. So this has the intel celeron, n4000, graphics, cpu. Sorry, it is the uh four gigs of lpdr4 ram model and yeah let’s get right into it. So, like i said just a moment ago, this is the model uh with the intel celeron and 4000 cpu. It is a 1.1 gigahertz. It has a 1.10 gigahertz clock. Speed with um uhd, 600 graphics or intel uhd, 600 graphics, which are not very great, but you know it works for a chromebook also. It has four gigs of memory with actually an ssd which is nice to hear so looking at the laptop here, it’s. Actually, quite nice, looking it’s got a nice blue finish on the front with the shiny, acer logo, right here and obviously chrome and on the back just normal back of the uh thing, but as you can see, there are no fan holes. These are not fan holes. These are for the speaker, so it is passively cooled um, which isn’t very uncommon with the chromebooks but uh yeah it’s nice, with the all aluminum finish. It makes it almost look like a macbook. I mean when you open it up, it isn’t exactly macbook status, but you know at a glance: it’s pretty nice. So, looking at the i o here, we have a usb a 3.1 jack, a usbc and there’s two usbcs here, there’s one on this side and one on the other side and what i just found out recently that’s very nice.

You can charge from both sides, so i can charge from this side or on the other side. So yes, looking at the other side, you have a micro, sd, a 3.1 millimeter headphone jack, another usb, a 3.0 um and usb 3.1, also known as usbc, so yeah that’s the front, or i guess side i o so opening it up. Here you have a 14 inch lcd panel, which is a 768 resolution, so um it’s, not a 1080p uh monitor, unfortunately, but it still looks: okay um the keyboard. You know just normal keyboard: doesn’t have any back lighting, unfortunately, which makes it hard to view in the dark, but it gets across in the daytime. You know obviously you’re on a screen. But if you look at it here you can see the keys, fine um. But yes, like i said in the night time you might need to pull out a flashlight which is very unfortunate, but for the 280 dollars it isn’t exactly expected um. But you know it’s. 280 dollars you’re it’s, not expected, but it would have been a nice bonus. So looking at uh my overall quick review on this, i would say: um, i give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars um build quality, that’s, probably like five out of five stars, because you know all all aluminum i mean the inside. Bezels are plastic right here, but that’s just fine um, the obviously the technical specifications aren’t wonderful, but it is a chromebook it’s running chromeless.

It does not expect that much power um unless you are trying to run games on it. For example, minecraft um i’ll do a review or not a review, but i’ll do a tutorial on how to get minecraft under chromebook pretty soon here, it’s not too hard, but for something like that. It’S going to kind of struggle, but it does work. Fine for chrome, os, um, the i o wonderful um, except it does not have a full size, hdmi or small hdmi. It doesn’t have any hdmi. So if you do want to have an external monitor, you’re going to have to get a usbc dongle, which is unfortunate, um, but a lot of people with a chromebook aren’t running like a dual monitor, setup or well, i mean even a single monitor setup. Most people with a chromebook aren’t, going to be doing that kind of thing that have a monitor are going to be using a windows machine, so that’s, fine, but yeah, the. U, the two usb a uh three, i believe they’re usb three um, also the obviously external they’re, not external, but expandable storage with the with the uh micro sd card, that’s, always nice. So i just have a samsung 64 gig here, damn camera won’t focus so, like i said i will give this a 4 out of 5 stars as well. The screen isn’t great, with its 768 resolution and its lcd versus ips panel, the viewing angles honestly suck um.

If you tip it up up a little bit, the blacks are just white. If you tip it down a little bit, the blacks are well, the entire screen is black. You can barely see anything so dealing angles suck but um, but also the resolution. You know 768, but you know i’ve found that it’s actually not that bad um, obviously you’re not gon na be doing. You know, like intense photo editing on here or um anything really important for the screen. You know it’s a chromebook, but you know for everything that chrome os has to give. You i’d say that the screen is fine, but for media consumption. I might want to switch to your tv or something because that’s going to be much better but uh yeah. So four out of five stars for this machine, it’s very, very solid, build quality um as far as screen. You know rigid in this. I don’t know the screen isn’t super rigid, but it looks real nice. Obviously that blue color is pretty nice anyway uh.