This is going to be the last CES video were going to get started with JBL and their new pair of wireless earbuds. The JBL tour pro 2. and the big difference with this upcoming earbuds is that the earbuds are going to have a screen on the case, and that might seem like something that you might be like. Whats. The point because we havent really seen earbuds that have a screen on the case, but this can actually be useful. Were talking about a 1.45 LED touch screen where you get the core features that come on the JBL app, meaning that youll be able to activate noise. Canceling youll be able to check the battery status for each earbud, and the case you also be able to change EQ, presets and check the time now display is going to turn on once you touch the screen or once you lift up the lid on the case. This can actually be useful because sometimes, when Im using the earbuds Pro, I want to know how much battery is on each pattern. The case itself, and the only way to do it, is go into my phone opening the case and getting the little display. Letting me know what information Im looking for so having a small screen here will be very, very helpful. I dont necessarily need to have access to the EQ or the noise canceling directly on the case, because, if Im going to be using those features that earbuds are most likely already in my ears so most likely.

I can just use it by doing the Swap and typing tapping on that on the earbuds or on the phone. Now I dont know if I am sold on everything that JBL is trying to give us on this screen. It seems like a lot of information and its also going to be a touch screen, but these cases tend to be in your pocket, meaning that that could easily get swiped and Trigger. When you are, you know carrying that little case in your pocket, if youre running or you know just walking around Im, not very sold on how that is going to work. The other thing that seems obtrusive to me is theyre going to send you notifications on the screen, so they wont show you any text. For example, if you have messages, but you will be able to tell if you have any messages waiting which really see for just looks like more clutter information on a screen but its a good first attempt, I guess well see how that works. When that earbuds release later this year, if there wasnt enough, get ready to get a new Xbox controller from Rog that is going to have also a screen on the top now, why might you need a screen on your Xbox controller? The screen is going to allow you to tell what profile you might be using at them at the moment. So if you want to switch profiles, as you are able to do with some of these controllers, youll be able to tell web profile youre on, but just looking at the screen, youll be able to customize messages and information.

You know little animations and things on the screen to make the controller your own youll be able to also know when the device is pairing. Youll be able to tell you battery life in it its going to have a bunch of LEDs on the front useful. I will say very very little: I am selling the a little short its going to come equipped with Bluetooth, low latency 2.4 gigahertz RF mode. It is going to also have a USBC Port. It is also going to have ESS DAC a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. The name of that controller is going to be Ray, Carry Pro, it is considered a pro PC controller. So if you are a Pro Gamer youre, like Pro things, this controller is going to be the Pro Controller for your pro gaming sessions. If you were thinking hey, why isnt there a screen in another place for me to look at in my life, the Rog controller. Has you covered lets talk about a laptop that caught my attention. This one comes from Lenovo and its part of their yoga. Lineup of laptops, if youre not familiar with the yoga lineup, it means that the screen can fall all the way to the back. You can make it and you can give it different shapes pretty much which makes the laptop more versatile, where you can use it. As a tablet, at least thats how it got started, that was the original concept. Well, now it has evolved and now were going to be getting the yoga book 9i laptop, which was shown at CES.

It is going to have a dual OLED display which is going to make it so you can open a display on the top of the other display. The laptop is going to have a removable keyboard, so you cannot only have it, as I just mentioned, but youll be able to also put it side to side so, like a folio type of device, the other panels are going to support 2.8 K resolution. Hdr multi touch gestures and its going to be 13.3 inches with a 6 by 10 aspect ratio. It is going to come equipped with four Bowers and Wilkins branded speakers, which include two tweeters and support, of course, Dolby Atmos, because why wouldnt it? This is going to be a pricey device if you werent, expecting it to be already when it includes two OLED screens and its going to start at 2099.99. So 2100 is going to come equipped with a 13 gen Intel Core i7 u15 processor is going to have that Intel, Iris, XE, Graphics, 16, gigs of RAM and a 512 gigabit or one terabyte SSD when it comes available in June. This laptop as cool as in my look, it might not necessarily meet your gaming needs if youre a gamer or your productive needs. If you are someone who is a conting production person, I dont know why Im talking like that right now, but um yeah. So I dont understand when companies make something like this, that is as price as it is.

Why wouldnt they just speak it out right its its twenty one hundred dollars just to start – and I know the price physical stuff because of the old screens, but we threw a little bit more Tech in there. It will make that person who, whom does video content or photoshop or CAD or any of those kind of things it will make it where the person will probably want to get something like that versus what I just read, which its not horrible, but its. Not really. What you need this concludes my CES coverage. I was hoping to do more videos, but I was on a trip in Peru, which is where Im originally from visiting family friends and seeing the sides. I was glad to make the videos that I was able to make, as you might understand, while youre on a trip its hard to find time and space to to make videos. But I was able to do some of what I wanted to do. Im. Finally, going to be able to be moving to a place so Im going to have a dedicated space where I can continue making more videos theres a lot of things that I have planned for this year, a lot of big things I have planned for this year. So stay tuned to the channel make sure you subscribe grab make sure you hit that Bell, so you can be alerted when we have new videos. If you have any comments, questions go ahead and leave them in, of course, the comment section Im interacting with everybody: there.

All of that time, yeah lets start 2023 with a bang thats the bang thats it.