My name is april monique. If you’re brand new to my channel, please consider subscribing and if you’re a returning subscriber. Thank you so much for returning back for another video in today’s vlog. This is going to be a 2020 acer, chromebook spin, 11 review. Yes, i am finally coming with my review video. That was several months ago when i did the unboxing of this acer chromebook and now i am finally getting to the review. So let’s go ahead and get into the video. As you all know, this is the google chromebook it’s, also known as the spin, 11 and or the two in one laptop, which means um. It can be a laptop like this or you could make it into a tablet, just flip it over real, simple and easy. Just like that um now the brand of this google chromebook is a acer that i have and um. If you have not seen my unboxing video it’s not necessary that you watch it, but if you are interested in watching it, i will link it to this video, and i will also link it in the description box. Today is the actual review of this chromebook. Now, as i stated in my unboxing video um, this chromebook at the time i purchased, it was 309 on amazon um. I had absolutely no issues with shipping, it did not arrive damaged, nothing was broken, no parts were missing. It was no issues with the chromebook whatsoever, which was a big plus for me, and i have amazon prime, so i didn’t pay for shipping right there with that order.

Um taxes was roughly 33 dollars, which made the total come out to like 430 dollars, which i think is really good for a laptop or a chromebook, so this chromebook is inexpensive and moving into that um i would say this chromebook is really good for anyone in College like if you’re just now starting college and you don’t, want to spend like 800 or a thousand dollars or more on a laptop. I really believe this google chromebook will do you very well, and it should last you the lifespan of your college career. It should really last you a little bit longer but i’m, just saying if you purchase this right before college, you can pretty much depend on keeping the same chromebook all throughout your college career. This is a google driven laptop uh. Let me open it to show y’all. This is my background screen, but it is a google driven two in one laptop um and what i mean by google driven is that if you need to do any kind of word, processing or wordpad type of programs, typing powerpoint or you need to make a spreadsheet Or if you want to um, go into the cloud or like your onedrive account and do any work in there or retrieve work from there, it will have to be through google. I had microsoft, onedrive um. I was able to pull up microsoft onedrive on this uh chromebook on this google chromebook. However that’s all i could do, i could just pull it up.

Um it’s only a read only file, i couldn’t work in microsoft, onedrive because again i’m doing this on a google chromebook. In the event you do have microsoft, onedrive or you have your work filed on a different one on a different drive, um and you’re. Getting this chromebook just transfer everything over to a thumb, drive you can stick your thumb drive into your chromebook right here and you can just download your information to your chromebook and transfer it over to your google onedrive. So that’s pretty much it it’s real simple and i would highly recommend this laptop for um college students, because this is a google account. So, in the event, you know you’re doing all your work on this chromebook you’re, saving it to google onedrive. When you go to school, you might get on a school computer at school like in class. You may not necessarily be using this laptop at school in the classroom, so of course on any computer. You could access google onedrive, so i mean you just save it to google onedrive and you get on a different computer. You could access it. So, even though this is a google driven laptop um, you can still save all of your files on the onedrive google onedrive and access it from any computer or device. Even your cell phone. The same way you would access it on the laptop. I do a lot of online classes with my career a lot of times.

I do save the notes for for a lot of those classes, but most times i do save it to google onedrive, but i do it all with this laptop so i’m able to do my online classes for work i’m able to do playing youtube content. Oh, by the way i also downloaded um, i use canva for my editing um. I was also able to download now the laptop didn’t come with canva, but they do have a play store. So you do have play store on this chromebook and you can download pretty much any app that you want to so, for my youtube, editing um. I downloaded my editing app that i do for youtube on here. So i actually i do edit mostly on my cell phone, but when i make my thumbnails or do any kind of editing i’m able to edit on here, it’s just super convenient. So if you’re in school i would say this is the laptop for you. If you’re, currently a student and you’re looking for a new laptop, but you want something that’s quality but inexpensive, i would say: get this chromebook. If you’re a small business owner or even i would say, a small to mid sized business owner. This is the computer. This is the laptop for you get it okay again, i have a career where i do online classes. I do youtube and i also have a business. I do all of that work on this chromebook and it has not failed me.

Another thing that i really love about this chromebook is being able to cook or clean my kitchen, and i can basically watch tv or watch cooking videos from this chromebook. All i have to do is flip it over like this into tablet mode. I have youtube already pulled up on it right here. I just hit the play button. I hit the play button and um. I have a volume turned down because i don’t want it to interrupt this video and i could literally watch like my cooking videos um in the kitchen as i’m cooking or whatever you use for um a tv service nine times out of ten. You should be able to download it here, pull it up in the play, store or access it online through this chromebook. So you can watch tv from this chromebook um again. I do edit for youtube from this chromebook. If you like to follow along the cooking videos. This would be perfect to sit on top of your counter space and follow along the cooking videos or just simply watch tv. This chromebook also came with a mouse, so it did come with a wireless mouse um. I have put that wireless mouse up and i need to find it. It is here in my house and it’s not necessary that you use a mouse because again when your chromebook is in laptop mode um, you will use this space down here at the bottom to navigate for your mouse.

If you’re someone who like to actually physically have a mouse, the chromebook does come with a mouse, um and it’s wireless once you turn it on at the bottom. It automatically connects with your laptop, so you don’t have to go in and do anything special. Also, this laptop comes with a webcam. Here, go the webcam right here. I don’t know if you all will be able to see yourselves in my camera. If you see a light that’s my ring light so yeah. This chromebook also has google classroom as well as zoom. So if you’re, a parent – and you have small kids who are in online classes, um and you’re in need of a inexpensive laptop for them, this is the perfect laptop for your children who are in school and they’re, doing distance, um, learning education or online classes through Their school district, their private school, or what have you? I would highly recommend this laptop. This laptop is inexpensive, but it is very much quality. I will also leave the link down below in the description box for amazon um as to the amazon store that i purchased. This chromebook from i am not affiliated with the amazon store, nor am i sponsored by them whatsoever: okay, that’s it with this google chromebook review. I hope you all really enjoyed it again if you are brand new to this video to this channel. Please subscribe to my channel. My name is april monique and if you are a returning subscriber thank you so much for returning back and watching another video.