This is a hundred and eleven dollar tablet that the folks from DHgate, calm sent to the show to review has got a ten inch screen on board a 1.5 gigahertz. All winner, a 23 processor and it’s, as generic as you can get, but it seems to actually work pretty well. This is a 1080p real time rendered benchmarking test from future mark and it’s. Keep it up. You know, let’s, keep it up. Okay, it’s certainly not going to challenge your xbox for dominance, but it can certainly keep up with the graphics without crashing and that’s. Really all you can ask for with a device at this price point: it’s got a 1024 by 600 display so it’s, not the most high res screen, you’ll ever see in your life, but it’s, certainly usable it. Has the Google Play Store running Android 4.2.2 it’s got a gig of ram on board 16 gigs of on board storage, so certainly capable of running most of what you would normally run on an Android tablet, but at a significantly less expense or cost and that’s a Good thing, especially, you got kids or you don’t want bad things to, or you expect bad things that happen to your tablet. You can you maybe afford to lose 100 tablet versus an 800 tablet. The only things that you’ll notice with it is at the screen. As you, you know, if you kind of tilt it away from your face, you’ll quickly lose the image that so it really wants a direct view and because of just how that screen is laid out, it almost feels like it’s, been oriented pixel wise more for landscape Than portrait, because when it goes into portrait mode, it just looks a little funky and it’s.

Not even you know anything. Software related it’s, something with the display hardware, so you really want to keep it looking this way on the landscape mode, to keep things going there port wise. It has a couple of ports. Onboard you’ve got a memory card slot for a micro SD card. I guess they call these CF cards overseas, because I’ve never seen I’ve seen a bunch of Chinese products now calling them TF cards, but micro SD card goes in. There comes with an AC power adapter, so you can charge it up there. You have a reset button here for the obvious resetting that you may want to do over time. I also has a USB host adapter onboard and what you do with that is. You can plug in keyboards and other devices that Android recognizer, so we’re gon na plug in a little Nintendo joystick in a moment to do that and you got a headphone port and, of course, the power button there and a camera for a video conferencing. It’S also got a camera on the front as well, so pretty complete little tablet and you know I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and it just seems to be working pretty well. All things considered – and I think the you know the most important thing with these tablets, especially these inexpensive ones, ice to set your expectations appropriately, you’re, not spending 800 on this tablet, you’re spending like 112, so you know just kind of keep yourself aware of what you’re.

Looking at there I’m just gon na plug in this joystick real quick into the host adapter, and you can see how that works. So basically, what will happen is once I plug this in it will recognize it as a USB device and what they do is they give you an adapter cable so that you can get that micro USB plug into a standard USB plug so we’ll just plug this. In there, like that, I’ll pop open, my Nintendo emulator and we’ll go back to my Super Mario Brothers, 3 game. I was playing before with the Nestea mu and you can see here we’re able to use a little controller and move our character around and whatnot. Now the tablet was sent to us from DHgate, comm and they’re kind of like an Amazon and that they they basically transact the transaction between you and a manufacturer so you’re buying it from DHgate but it’s, getting shipped to you from a partner manufacturer that they are Selling on behalf of so, if you have an issue, they will resolve it for you, but you’re really kind of working. You know through them to get to the manufacturer and they’ve got a lot of neat stuff on the page here, of course, the usual product info. But you can also see the factory where this little tablet was born, so they give you a lot of background on the company that you’re buying from at the same time.

Now, if you go back up to their tablet, PC section, they have got a ton of stuff on here. Some of these are pretty inexpensive. So you’ve got like a tablet here with a keyboard built in or bundled in 53 dollars. For a you know, single quantity unit: if you want to buy in bulk, you can get better deals so there’s one on here, I think for like 43 dollars. If you buy 50, so you know you can buy 50 of them, mark them up a little bit and you’re in business. So a lot of options on here, but if you’re really looking for a cheap tablet, I think this is where you’re going to go. Most of these run Android, I haven’t tried most of them yet I’m gon na hope to get a few mortice to kind of see what see what a few of them can handle. But there is like pages and pages of these really expensive generic Android tablets that you can get really for almost pennies on the dollar so again set your expectations appropriately, because you know inexpensive tablets are not going to knock your socks off, but you know for a Lot of applications, especially things where you need to buy a lot of tablets for something and you don’t, really need a lot of horsepower. These might be something to take a look at, so that is the lenten a 10 inch tablet – and this is LAN Simon.