Giveaway video I've got a lot of stuff going on on the channel at the moment. So I figured it'd be a good idea to just do a quick video and show you some of the stuff they've got going on. So you've got an idea of what's coming up and what we'll also give away? I mean who doesn't like free stuff right. If I look a bit tired, it's just because I've been up for 24 hours, I got back from a conference in New Zealand and I'm in Australia, so that was an international flight. I basically woke up at 200 a.m. my time upon returning there. I did notice that the channel had passed 1 million views for the last 30 days, which is pretty crazy, that's. The first time that's ever happened, so thanks for watching alright. So, first up in terms of laptops, I've got the apex 15 from aftershock here, they're an Australian company but they're also based in Singapore and a few other locations. If the laptop looks familiar it's because it probably is it's pretty much the exact same as the popular electronics 15 – that a lot of you guys been requesting me to look at. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get that specific model because of international shipping. It just would have cost way too much to get it over here, but yeah. This is pretty much the same thing, so that should be up pretty soon. Here, I've got a couple of sticks of memory that I got through the error 15x, as I mentioned before.

It came with one stick of Ecola memory in single channel and that memory you can't seem to actually buy anywhere. So I figured I would sell the stick that was in it and then just buy two sticks that are actually supported and just go for 32 gig. Dual channel straightaway, so that will happen soon. I might do an upgrade video on it and also maybe swap out the paste and add in an SSD I don't know. Let me know if you'd be interested in that I guess and down the floor. I'Ve got the Auris x7 it's I'm, pretty much done with that. So there should be some more videos on that coming soon, but yeah that's that one's basically done and next to that was just a bunch of thread rip of stuff which I need to send back. I think the videos of this are all done. I had the 29 or was at 29th 70w X, 1920 X and 2920 X, sobered down a couple beers on those, but you guys don't seem too interested cuz. Well, I guess compared to the laptops they want. Viewed. Nearly as much so moving on so I've got a few things here. Quite quite a few interesting things. First, up in the center is the Auris 2080 TR. So if you've seen any of my recent CPU comparison, videos, you probably would have noticed that mean testing with the 1080 prior to now pretty much you guys peer, pressured me into buying something better.

So I can properly do 1440p and 4k testing, so you got turned up the other day and hopefully soon we'll have some better benchmarks with that guy and I at that time I only had the 9900 K and the 2700 X, which is what's currently in this System here now for testing, but I've also bought quite a few more CPUs, so there's gon na be a fair amount of comparisons. Coming up, I've got the 2600 X over here: 9700 k9 600 K, ie 700 K and 8600 K, so yeah it's gon na be a fair amount of cpu comparisons. Coming up over here, I've also got a Verizon 3 and a 3 CPU I've had these for ages, I've been meaning to get around to comparing them, but just how didn't have the time so that's on the to do list also I've also got some more graphics Cards other than just this 2080 TI, which I bought MSI, actually sent over 20 atti yesterday or the day before and 227 TS. So hopefully there should be some comparisons with those and also a TX DeMars. Now that that's actually a thing in least battlefield 5. I think, and speaking of comparisons, just in case you don't, like CPUs I've – got a bunch of graphics cards here, so I bought most of these secondhand. Some of them were new because there are a lot of good sales on at the moment. So I figured I might as well stock up on the current generation and then, when the new stuff comes out, I'll have a lot of things to compare to so you'll actually be able to get an idea.

You know how the old stuff stacks up. I guess and find out if it's still worth it for a lower price does that should be interesting but again that's a lot of graphics cards there it's gon na take a while to test out all right and finally for the giveaway comb. Computers actually going to be giving away one razer, blackwidow, x, keyboard and one thermaltake massive 20 RGB laptop cooler, which is what this guy here is and as per the name. It is indeed massive. This thing is pretty big. I haven't tested it out yet, but should be doing that later this week. So look out for that it'll be the first laptop cooling pad I've actually had on the channel. I'Ve been meaning to get one for a long time, because I do do a lot of thermal testing with laptops on the channel. So I figured it would probably make sense to also include data with cooling pad. So then, you can see if it actually makes a difference or not, because obviously, with some laptops that have evidence down the bottom, it could make a significant difference, whereas others that are just a flat body, like I suppose, a MacBook or the SU Sepphoris M. For instance, that is flat, so you know cool the pad. Probably isn't gon na help us much there, so that'll be interesting to find out, but yeah anyway, you'll have a chance to win either one of these or a Razer BlackWidow X, which I do not have here.

Unfortunately, ba they'll be a link in the description for the giveaway and massive thanks to Khan computers for saying one of these over and also sponsoring their giveaway. So the giveaway of the keyboard and cooling pad will be up for a week. Unfortunately, it is only open to people in Australia that wasn't my choice, a top takong they're, the ones that have to ship these products out. So I mean you can complain about it. I guess if you're, not in Australia, but you know if it wasn't for them. I wouldn't be giving anything away, so I think it's, pretty cool of them, that we actually have something to give away on the channel. Just use the giveaway link in the description – and I think all you'll need to do is be subscribed to the channel. And then you can get additional entries if you like the Facebook page and also follow a follow on Twitter and then also do the same for home computers. So yeah that's pretty much what I'm working on at the moment. There is quite a lot to get done and undoubtedly there will probably be some more laptops on the way I'm still waiting to get the Alienware m15, the msi ge70 5 and the SU Sepphoris s. So all of those guys said they will be sending the laptop server I'm just waiting for them to have them other than that I'm going up to Sydney sometime in the next week for an Acer event, so in theory they should be showing off some new products.

There so or I don't know, if I'll make a video about it, I guess it depends what they have to show. If it's anything cool, there probably will be a video I'll bring the camera just in case. Yes, I guess we'll see next year, I might be going to see us in January it's not really confirmed yet still working out the details, but yeah that should be really cool because obviously there's probably going to be a whole bunch of new stuff. There. All kinds of different laptops and other technology, so yeah that'll be really cool. If I get to kind of that, so I think that's, all I'm working on at the moment, probably forgotten a few things there's a lot of stuff going on at the moment. As you can see with all this stuff behind me, a lot of things coming a lot of events coming up just lots of stuff happening, yeah, massive thanks to Khan computers for sending over the cooling pad and obviously providing the cooling pad and raise a keyboard for The giveaway so again make sure you check out the link in the description to enter the giveaway and I'll.