We are back at CES 2015 at the digital experience I’m about to collapse, because I am out of breath. I’Ve been talking too much but I’m, going to let Brian here from arbor talk to us about this new Windows tablet you got here that is rugged and really designed for harsh environments. Hello. This is this. Is our Gladius 975 it’s got a nine point. Seven five inch display it is a rugged device. It can take a four foot drop the plywood over concrete it’s qualified under a milspec it’s also sealed to ip65, which means it can take high pressure, water, it’s, completely sealed from dust, and it can take a wide temperature range as well. All of our products are qualified for very extreme range ranges for people who work in harsh environments or work out of doors. This is really for people that are looking for a very specific industrial use, perhaps or something where they’re going to really put that tablet through something that it needs to survive out in the field right. This is, and they’re typically performing essential business process. So it’s, not somebody who happens to be outdoors and it’s cold and they can just walk away and get back into warm climate. These are people who have to do something and it’s in their daily work and they’ve got to be able to perform that work when they need it. What do we have under the hood here? Is the Celeron processor on this one.

This is a celeron processor. Yes, how much ramp can be up to four gig? This is pretty pretty on par with other tablets and it will certainly survive better. Does the screen get like you know, I know in the cold weather the screen tends to lose its color. It kind of slows down when it’s really cold. This doesn’t do that we qualify products for a cold boot and then because they’re, a tablet and they’ve got a processor in them. Typically, when they’re running they will warm up. So the performance of the tablet is actually good, even in a cold environment, because we actually vent the heat to the LCD display as well it’s a lot of engineering that goes into this it’s, not just putting a case around it, it’s doing more than that. What about battery life I’m sure, as you know, you put your battery out in the cold doesn’t, do as well what’s what? How do you? The battery is very similar to the LCD. If the battery is performing, it will keep itself warm but you’re correct. If the batteries in a cold, soak and it’s cold you’ve got very little power in it. These are price. Now these are not inexpensive for people that are looking at 99 tablets, it’s, not as expensive as some other ones that would perform. Similarly, so what’s the price on one of these, we benchmark our pricing at about twice the price of a commercial product equivalently equipped.

So we use ram the ram would be the same prices on that one, but to get the ruggedness the ceiling and the temperature tolerance you’re, basically paying about twice what you would for a commercial product so in the thousands or their bouncer in the low thousands. Yes, absolutely very good right.