Okay, so we’re going to start off talking about thermal. Take their divider series the tower 100 we’ll jump into in win and then finish up with faizon. So with thermaltake the divider series, we have four separate skus for that: the 500 tg, the 300 tg the 200 and the 100., the 200 and the 100 are mini and micro, atx cases kind of replacing the v3 and the v1 cases. To be completely honest with you, they look like little hot boxes. I’Ll love to get them test them out, see exactly how they perform, but i don’t have super super high hopes for them. Um, it looks like everything is kind of closed off in glass, with the divider, so we’ll kind of hold our breath on those two cases, we’re going to talk the most about the 300 tg there’s, a few things. I like a few things i don’t like um and obviously we’ll have to get our hands on it to test it, but the first thing: the divider, the name of the entire series, um you’re, buying a case. Most of us are probably going to get the rgb ones and the divider is cutting your viewing angle or your outside panel in half, so you’re only going to be able to see the right diagonal side. The left is kind of blocked off. With that diagonal cut there, the thing i don’t understand quite a lot about. It is obviously it’s not going to change airflow or anything, but you just can’t, see half of it so like you’re, buying an rgb set of cases, you’re gon na you know, sync that i assume to your motherboard, your gpu.

Maybe you have something like the ftw3, regardless of how you mount it vertically or normally you’re gon na see this much of it at that point, what’s the point of even having a window at all um, so that’s. My my main concern for the entire series is, i i don’t think it’s going to be well received, but there’s a couple things that are really good about it. A couple things i have concerns about, so the front panel pretty much closed off in glass. There seems to be a very small amount on the side that will allow those three fans to pull in some kind of air. Most of the airflow is going to be coming in from the backside. So this is a lot of like what the o11 dynamic does. Everything’S closed off, but it sucks in air from the back and then takes it out of the top or the rear exhaust. So at that point that it could do just fine there’s, just there’s thermal concerns there on exactly how well it’s going to be able to do, especially if you have your radiator set up there and it’s just going to be interesting to see exactly how that flows, Because if you have a radiator set up there, you have to pull that air through the radiator into the rest of the case and it it’s it’s not as easy as getting just a nice flow of air there, depending on exactly how you have it set up.

I’M sure you could put that rat on the front instead of the side. That is one thing that i do like is that, regardless of whether the radiator seems to be on that side or on the front panel itself, you’ll be able to fit fans next to it, there’s not going to be them kind of colliding, and you have to Pick one or the other, so i do think that’s nice they do use their thermaltake pcie switchable, so the tray where you can either mount it vertically for the gpu or not all together. Really pricing is where a lot of this comes down to so the rgb black is 109.99 there’s. No one fourteen. Ninety nine, no rgb black is 79.99 and snow, no rgb, 84.99, so i’m, assuming you’re getting three fans in every model; you’re, just not getting a rgb controller and rgb fans and the cheaper models. So now we’ll move on to the tower 100, which basically what they did was they took the tower 900 shrunk it into mini itx there’s. Some serious concerns about thermals. Here you can actually see this radeon looks like a reference 5700 xt, basically breathing glass, and, let me tell you any graphics card that’s vertically mounted within about an inch or two of glass is just going to be outrageously hot, so good concern there. But we’ll talk about dimensions, pretty quick, cpu, cooler height. You have 190 millimeters, the gpu 330. So i want to say this ftw3 it’s somewhere around three.

I think it would fit just fine power supply. You have 180 millimeters of space fan support on the top. You have 120 or 140 millimeters the rear, the exact same and radiator support. It only supports one 120 on the top drives. You get two two and a half inches. You can have two three and a halfs with no rear fan i’m curious about how exactly that. Would that would work thermally i’m interested in testing this case, because asus just brought out a very expensive uh mini itx case that’s, not really even mini it’s, pretty much. The full size of like a fractals, meshfic, um so i’m just curious, pricewise difference. The is around, i believe, 89.99. That asus case is about 300 bucks. So now let’s move on talk about in win, really quick. They have the 216 white. This really wasn’t, even a big, exhibit at ces it pretty much was just hey here’s some products that we have um the 216 kind of looks hot inwin is typically a case that you get if you’re going to do, custom, water, cooling, but hey you get a Strip of wood on the case, if you like um for the most part, what we saw that we really liked were their case fans, so you had jupiter those fans, look pretty cool, you have the saturn set of fans, which also, i thought looked pretty nice and I do like the naming scheme of both of those, and then you have the cyrus fans as well so um the thing that really stood out to me, which is a product that had already actually come out, the twin turbines, cooling system, sr pro aios.

I think this is kind of a revolutionary design. I’D love to get my hands on one i’ve been looking for one over the last couple of days with pretty much no avail i’d love to see how it how it actually works, just by kind of the animations of seeing exactly how both of the turbines spin Up allowing the water to come out of the radiator back in seemed to be like it’s kind of a revolutionary like design. I think it looks awesome having the giant turbine sitting on top of the cpu block, but i definitely need to get my hands on one to see how see how it plays an installation of it as well so they’re also making power supplies now. So you can get them on amazon, they’re, 80 plus gold, fully modular 850 or 650 to 850 watts, it’s, really just rebranded power supplies at that point um. The last thing that i want to talk about is faison. So faizon is a company. We actually had a zoom meeting with them. It was very humbling learned a lot. They designed the controllers for nand flash, so nan flash controllers are basically what controls everything on your memory, your ssds, your nvmes, your flash drives that’s that’s, what they design and there’s a. I don’t know exactly what i can talk about yet and what i can’t talk about, yet so we’re going to have a whole video detailing the entire meeting talking about what the future holds for gamers content, creators and it’s very, very, very exciting um, and i i Can’T wait to make that video going to be a lot of fun, so that was a very humbling experience for us being such a small channel can’t.

Thank those guys over there enough for making us feel, welcome and talking to us about everything, and it was definitely something that i’m super super interested in learning more about so um with that being said, we got a couple more videos coming for ces me and my Buddy kobe, over at kobe’s tech, you can check out his channel by clicking the link in the description down below we’re, going to have a little podcast wrapping everything up and then we’re going to have that faison, video as well and then we’ll see.