So here is the unboxing first. So this is the box that it came in. We are going to unbox it. Apparently this is the download manual and the warranty card, and this is the tablet Music, its pretty small, but its more than enough Music for a beginner Music. So this is the artist glove Music, just put it on. So now we are going to its going to looks cool so now we are going to unbox that so this is the pen and the pen holder Music, so i saw there are nips in it, but okay, Music next up, is the main cable to connect it. So this is the cable Music, so these are the adapters Music, so it has these rubber pads behind it, so it doesnt keep sliding on the table and theyve. Also, given us, this l shaped micro, usb port micro, usb port uh. It would have been good because they they could have well upgraded to technology with a usb c port, but again most people dont care. Really there we go so now. Uh lets see how smooth this thing is. Okay, that feels so smooth to remove the name. We can just and pull it Music.