use chromers keyboard shortcuts on it and the touchpad sports chrome, os gestures. So basically, everything is working and if youve used, chrome, os youd know that the chrome, os plus android integration is very good and you get that experience with chrome os flex. You can share files between the phone and pc with nearby sharing. You get your phone notifications in the laptop and you get these different phone controls and the overall status of the phone here in the chrome os notification center. So the integration is actually very good. Plus you get all the other chromos features like google assistant, and i also like that. Chromosplexia has full fledged linux support, which is really good, because youll be able to run linux apps and do a lot more to conclude things. Chrome, os flex is a very good step by google, its actually giving fresh life to your own laptop, and we all have those old windows laptops which are super laggy, stuttering, all the time barely holding on to life and with flex they can actually become smooth and Nice, which is awesome – i mean students, can use it for media purposes and to attend classes. Professionals can use it for meetings, parents can use it to browse the web, see a lot of people just dump their own laptops and it becomes unusable, resulting in e waste. With the chip shortage, laptop prices are increasing day by day, and not everyone can afford to buy a brand new laptop chromeosplex is solving all these issues.

Let me know in the comments, if you have an old, laptop and youre planning to install this on. It also share this video with your friends and family, who have a laptop that desperately needs chrome, os flex. Also, if youre wondering chrome, os flex is available for free and it works with most laptops out there, which meet the minimum system requirements. Ive added the link to our guide in the description down below so make sure to check it out. If you want to try it out, lastly, make sure to hit the like on this video share it and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech. Videos. Well, as me, signing off thanks for watching, and i will see you in the next one. If you long press the share button on instagram, you can quickly send the post to your frequent contacts.