So the first question is: what is currently your go to for gaming, and why and what do you think, will be your next one well, I'm, not exactly sure if you're talking about gaming, pc or laptop I'm going to assume laptop as I'm, a laptop based channel To be honest, I don't really have time to do that much gaming like in the last six months. I think I've only played one game the whole way through which was control, and I did really like it. It was fun, but I did that on my PC. So I don't really use my laptop for actually playing games myself, but I do have a gigabyte or a 15 X, which is what I'm currently using here to edit all my videos with and it's definitely capable of playing games. I just don't use it that way because I'm at home, most of the time – and I have a much more powerful PC but that's me the next questions broken into two parts. The first one is products I loved the most in this CES. I only really had time to mostly focus on laptops and stuff because I suppose that's the content. You guys want to see for me if I had to pick probably that 12 core Rison laptop from clever, because that's, just something that hasn't been done before I mean have been obviously desktop. Cpus and laptops before, like the 9900 K in the Alienware 51 M or the MSI gt70 6 Titan, and there have been a few others from clever but to have 12 cores in a laptop.

I don't think that's being done before and the rise in 930. 900 that's – this is pretty crazy and I'm excited to see how that goes, and the second part of the question is the 4.2 gigahertz boost flock in the Verizon 7 4800 H, the boost frequency for all eight cores and the answer to that is no. Definitely not every time those max boost clock numbers are thrown around it's, always single core performance, never assume that that's multi core, so you'll only see that, in brief spikes in certain single threaded applications, once you throw a multi core work on there, it's it's just going To slow down a lot by how much it will depend on the specific, laptop it's, cooling solution and power delivery, things like that, so it'll vary by machine and really to to be able to say for sure how much it'll happen. You know I'll need the machines to test out, so we'll have to wait and see the next questions asking what my first trade show was see us, Computex or some other show. Did I get an invite from some brand or did I reach out to them? What was my reaction, so my first one ever was CES last year, so this is only the second time I've been. I did go to Computex last year as well and on all three instances. It was because MSI reached out and asked if I would be interested in them sponsoring the trip, and you know I wasn't going to be able to go otherwise.

So I was definitely interested in working with them and they've been really great so far, so hopefully that continues and I can keep going to shows and show you guys all the new stuff. The second part of that question is asking what it's like starting out asking brands for review samples and did I ever have to buy a laptop with my own money. So in the start, basically, what happened? Is I used to work for a company so before you pay did YouTube full time and I had a laptop there and it, you know, is pretty pretty beefy specs. It was actually a clever machine and I thought: hey there's, no, really, never Olympian information about this. On the Internet at the moment, so maybe I could make a video and see if people would find that interesting and turns out they did so after the video gained a little bit of traction. I reached out to the local company in my company that was reselling. The Kluber chassis, which was meta box in this case, who I still work with to this day, almost five years later, and I pretty much just said hey, I did this video on your product. Would you be interested in sending more? If you want me to do more videos – and they were really keen, so they sent another one and another one and another one another one and kind of went from there. The issue I had, I suppose, was a lot of people.

Didn'T weren't really familiar with the clever chassis and I suppose they still aren't really today they, you know apparently they're only really aware of the bigger brands like MSI seuss, that kind of thing, so what I guess did to kind of build up the channel with what I had to work with at the time was because I was still able to get access to all these laptops. I still had a lot of data from different benchmarks like CPU comparisons, GPU comparisons, that type of thing. So because I had all these numbers, I could make content that people still wanted to see and then you know, as I grew over time, it was easier to start asking larger brands. You know like hey, I have this channel. Would you be interested in letting me a laptop and I'd be happy to review it that kind of thing? So in some cases it would be a case of me reaching out and requesting this. Some companies still haven't responded to this day. That'S. Another story others have reached out to me first, which has been nice, so I think, for the most part at the moment of almost I've got I'm in contact with most of the big brands. So that's really good. But before that yeah I did have to buy a few with my own money that was mostly Lenovo, so I still earned the Y 530, the Y 540 and the o 340 certainly bought all those because you guys asked so much, and you know I knew a Lot of people wanted to see them and I was really interested in reviewing them, so I did what I could to make that happen now.

The question is top 5 favorites at CES. Well, I don't know if the video will be up by the time. This one goes up I'm, not sure which will be first, but I do have a best of CES video coming. So that will probably probably answer a lot of that. But I guess, if I had to think off the top of my head first, one would probably be that Rison base, clever laptop with a 12 course CPU that I already mentioned. Second, probably the associate, probably just because a lot of the other laptops that I saw were kind just like refreshes with the new risin parts, but that one was entirely. I guess a new completely new design that we haven't seen before so 14 inches with up to RTX 2060 and a cause of course, so that's that's pretty interesting and I can't wait to see that one. The other one would be the probably the sous studio book. One and that's just because it's it's, like two point: four centimeters thick 15 inch machine and it's got. Basically you know: NVIDIA Titan, r, tx graphics, equivalent for a laptop, which is the Quadra 6000. So it's got the same CUDA cores and 24 gig of VRAM, which is just crazy for a laptop 250 watt. Tdp, apparently I mean obviously don't expect it to run up to that in that chassis, especially given its also good in a core CPU, and, I think, was a 300 volt power brick.

So you know probably I'm gon na get full performance, but you know I like seeing powerful crazy stuff like that in a laptop, so that's nice, I think that's, three, so four and five there wasn't really that many new things, I guess, sir, I suppose I'd probably Pick for the four and five, maybe the asou stuff, a 15 and a 17 yeah, mostly because it's, if they'd appear to be bringing large 90 watt hour battery to machines that otherwise, you know and the past have had lower batteries, but are also supposed to be More budget friendly laptops, I mean that's what the tough brains meant to be anyway, wait you have to see the pricing so who knows, but yeah that was interesting and probably actually the msi gs70 65, the old one, the 66, that looked pretty good. It was just all blacked out, you know nice and thin. I don't know if the motherboards upside down, like the old one probably is, but it looked nice. Some nice changes. Nice improvements, apparently gon na, have 10th gen Intel CPUs, once those are out whenever that is and I'm guessing new Nvidia parts, because they wouldn't tell us what graphics were inside, but yeah we'll have to see. So I guess those are my top five. How are you well that's a question? I could use some sleep let's just let's. Go with that so I'm about to leave this hotel room and then I've got a 24 hour trip back home, probably won't be able to sleep on the flight because I just can't sleep sitting so that'll be a fun experience after a whole week of running around And not really sleeping much so pretty keen to get home and have a few days rest job beside YouTube.

Youtube is my full time job, so I actually quit my last full time. Job in April 2018 and I've been working on the channel full time ever since yeah it's been going really well, so I used to work as a penetration tester. So, basically, you know security trying to hack websites, kind of thing – and you know it was cool job sounds good, it's, pretty pretty fun, but I just enjoyed doing this more and I was doing both at the same time and it wasn't going very well because I Was essentially cutting my sleep schedule just so that I could maintain the channel and once the channel started to kind of build up, I just decided you know I just want to go all in on all in on this see how it goes. It'S been going pretty. Well, ever since, how long does it usually take you to make a review video thermal game test for review, so I don't actually know it's. Definitely a few days like when I say a few days, I mean like a few. Fifty nowadays like non stop work, so it is a lot of work, but what I'll do is almost always. I have multiple machines, multiple machines on hand at once that I need to review. So I don't just do one at a time because that would be very slow, so I try to have at least two going at once. Sometimes I have three going.

I find three is the best use of my time, but it's a lot harder to keep track of what I'm doing so two is, I think two is a good sweet spot. So then I don't, you know, start confusing things and that kind of stuff, because that's that's not gon na, be good but yeah with three laptops. I can essentially have one laptop doing a battery test because you know that's, just gon na sit there for hours, doing nothing except draining the battery, so that's no effort on my part. I can have thermal testing going at the same time because I have a table behind me where I sit, which is where I do all of that. So I can have the laptop just sitting there for hours. You know with the stress tests going and all the monitoring so that's, another thing that can just sort of run in the background I suppose I'm gon na do have to go over every half an hour or so to change the settings and get the results. But you know it's not that much effort realistically it's, more effort when it comes to the game component of the thermal testing, because I actually have to sit there and play the game so that's a few hours burnt there and then with the game tests. Well, I still use a lot of built in benchmarks for the games and in most cases a lot of that is press.

A button wait 1 to 2 minutes for results repeat so I can kind of do that, while working around the thermal testing and at the same time I might be writing up a script for another video or researching so there's, just a lot of stuff going all At once, to make the most out of my time so that's how I'm able I guess to get so much done, how do you think the Rison, 4800 H and 4800 HS would compare thermal output and actual performance wise, so the 4800 H is meant to have A 45 watt TDP and I think the 4800 HS is meant to be 35 watts and that's where the suits are using in the G 14. So I don't really know I mean they claim. It still gets good performance, but I understand why they need to cut back that 10 watts. It is a thinner machine in 14, inches still paired with up to RTX 2060 graphics, so some compromises do need to be made, but at the same time you know mb was saying the 4800 year with 15 watts is still excellent performance. I mean it's all yet to be seen but yeah, I kind of do get the feeling that, with 35 watts, you're probably still going to get a fair chunk of performance, because you know, as you keep going up and up, there is definitely diminishing returns at play. Before overheating starts to become an issue yeah, realistically, you have to wait and see until I can get birth for testing.

Second part of that question is also can Intel do something about their own chips. I think they're gon na be knocked out of the laptop space. Well, I think there's, probably still a while before that will happen, but you know I guess we'll see you have to wait and see how the new Rison cpus actually perform first, but yeah. It depends on how well 10th gen does, and at the moment I don't know when that is, I kind of have a feeling it's gon na, be before Computex. So I suspect at Computex, which is in June, that they'll probably be a lot more laptops on show there with all the new hardware, but yeah we're, just gon na have to wait and see if you were in the market for buying a new gaming laptop. Would you buy now or wait for the 2020 models to arrive so recommend buying now or wait? So with this question I always say it depends on whether or not you need something now or can you wait, but at the same time you don't want to keep waiting forever because there's pretty much always going to be something just around the corner right. So you don't want to get into that trick that, because I've had that with my desktop. So basically I waited like three years before I ended up pulling the trigger and buying something you just gon na get outdated, it's just how it is. If you need something new, then by now, if you don't, then wait the caveat to that, I suppose is, if you know there's something that's, you know like literally just around the corner.

In that case, you might as well wait because even if you don't get the new stuff, you could still pick up in my sale on the old bottles, so that's still perfectly fine. If I was buying now – and I was in it for pure gaming – I guess if money wasn't an issue personally, I really like the sous chef vs. GX 502, because he can get max P 2070 in such a thin machine. And yes, it does run hot, but you can disable the Intel graphics and that thing just performs very well for the specs on the mall budgets, I'd say a thousand US dollar price point. For me. I still recommend the ASA Helios 300, all in over y 540, depending on your region in some countries like the US I know the Helios is cheaper and it does perform better out of the box, but once you turn them, you know the performance is very comparable. It just depends if you're willing to do that, work yourself or not, and in some countries like mine, the Y 540 is actually five hundred bills cheaper than the Helios. So it really comes down to pricing in your region at the moment there. I suppose it is worth waiting here, maybe a month or two to see what the performance from these new Verizon CPUs is like. I know until 10th, gen is probably a few months away. Don'T really know when exactly, but I would I would expect within the next six months.

So if you wanted to wait could be worth waiting. But probably not is my guess, because I don't think the 10th gen H series is of major architecture change like I'm. Pretty sure it's still gon na be 14 nanometer, so probably not that much of a performance jump, maybe just a little bit of extra clock speed. That kind of thing I guess, similar or similar to what we saw with the ninth gen jump from 8th gen. We did get some extra cores so with Intel. We might have the option of extra poles there it's hard to say I know eight cores might become the new i7 10 cores might become the new I 9 yeah again we'll have to wait and see. In the end, it really comes down to, if you want to wait or not, I would enjoy a showcase of the best toenail clippers on the market, including specs and prices. Well, lucky for you, I've got them right here. These are the nail clipper at 9000 s and, as you can see, they work extremely well highly recommend 10 out of 10 every time should I buy the Helios 300 now or wait for the 2020 budget laptops in the 1000 to 1400 old price range so similar To the question I answered just before comes down to whether or not you really want to wait honestly for the Helios 300 at eleven hundred US dollars, I mean that's before sales. Obviously, on Black Friday went all the way down 930, which is pretty crazy.

I think it's still a great machine for the money. So if you do need something now, you know, I think that's still pretty good what's your prediction on gaming laptops this year. Shall we wait for the Verizon 4000 series? I guess at this point, as just mentioned: it's – probably only a few months away, if that so might as well hold off a little bit just to see, especially if you need multi core performance, because the option to get 8 cause 16 threads in a laptop is A nice option, if you need that multi core performance depends what you're doing, of course, could be less useful in gaming, but at the same time, AMD did claim that the 4800 H beats in a 750 H in games B, it's all yet to be seen. It'S really hard to answer without milling the performance myself or having tested them firsthand. Yet is a sue stuff, a 15, a powerful competitor in budget segment. I certainly hope so but again really don't know because I don't know the price and I also don't know health performs yet, but in the past that has pretty much been what the Tough Series has been meant to do. It'S what it's meant to do. I guess it's kind of their entry level, more budget friendly line of gaming laptops compared to say, like the scar and the hero and the Zephyrus and those kind of things the RRD line. So I would expect so, but there we can see is more processing power becoming redundant when it comes to stuff outside of gaming or rendering.

Is it more of an overkill these days, uh yeah, I think so. Like I mean, if you just you know, browsing YouTube using Windows, typing Word documents that kind of thing you definitely don't need like an 8 core CPU, at least not at the moment. Anyway, it depends. I mean chrome tabs. You have open but yeah. If you're not doing like heavy workloads like gaming or multi core stuff, like rendering that kind of thing you know, you can still get by perfectly fine with a laptop multiple generations, old definitely don't need the latest, and greatest for that is your name actually Jared. I hope so would you recommend the SCAR, 3 or Zephyrus g14 again it's really hard to say, because we haven't had these things for testing. Yet if you go max spec, the scar 3 should do better. I think in terms of gaming, because it's got the max P 2070, while the G 14 is up to RTX 2060 max Q, so that's gon na cap it a bit. It really comes down to the cpu performance and how much that matters? I suppose, if say single, core and multi core performance is up then at lower settings. The G 14 might have an advantage, despite the better graphics in the scar. Otherwise, if the cpu doesn't end up making that much difference again go to the Mount, then maybe the Intel in the skull will still do better or, if you're, using higher settings, and you have that higher GPU.

If your game is more GPU bound with the highest settings, then that 27, he will definitely come into play and give you an edge, are thick laptops worth. It depends if you want to carry that around. I guess so. The whole point of a laptop is to be portable right, so I could take a 900 K laptop and I could bring it to CES and it would be 10 out of 10 for editing. But I would probably break my back and I would actually have to get a new bag because it wouldn't fit in my camera bag. So it depends how you're using it – and you know, if that's going to fit into what you do with your laptop. If you just leave it at home and it's, mostly a desktop replacement, then yeah sure I could see it being fine for that. You get the benefit of the power and the downside of it being thick and heavy is less of an issue because you don't need to move it around off them. What'S the update on ASA predator successes there, basically wasn't one. So all they really did was add the 300 Hertz 1080p panel to the Triton 500 other than that they didn't have anything new in the predator lineup. So nothing was refreshed with the rhizomes. It passed. Music CPUs, so we'll just have to wait and see what they do when Intel tenth, gen and possibly new Nvidia graphics comes that's.

Why? I suspect most of the companies, probably waiting on before they update their again just gon na, have to wait and see what's the difference between thermal throttling and power limit throttling and how to settle it. So basically thermal throttling is when something gets too hot and you know there's some there's some limit in the machine that says: hey, you're too hot. You need to cool down. So, in order to cool it down, it'll lower the clock, speed, lower the amount of power being sent and the chip will start getting cooler, but as a result, the performance is worse. Power limit rolling, is kind of similar but it's to do with the power. So the machine might arbitrarily be limiting the power to the CPU to say 45 watts, which is pretty common with Intel i7 chips, and the reason for that usually is so they don't get too hot. So some laptops do have the power limit higher that they need better cooling in order to deal with that. So it really depends on the laptop but yeah. If this power throttling basically you're not going to be getting full performance because there's, not enough power, and sometimes with some laptops, if they're unlocked, you can raise the power limit with software like Intel, x2, you or throttle stop or sometimes even in the BIOS depends on The machine – and if you can do that, then you will be able to get more performance at the expense of additional heat, so we'll get hotter once there's more power, but that does give you more performance and this is usually where under vaulting comes into play.

So if you under vault, say a CPU that's power limit throttling the power limit is still the same, but it now you know you're sending it less voltage now to essentially do the same work. So the clock speeds can go higher within the same available amount of power, so you can get more performance with what's there without changing the limits. Usually, when you do that the thermals probably won't, change too much. If you're still power limit throttling, it will just improve the performance, so the thermals will be similar as you're getting a similar level of power, just better performance with that power, whereas with thermal throttling, if you under bolt, sometimes it can reduce the thermals and make it Cool better, but it really depends on how much it's thermal throttling. So if it's just a little bit, then you know depends on the machine, but basically under bolting, similar principle, it's lowering the power and power essentially equals heat, so it can make it less hot. That ya depends how how much is down clocking while being while throttling. So, if it's, you know down all the way here and under vaulting might raise it up a bit, but the best it can perform is like up here. It might still be throttling, but you're still getting better performance than you were before, so it pretty much always helps with thermal or power limit throttling. It just depends how much well that's probably going to do it for this video.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to go through all hundred and thirty questions, but I think I did answer the top upvoted ones. So hopefully this has been useful. Sorry, if I sound like crap I've been talking all week, you know making videos talking to people. I'Ve met losing my voice, having slept well so keen to get home and have some rest also I'm in Vegas, so there's a lot of noise outside a lot of cars going by and music. So hopefully this video doesn't turn out like crap and yeah. I might do a QampA like this every month. I guess let me know if that will be interesting. I don't know if it's gon na be a series, then maybe I need a cool name for it. So if you watched all the way to the end – and you have an idea for a cool name, I could do for a QampA series.