You might not be able to buy a graphics card right now, but if you want to make your pc look nice and add some more fps with that rgb only partially joking stay tuned to today’s video, because we’re going to show you five of our recommended things That you can do, but before we talk about that, let’s hear a word from today’s sponsor today’s video is brought to you by gvg mall, the online marketplace to gain access to some really awesome, discounted game keys and more specifically, windows, 10 licenses. All you have to do is use the link in the description down below go to gmg’s mall’s website use code tv20 to get 20 off of your purchase, really easy to activate your windows, install buy the key, you get the key, and then you can just throw It into your windows, install of choice and boom. There you go. You have activated windows 10 ready to go so thanks again to gbg mall for sponsoring today’s video. So these five upgrades that we have we bought straight from amazon. You can get all different kinds of variations them so links in the description down below they’re affiliate links. They do help us out, but the five things that we think are the biggest bang for the buck as far as aesthetics go. So how do i not waste? Any more time and dive into our number one recommendation most of the time rgb fans, because you can see right here: there’s, no rgb and the fans aren’t even working now that i’m, looking at it so there’s a problem going on here.

Let’S talk about that. So this pc that we have here guys we’ll, be honest: it’s, pretty cool it’s it’s, actually really high in pc. So we actually just turned these fans off because they’re already rgb, but the fans that we do recommend are up here fans. We absolutely love these fans because, anywhere from like 25 to 35 dollars, they have a lot of different variations. You can get five to six of these up your fans and i’ll, just kind of show you guys what they look like real quick, but they basically come in a pack and they come with an rgb hub. We really like fans that come with a centralized connector, because it just makes it so much easier to get them all working and you don’t use software anything with these. It literally comes with this hub. You plug all your fans in a single connector, and then you have a remote that comes in there and you can change the colors and whatnot. You can even run it off with a reset switch, which pretty much every case has so i’m going to go ahead and plug these fans back in. So you guys can just see the difference. Let’S drop the screw, but yeah. We just wanted you guys to see the difference on how amazing some rgb makes the build look, but yeah that’s, i mean it’s just insane at how much um aesthetic you know just three. Actually, no, we have yeah, no three there’s, only three rgb fans, these ones up here, aren’t even rgb.

So you know if we really wanted to. We could add the up here fans, but then we’d have two different brands of fans, and that gets a little bit finicky at times, but yeah. All these, like cheap rgb fans, are pretty much the same yeah. I really like these like easy, diy ones, that we got they’re. Actually really nice and jack’s gon na cut his finger, but uh yeah, rgb fan’s super easy to add. As long as you can add fans – and you have the room to actually power them, then yeah rg fans are a great upgrade let’s go ahead and try something else. Next up are sleeved cables. Now sleeve cables come in different little variations. These right here actually pretty special. They are about forty dollars altogether, which is well not super expensive. You can go really high in with some sleeve cables and spend a ton of money, but we prefer the amazon special. These are the easy diy fab or the fab. Basically, what they are are sleeve cables. They are white, but the beauty of them is they come with cable, combs that have rgb on them. They do sell like rgb cables that you can get but they’re very expensive. So this is kind of like the cheaper alternative and it actually is from easy diy, the same brand that we use these rgb fans with. So in theory, we could plug it all into the same hub as long as that.

Actually works. We’Ll check the connector to make sure, but everything can sync up and have no problems whatsoever. So what we’re going to go ahead and do is open this thing up and again in theory with me being able to plug it up to the hub because it may or may not actually work. Most of these hubs are pretty much the same though they use the same like cheap proprietary connectors. So sometimes you can’t mix and match some of these brands. But don’t quote me on that. So we’re going to open this thing up, look at all these little cable, combs, so they’re kind of cute see they have little connectors right here they go on the 24 pin. I don’t expect to use a ton of these i’m, probably just going to use the 24 pin honestly the rest of these seem kind of extra and will take a lot of time for me to run, kill cones by those fans. So we’re gon na go ahead and use these and then run the rest uh the same way but yeah just extensions. All you got ta do is plug in your uh well connector into here from your power supply plug it in there boom easy to go. Um yeah let’s just switch with time lapse real, quick and upgrade this thing: Music. Okay, so we got the combs all set up and i’ll be honest. They look pretty good. Now we did use a lot of them on this gpu connector.

In theory, it comes with enough for basically two on each cable. As you see right here on the 24 pin, we have two um. It would be nice to have a little bit more coverage right here, but it still looks really nice. It does not work with the rv fans we have here there’s in theory. You could get something that would work with it, but it really comes with just a three pin uh arg header for like your motherboard, but it does come with an adapter to go to molex. So if you really just want to run off that and then use the remote that it comes with, you can use that to change the modes but, of course, we’re sticking with good old plane rgb, and we have the case fans running off the rgb. Well, rgb. The reset button that allows us to change the mode so we’re not messing with them, so do keep that in mind, but it was pretty simple to put together. The only issue is you’re kind of like daisy chaining, these little connectors. So you do have these like black cables behind here, which are not the prettiest in the world, but you can just zip tie like jackson did here and then tuck them and you really don’t notice it so for a 40 upgrade i’m actually really happy with these Sleeve cables let’s go ahead and test something else. So next up on this list is the gym or gim rgb strip.

Now this isn’t, your typical rgb strip, it’s more of a brick, a rectangle normally when we say rgb strip, we’re talking about uh. These strips that are flexible, this, not flexible, it’s, literally just a magnet, so you could actually do that. It comes with a magnet on two of the sides, so you’d actually put it two different ways: um, but the whole concept of this – and this does just use a three pins ring but like matt, was saying to me earlier hook, it straight up to the same Circuit that the rgb combs are on so that’s good um, but yeah. You can just put this anywhere in your case. This is probably one of the easiest upgrades i can think of, because even rgb strips take a little bit of effort. You actually have to stick them. You have to run them in certain ways. Now the one good side, though, with rgb strips you can hide them. So this might be really bright and you might hate it, but i guess we’ll just find out by installing it let’s. Do it real quick now one thing to mention is these: do come in multiple sizes? I got the smallest one because well i assumed we were going to use a smaller case, jackson’s head’s just right there, but basically all he’s going to do i’m thinking just like right next to the 24 pin, maybe if it’ll actually fit up right there, that works Too i don’t know if it’ll fit in there or, if it’s, going to hit a fan.

Does this make a whole lot of sense? I don’t really know it’s just kind of an extra like. I just wanted to try it honestly and just see how bright it is. Okay, so i had to like really crank down our camera settings here, but this thing is like really bright. Um here i’ll go back to normal settings. You can uh kind of see what we’re talking about here, but uh, yeah, it’s, very bright adds a lot of color um. I mean you have a bigger case. You probably could run this like. We were thinking on this back panel right here or maybe, if you had extra space between the two fans, something that glows inside the case um, but basically it’s, just like an rgb strip on steroids, that’s like the best way to say it. What could even technically go like under the gpu, but i don’t know it kind of looks like it’s meant to be there a little bit. So what do you think? What do you think about this yeah so bright so bright, but uh yeah? But you know what we have another upgrade. I don’t really think it’s gon na fit now. Oh yeah, now we’re gon na probably have to move that so uh yeah we’ll try to fit that let’s go. So if you really just want to use it as a glorified rgb strip, i mean you can like this um. But at this point you might as well just get an rgb strip, but i mean i guess, it’s a little bit brighter than a normal archery ship right.

Maybe i don’t know it is it’s, definitely brighter so yeah. You got that going for you, but you can put it up there or you can put it down there like we had it before let’s. Try the next thing and look at this. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a product from deepcool. This is the gh01 argb. It is literally a gpu riser. This is your gpu sag and you want to add. Some extra rgb definitely check this out, link in the description down below uh but yeah. Hopefully this uses a really easy, rgb connector. The only thing i’m kind of worried about is the clearance on this. We really do not need this. In this case, it does not it’s, not a necessity. I’Ll be honest with you, but um. If you have a bigger case at home, it could be a necessity. Um, oh, wait: okay, here’s this! This is the rgb portion i’m, trying i’m learning this as i go. How does it hold? I guess you use this thing right here and then we screw it into a certain point: okay, so there’s the riser um. In this case, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as we mentioned, but if you did have a bigger case, this would look kind of cool, especially if you have like a deep cool case, and you want to have an extra deep cool product in there And they’re really cheap they’re under 20 bucks.

So if you really are having issues with your gpu stacking, definitely consider picking this thing up because it’s a nice little addition to your setup. So this next upgrade is very choice. Oriented we chose columbus from zombieland, but uh yeah. You can just take one of your favorite pop figures. Now you know don’t forget you’re, opening it up you’re losing value here, but yeah take your favorite pop funko or you know, whatever you can put pretty much anything. You want inside of your computer case, just keep in mind. If you go to move it, you really need to adhesive it down or take it out. A lot of people just set them in there and they don’t move the computer. So it’s fine he’s, not really gon na i mean he could fit like here that actually looks kind of cool isn’t it yeah there he is, he could fit right there. We could also technically put them on like the gpu back plate, scary, big head: can you move their heads? There you go. We got christopher columbus and our pc the man to explore the united states. Oh no into the fanny goes but uh yeah. That kind of rounds up the upgrades, let’s uh, just uh, wrap this video up real quick. Shall we, with a couple honorable mentions that we suggest all right guys? So if you want to know what a monstrosity of a pc looks like this is the prime example right here – and i know a lot of you are probably like why didn’t you upgrade the stock cooler.

You know what we feel really dumb doing this video and then realizing. We get all these upgrades and no stock cooler upgrade but really it’s a build that doesn’t really need a customer hold on hold on wait. I i perfect upgrade perfect. Here we go here’s a recommended upgrade boom it’s upgraded cool there you go just like that, that’d be great, but honestly we just didn’t really want to install a custom cooler to it, because one it’s going to be given away well, it’s already been given away by The time you see this video but stock cooler is fine, but of course, if you’re at home – and you have a pc like this – upgrade the cooler too, because it’s not only going to look better it’s going to actually give you more f bus or fps. Everything else we did was purely aesthetic, so this is the one upgrade you could actually do. That would be aesthetic and add some performance in theory, and then another honorable mention that we really have to add well. Two of them really is cable, management’s, really important. Right now, it’s like a mess back here, but cable management up front. We did really good and that just adds a whole lot of aesthetic to the front of the pc, because if you have cables going all over the case, they just look really bad. So that is like a free upgrade. You can do all you need a pair of scissors or cable cutters and then some zip ties or even twist ties.

You know, take your mom’s bread ties and just tie them on there, and then the other upgrade that i, i really think is important is case swapping if you ever have an old, hp and old dell, something that can be swapped into a cool case like this. We highly recommend doing a k swap as well so once again, if you want to buy any of the stuff, we show in today’s video link in the description down below. There are buildings that do help us out and if you guys have any suggestions for other videos like this in the future, let us know in the comment section down below so, if you guys haven’t already don’t forget to check out our other two youtube panels and Also, our slash toaster bridge where we do build these live and give them away and don’t forget to like comment and subscribe. We’Ll see you guys the next one goodbye, so you guys wan na well upgrade yourself get some merch teespring toasty bros link in the description down below.