A lot of their self driving Tech. Demos in the early days and apple is apparently taking the smart home very seriously. Welcome to the fight at checkout Music, this video was sponsored by nordvpn. Okay, well start with the brief this week with apple launching a bunch of new stuff in a way thats, weird, even for Apples standards. First, the company put out a press release while also uploading a 19 minute launch video, but the video had a 2022 date in the description and in the URL as well. So maybe this was originally part of an event for last year or something else, but anyway, what Apple actually launched was the M2 Pro and the M2 Max chips built on tsmcs second generation 5 nanometer process, so theyre new, but not as new as they could be. I guess anyway, theyre available in updated 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro laptops and in a new Mac Mini as well all with power and efficiency upgrades. The new M2 Mac Mini starts at a hundred dollars cheaper than the previous models at 599, which is a pretty insane value now, while the MacBook Pro pricing starts pretty much at the same place as the original M1 versions did. Nice then Apple also released the homepod again, which they now promise definitely wasnt dead, but was actually just taking a nap and the new second generation. Homepod is a touch smaller. A bit cheaper at 299 dollars has similar quality, audio and temperature and humidity sensor and matter support as well, but it still doesnt support Spotify, oh well, I guess its fine, then Logitech this week announced new 70 webcams with USBC and built in shutters, delivering whats supposed To be good, looking 1080p footage and more and theres a higher end model that goes for 130 dollars too.

Next Samsung revealed its third generation 200 megapixel sensor, the iso cell hp2, which should be in the Galaxy s23 Ultra by all reports. It has a relatively large one over 1.3 inch sensor and should have overall improved image quality. I hope it will turn out great and Beyond just the image sensor. Samsung also built out its self repair options, adding parts for two Galaxy book laptops and the Galaxy s22 series to its catalog of parts that it offers via iFixit, not bad. Next, one of the co founders of a nest launched a weird new trash bin that can take food scraps, dehydrate them overnight and sort of turn them into something. Odorless that the company calls food grounds. Then you get to ship those to the company and they will turn them into chicken feed while charging you 33 dollars monthly. I guess thats good for the environment, but a 33 dollar monthly subscription. Just so a company can take your trash and then resell it again. Like you having to pay that much money for that seems kind of weird anyway. Next in chips, Intel tried to counter previous Rumors by reassuring people that it totally is committed to its proposed Fab in Germany, saying that its working on it and that it has already purchased the land where the Fabs will be built. So thats great, I guess, but also the company did kill off a planned 200 million dollar r d Center in Israel, where it decided to turn turn the land that it bought for it into a parking lot.

So I guess believe nothing until it actually happens and, speaking of tougher times, Microsoft joined pretty much everyone in announcing that 10 000 of its employees will be laid off. Ouch and also Amazon is surprisingly closing its Amazon smile charity platform, which offered people a way to donate 0.5 percent of the value of some items they bought to a charity. But I guess that was just too good for this world, then Wikipedia had its first desktop redesign in 10 years, which is a nice update and it looks much cleaner. I dont hate it at all and finally, Elon Musk decided to auction off Twitters stuff from some of its offices, like the bird statue, which went for a hundred thousand dollars and while the company says that this was totally not to help with their finances, its kind Of a weird look that this happened as Twitter apparently stopped paying rent in some places like Singapore after revenues are apparently down a 40 year over year, and just before the first day, big interest payments are coming due on the Twitter purchase as well. A few hundred thousand dollars for office supplies are obviously a drop in the ocean for Twitter at this point, but man, this whole Saga is just so terrible and funny at the same time, okay thats it for the brief links to both the Apple product and to The Logitech cameras are down in the description if you want to check them out, and my first story of the week is going to be about smartphones having their toughest year in about a decade in a very bad, no good, 2022.

So research firm, Canalis put out their first reports looking at the entire year of 2022, with a report focusing on the worldwide smartphone shipment, which fell 17 year over year in the final quarter and 11 for the full year, compared to an already very weak 2021. Looking at who won and who lost in terms of shipments in the final quarter, apple as usual, reclaimed at the top spot in Q4 and achieved its highest quarterly market share ever at 25, even in the face of its troubles in its Zhengzhou manufacturing plant. And despite being very heavily reliant on the now suffering Chinese market, but looking at the full year, Samsung ended up strengthening its position as well finishing the year, with a 22 market share as the only major Android player managing an increase and on the losing side we Had xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, Each of which saw falling market shares in an already shrinking Market, meaning that sales have dropped significantly due in part to the chaotic covet policies of China. Whether the current wave of reopenings will help them in the next year again will have to wait and see. Okay on my second story of the week is going to be the most Tesla thing ever with. I guess the most Elon thing ever saying that the company apparently faked its first big self, driving demo back in 2016.. So the big demo video showed a trip of a model X, driving autonomously to Tesla offices in California, including even parking itself, and it had Elon Musk tweeting about the demonstration in no uncertain terms.

Tesla drives itself no human input at all through Urban Street to highway. To streets then finds a parking spot and, of course, the world pretty much believe them. Why wouldnt they? But according to the director of autopilot software, who was forced to testify in a deposition that was apparently pretty much all fake to create the video Tesla used, a 3D mapped predetermined route, then they had the car attempted that route many times over until it finally succeeded And, according to a report that Tesla itself filed, human drivers had to disengage at least 177 times during these trials, including what the car most likely crashed into a fence in Teslas parking lot, while demonstrating the autonomous parking and when it was unable to perform during wet Conditions and Peak traffic so its questionable whether the final video was even shot in one piece at all, or whether it was stitched together for multiple attempts and claims from the video that the driver was only there for legal reasons, seem straight up false. They had to disengage 107 27 times. After all, as a reminder, the electric truck startup Nicola had their CEO fired, who might also be going to jail because they lied about their truck driving on the road when in reality it was actually rolling so completely lying about the capabilities of your vehicles is lets. Just say a very bold move. Elon has, of course, maybe a dozen times demonstrated that he just generally doesnt think that the laws should apply to him or his companies at all, which is of course, why he is in multiple active lawsuits right now, and I guess well have to just enter this One to his regular pile cool guy, okay on my third story of the week, is going to be all the juicy rumors about Apple, apparently taking the smart home very seriously.

Going forward. Mark German at Bloomberg says that apple is working on an ipad based device that will offer smart home controls and video aiming to be some kind of a stationary, smart home hub and to do anything from FaceTime to controlling lights and TV settings and so on. The report says that the product would kind of of be like a low end iPad that would be mounted on walls or elsewhere using magnetic Fasteners. So I guess some kind of advanced Max save. What is interesting is that this description sounds pretty much exactly what Google is expected to do with their pixel tablets, as Google is basically pitching that as a tablet thats supposed to stay docked at home for the most part, so the two companies both seem to have Pretty much the same idea, while their competitors have struggled like Facebooks now dead portal, business or Amazons Echo business that has lost so much money that even Jeff Bezos must be at least a little bit sad about it. The same report also said that there would be a new Apple TV box coming in 2025 with smart speakers and a FaceTime camera, so its like an Apple TV, a homepod and a video conferencing tool all in one, not that I guess so with all that and The homepod, rising again from its grave and matter rolling out to most smart home devices, it looks like apple, is going to double down on their smart home pitch in the next few years.

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