It seemed like – and i think i only put a couple of of the news bites in here, of course, the tv news that i just mentioned – we talked we mentioned briefly earlier ben. I think you mentioned the uh, the rollable tablet concept, and this is actually really interesting because it’s not just rollable it’s, like a scroll, uh, so literal, and i feel like this – has been a topic of conversation on this show before where we would finally get to The point to where it’s like a pulling out scroll and that’s exactly what it is burke, if you, if you um scroll down on the page, you will get to a uh, an animated, uh gif of the scroll in action below that so that’s it pulling. And then scroll down below that, even and you will find this – it doesn’t even look like it. Doesn’T look, weird it’s nuts, the older early prototypes that we had like in the early 2010s were very just sort of uh. They looked like they looked like they were really just they were very unvarnished. They were very rough right and this looks nice. It looks approachable, it looks pretty approachable like it’s a person well, but the the the the mechanism itself that behind it looks a little chunky. Doesn’T it a little chunky, the display itself looks much more approachable, i think. But yes, i agree with you: it’s still it’s chunky compared to what we’re dealing with now.

It does look like an old timey scroll. You know like back in the in the shakespearean times or whatever, where they expand that and then the thing comes out of it, and so i kind of like that historical relevance that it might have um this is this is glorious. I i the the age of the rollable is i’m i’m, just all in on it. I couldn’t be more excited and, and ben tcl’s been really active with um a lot of their different reference designs, and everything are so. I know that they’re active in in showing everybody hey. This is what we’re working on check out all these different, unique things that we’re doing but i’m having a hard time pointing to anything that’s like, and this is what it led to to your knowledge. Are they coming out with like, like the phones that they announced at ces, are very much not this right, they’re very much like i had to like fight to try and find anything unique about them, they’re pretty basic uh. Are they actually ever gon na release these devices to your knowledge, uh? I think they’ve very they’ve said in the past that uh right now it’s just concept proof of concept. You know we’re capable of this, but uh it’s gon na be a while it’s yeah they’re. Definitely not ready yet um but it’s interesting to see where they’re going with it, and i hope, like the the one that we’re showing on screen the one that scrolls that, like spans upward, i think, is a genius idea.

It’S, i think it’s uh, like you know, you have the galaxy z flip, which gets smaller by folding, but that seems way more practical, just rolling the screen up to get more screen um. So i hope that one comes to market, but i don’t think they have officially said anything about bringing any of these rollables foldables whatever to market yeah they’re capable they’re capable of prototyping these things and not just like here’s. A digital render they’re capable of coming up with these unique ideas in actual hardware uh that can demonstrate their technology i’m. Just waiting for tcl to then go, and here it is you’ve, been waiting check it out. You can finally have the scrollable that we’ve been showing off, maybe that’s the idea behind the next paper, which they also showed off it’s an android tablet e reader and i’m confused on this one, because they talk about a quote artistic combination of screen and paper. A paper like visual experience in full color with no flicker and no harmful blue light, essentially they’re talking about a display that isn’t a traditional display but it’s. Also not e ink it’s meant to be an android tablet and an e reader. I, at the end of all of that, i still have no idea what the display actually is. What am i missing? What am i missing yeah? This is the device that makes me wish. Ces was in person, yes, uh, yeah yeah it.

It sounds so cool, but i can’t tell how it works and like if it’s, full, color and it’s full android does it have any respectable, refresh rate that makes it usable or it’s it’s real confusing sounds like a good idea. Yeah yeah, i just want to know more about okay. Well, if this isn’t your your standard, you know display, then what is it. It was a lot of jargon and not a whole lot of like and this, and this is how we can explain it so that you understand it, given that you can’t be here turns out, we won’t have to wait that long april 2021 is when it’s expected To release for 349 euros, um cousin of jean the chat room mentioned the yoda, yoda tab and the yoda phone and everything like yeah, that refresh rate you know if it’s eating that can be a little brutal on an actual tablet device. So how responsive is the next paper i’m really curious to see um i’ll also mention like for christmas. I ended up actually getting a um a kindle uh paper white. I never i’ve never had a kindle before uh, but i asked for one for christmas because i wanted a device that was nothing but reading like i want. I wanted a device that i couldn’t find myself heading down a rabbit hole of. Oh, no well, while i’m. Here, i’m going to check my twitter feed or something so there’s, something that i really enjoy about that because it only does that one thing and when i’m, in reading mode i just read, and so something like this is kind of like okay, well, it’s cool.

That does those extra things, but i kind of don’t want it to if it’s for reading. I want it to just be a reading device. I do. I do want to share this. One comment uh, so for those listening and watching the show. Burke is our tv behind the scenes and we have our little behind the scenes. Chat and burke did say – and i think this is great it’s with creates mystery, which is is not only poetic but also totally true um. The width does create mystery of this. Of this device so good job mark, i appreciate it.