Knockover stand Music, camera Applause and i think its less than 200 grams memory, which is extendable up to 128 gigabyte sd card. An operating system yeah i interface and running effect – i very smooth now so eight core processors up to 1.6 gigahertz, atmeronashan, 3d graphics, acceleration like a sim card economic 4g network phone call. It also supports lte, wi fi display with one two eighty by eight hundred resolution. Metanarration, gps: okay, in fact install an operator on google, find my device or connectivity. I am bluetooth connection at 40, inches of wi, fi and so hot spot angle, Music, graphics. I have very useful sheltering online learning, video or netflix for up to 10 hours up to six hours for gaming, naman makandarena experience, datosa p80x, the high resolution and graphics, enjoyment of games for social media like facebook and very smooth. Then your hanging page scroll up and down amazing x, modeling screen, so i suggest now: 4, 4599, so less than 5 000 in performance and tablet thats my cover stand and free delivery online school.