Now the old apartment was pretty much unbearable for me later on. In summer it became so hot in there was like a sauna. I called it the inferno where I was recording the videos because, as you can see right here, I've got this powerful studio. Light on I've got two of them set up and they pump out a bit of heat here. So what I've got now in this apartment? If you can see just right here, that's, no, not that fancy old 1960s light, it's, actually horrible that's something landlord doesn't want me to touch or remove right here, air conditioning. So that makes what I'm doing in here so much more bearable. Now I've got it set to about 21 degrees, 22 degrees Celsius and I'm, not a big sweetie Ric like I was in the old place, so give you a quick little tour around here and not much has changed now, as you've, probably known from my videos. If you watch them, I don't do all that fancy stuff. I don't have fancy LEDs. In the background. I find some of that a little bit distracting now I do shoot outside and I do sometimes do shots with my cat and things but that's back at my house. So you can see here that's the Chewie sir book that I'm currently reviewing got the stylist here. I'M, just gon na go through a couple of examples of the stylist use. This is the jumper easy book three plus that review, hopefully, is gon na be coming out this week.

So not much has changed. I still have the same camera I'm, trying to tweak the audio on things and I've got my desk 4k monitor sorry, TV it's not actually a monitor, it's, a TV that I use hooked up to my desktop brick there, which is a risin 1700 overclocked to four Gigahertz really good set that up on a budget that machine there and overall for the price I'm very pleased with the performance it's even faster than my home, desktop by 7 6800 K that I had that other hick circle there. So I'll give you a quick little tour around it's, nothing special! You can see that this floor is very, very old, the style these tiles, like the granite, planner style to them. The mix stonework you don't know if it's, clean or dirty. I guess that could be a good thing, maybe not a bad thing anyway. Let'S have a look at the other rooms around here and still have the same setup with my lens, which is that 16 to 105 millimeter. I think it is 18 sorry to 105 the sony a6300 no plans to upgrade that yet budgets a bit tight on camera equipment and things like that. I really do want a 4k 60 frames per second camera, but the gh 5 just turned out to be quite disappointing, with its focus issues, so never bother to invest in that there. So there are some natural light that comes in from here.

A lot of noise outside because it's apartment right in town – hopefully I can block out most of that now I can't put it any phone on the walls. Nothing like that. So I've just got an old mattress here up against the wall, to try and cut down on the echo or the the sound rebounding off the walls, so that's something I'm gon na have to pay attention to. I don't really like echo, of course, most people don't, and we have a lock here in front a little room that I could also possibly use. The problem with this room is that it is very loud on the corner here, even though it does have double glazed windows and shutters and things there is just so much traffic that goes past there. So a lot of run this I just dumped a lot of gear in here at the moment still moving around and in this room here is just another spirit room, so this looks like an old grandma's flat, an apartment really quite rundown and old, but it is Only for the channel so not too much of a problem there, small little bathroom that I will never probably ever use my show me me: 365, electric scooters still going strong I've done a lot of kilometres on this thing. Now really do you like it here is the rundown old kitchen, and then there is a long and skinny lounge area here that again, that I hope will probably never actually be using, but plenty of space here that I don't need.

I really only need one room, but I can't really just like an office. One turns out to be more expensive than this place here and then, of course, there's a tiny little balcony there, where that air conditioning unit is working hard to keep the room, nice and cool. So there we go that's behind the scenes here. So this is where I will now be recording all the line – videos. It is nothing flash, but the main thing for me is: it is number one our lot cheaper number two, which is really probably the main thing, is that a it's got air conditioning so I'm, not cooking myself, trying to record these videos like the older apartment and Of course there is a third, I still have my fiber optic connection, which is really really fast because back home. This is the whole reason I'm. Here in my house, I only have about a 1 Meg upload, no sorry, that's, download, I'm Meg download and about 0.1 0.1 upload, and I shoot in 4k, and sometimes my videos are quite long. It can be around 7 to 8 gigabytes and if you've ever tried to upload 7 or 8 gigabytes on about a hundred kilobytes per second upload raid, forget it man game over. It just does not work, and I used to drive down to town here to upload. My own videos – and that was a real hassle so now it's all based just out of the room here.

So this is where I come in the afternoons. Do the reviews and be clean, my up and coming I'm expecting to get the Xiaomi me mix to this week, which are all start to review and use for a week or two before I post the full review so look out for the unboxing video, hopefully Thursday, Friday and then, of course, the review there of the jumper easy book, 3 plus or the naming system so confusing, and then the Chui server, which is right there. That is my next review. I am working on so thank you so much guys for supporting me for following the channel and everything it is really I'm really grateful for that, because without all of the people following me, I wouldn't even be in this room right here. I wouldn't have moved the studio would be doing nothing. I would probably actually be on the beach somewhere and stairs stuck in this room anyway.