. Now this device comes in several ram and storage configurations, depending on where you buy it now im interested to see how this device works, as ive only used android tablets and ive been interested in a chromebook tablet, and this device is a two in one. So you kind of get the tablet factor and the laptop factor as for this video, its featured on the chromebook chromebase playlist, so you can find information related to this topic quickly and easily. As always, we only feature products or services i buy use or im interested in now. You can find this item and related items at the amazon storefront link in the description below all things said, lets go ahead and get into it. So here we are with unboxing and the lid is going to slide off nice and smooth, and this is arguably one of the best parts of unboxing new tech. Now, on the left side, we have the detachable, kickstand and keyboard, packaged together with the power, adapter and cable on the right side. Underneath this we have the lenovo duet, 5 13 inch, detachable chromebook, and underneath this we have the product information and heres an overview of all items shown with packaging completely removed. So lets talk more about the tablet, which is housed in an aluminum frame and measures 12 inches wide by 7.25 inches tall, making it a large piece of hardware. The unit i purchased here features the qualcomm snapdragon 7c gen2 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage.

As for buttons. First, we have the power and volume keys which are located towards the top left side of the device. Now these buttons are easy to fill out and they have good click feedback. Moving on, we have our first camera a 5 megapixel unit located in the top bezel, which is ideal for video calls or meetings above this bezel are the dual microphones. Moving on the duet, 5 features a quad speaker setup with smart amplifiers, two on each side of the tablet. Finally, we have a usbc port on the left and right side of the device as well. This allows the user to decide which side is the most convenient to charge from while allowing another device to be plugged in on the bottom of the tablet. We have the keyboard, pogo, pin connection and guide receivers. Moving on to the back of the tablet, we have a two tone: color which looks nice. The official color name of this device is abyss blue. Now the top portion is a light blue and features the lenovo brandon in the top left edge on the opposite edge is our second camera, a 8 megapixel unit, the lower portion of the duet 5. Arguably, the abyss blue appears to be almost black or even charcoal, depending on the viewing angle and lighten and features chromebook brandon. Overall, this unit weighs about two pounds. So lets talk more about the display, which is a 13.3 inch, oled fhd ts unit powered by samsung, which essentially guarantees high quality.

The display size is maximized by thin bezels, which fall in line with the form factor of todays premium. Chromebooks logging in the chrome os on the duet 5 is done with either a pen or password, which feels similar to an android tablet. Now, obviously, this display is large, but it features bright, vivid, colors and works well in bright environments. Then we have the fabric kickstand. In the blueish palette now, this kickstand is reminiscent of origami, as it articulates firmly comparable to trying to fold a thick piece of cardboard. Installation of the kickstand is somewhat magical, as it self aligns and magnetizes in place on the back side of the tablet. Without looking requiring minimal effort once installed, it holds securely in place, provides back protection and improves grip slightly now, there isnt a whole lot of angle adjustment, but it does prop the display up with a few angle options and because this tablet is so wide the stand. Actually improves support when using the tablet in hand. Now, i dont recommend using this device one handed, but i can actually demonstrate this and the strength of the stand when its connected to the tablet. By placing my hand just like so, and i can pick this whole kit up one handed again – i dont recommend this because again, this tablet is really big. It feels a little awkward and because its big and awkward, it also feels heavier than two pounds, and i also found out a few times actually and being scared to death of dropping this device.

That articulating the hinge in hand is no easy task due to the overall size of the hardware, and doing this may actually cause the kickstand to slide out of position onto the back of the tablet, even though its secured really nicely with these magnets. So the best way to articulate the hinge will be on a flat surface again. Dont recommend picking this up and trying to articulate the hinge, especially if its like flat against the tablet and then youre trying to pull up on it. Thats, where i found that it actually almost slid out of place, and i almost dropped both parts of the kit now, this being a tablet, of course, you can use it in landscape and portrait mode and interesting enough. The kickstand actually supports the tablet in portrait mode. As well – although i probably wouldnt recommend doing this, because you can imagine that if this tablet started to tip forward its going to smack against whatever surface its going to come into with pretty hard. Finally, we have the attachable keyboard with gray keys and white labels, which unfortunately isnt backlit. Now the keyboard actually secures to the tablet almost magically, just like the kickstand, using the pogo prongs and the receiver tips and well actually do a demonstration here its going to snap into place, and that would be it and you can see that the screen actually changes Here, too, depending on what we were doing and what we want to do now that we have a keyboard attached.

A benefit here is that this portion of the device doesnt require separate charging as it sips power from the tablet itself for being lightweight and attachable. The keyboard actually works really well features, good travel and click feedback. The surrounding area continues the abyss blue color scheme with silicone risers to protect the display when the keyboard is folded up against it. Now, within this blue abyss, we can also find the clickable touch pad with lenovo brandon. Now touchpad speed is set to fast by default, and i originally didnt believe this. I actually went into settings to see if there was a faster speed, because the mouse wasnt covering enough area for me as i performed a swipe now. Needless to say, there wasnt a higher set in, and i did adjust to this and although its not the best, in my opinion, it does do the job pretty good, underneath the bluish fabric continues now. This means the underside of the keyboard should be worry free from scratches, but its also susceptible to staining. Now this attachable keyboard does serve as a lid to the tablet and secures with magnetism as well. However, it doesnt align perfectly to the display, as you can see here, at the top and also at the bottom. Now, although the kickstand and keyboard protect the back in the front of the duet 5, the sides are left vulnerable, which is why i opted for a sleeve by icamo. Now this sleeve is water resistant and also features an external pocket with zipper, as well as a convenient carrying handle.

Then we have the inner lining, which is going to be nice and soft. Its going to protect the device and the chromebook duet 5 will just slide right in with some extra space at the top here, and then we have dual zippers, so we can zip right to the middle, so lets talk content consumption. Now the duet 5 works great. For streaming services like netflix and prime video, now personally, i enjoyed using this tablet for reading comics, which can be done in either landscape or portrait mode, first playing any game that requires the gyroscope is going to be difficult to do because of the size of this Tablet were going to lose some precision and its just a little bit more challenging than using a smaller device, such as a google pixel, 6 pro or a samsung galaxy z, full 3.. Also, because of how a tablet is naturally held, you can see that our hands are going to be covering those bottom speakers which could cause the audio to sound muted. Now this display is great for playing games, although i did notice frame drop after playing for an extended period of time after increasing performance returning to the bezels, although theyre minimal, i havent had much of an issue holding the device while gaming, but general browser may have You occasionally tapping on links on the display, for example, you can see this left column in google news, its very close and my thumb just placing it here gets pretty close to these items, and you can see if i just go over a little bit.

I would accidentally tap on something, and then we have music and movies which sound good from the quad speakers, as demonstrated by this sound test Music and then theres content creation, which im still using powerdirector for now, overall its workable. But i did experience occasional decoding issues and performance drops compared to a more premium device like the google pixel book go now using the on screen. Keyboard can be done in either orientation as well, but, although its best in the orientation you see here, precision is still rough, youre, better off using the detachable keyboard. Next we have camera and mic performance, which are best demonstrated from actual use. Now were going to switch between that front facing camera and the rear facing camera, and you can see theres going to be some delay here, uh, sometimes its a little bit longer than in other situations. So here i am recording with that front. Facing 5 megapixel camera ill also include some pictures here, so you can see the picture quality and were also using the built in mic now. At this moment, i cant tell what i sound like until i listen to this clip after the fact, but i could tell you the video actually looks pretty good im impressed with it. Although this is a camera on a chromebook, this is pretty much the highest quality. You can probably expect up until this point but im impressed because it should work good for video calls or meetings that kind of thing here we are with the rear facing 8 megapixel camera and im going to include some pictures here.

So you can see what picture quality looks like now. This camera actually looks pretty good here, although it is a dim environment, things are harder to see, but it does the job and well actually get a little bit more of neo here. Well, get him in the video. You know not the greatest camera its not going to be something comparable to your smartphone, but its going to do the job if you want to get video of something fairly quickly. Finally, we have battery and ive had no issue getting a full days use out of this device. Now the duet 5 does support quick charge, and that being said, i did notice a 15 to 20 charge can be had in about 15 minutes and a 50 charge. Can be had in about half an hour, so lets wrap things up. Overall, i like the minimal bezel design and large display for reading writing and watching videos. Although play store games, do look good on this device. Playing anything with a gyroscope will certainly be challenging, if not impossible, as for ways to improve this device. I do wish that the keyboard was backlit and i also wish a fingerprint reader was included overall. I like the idea of having simply a tablet when you want a tablet, but then a laptop when you want a laptop by connecting all these modules, which also work really well together, so that is it for todays video. If you enjoyed it and found it useful, please leave a like if youre watching this on youtube and have any questions or comments as always drop those down below and ill do my best to answer them now.

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