This is the season. 13 reunion part one of three review from the previews i’ve been seeing i’m, not really excited, but you know me, i’m, an optimist, so um let’s get into this episode. So we start out, and we see the set and it’s a dungeon theme and it’s just crazy. What dungeon really came from like dungeon, really came from my perspective season. Nine, when phaedra and porsche told that lie about how candy and todd would take them to a sex, dungeon and drug them, i can’t say the r word, but y’all know what and then i guess candy turned a coin out of it. She had her dungeon parties and then the dungeon theme, bachelorette party, so it’s just kind of weird that that’s, where it all originated from. But you know the set is great. I mean i’m, so glad it’s, not virtual, thank god so we’re doing the whole. Behind the scenes thing now and andy’s going around to see the ladies, i really can’t believe they do this, like 12 hours, a 12 hour shoot so i’m, seeing what cynthia’s wearing i like it. I mean i’m, not really sure which dungeon theme about it. Besides it just being black and have feathers on it, but it’s a cute dress, i mean porsha, of course, looks lovely um. This black dress, though, looks like the dress she wore to cynthia’s wedding, but either way like i don’t see how it’s dungeon theme, but okay and kenya um.

I like her dress too um kenya, cynthia and portia. They look like they have three different variations of the same dress and the black dresses are just giving me vegas showgirl. You know not dungeon theme, oh drew um that asymmetric puffy, sleeve i’m, not feeling it i’m, not feeling it at all, and the dress looks a little doughy yeah. I really don’t like drew’s dress now, and i see it in the camera lighting too um. No. Now here comes candy now she got so much flack and rightfully so on the internet, because that picture was really bad. It was a bad picture of her like the angles or whatever, but seeing it now like she’s the only one who really did the assignment that that screams dungeon to me, like mistress, pinup girl, i mean i like it, it’s, not bad, but oh, they came for Her online to the point she had to address it. The theme with the atlas is just always titties. Those are some supple, looking titties on that stage right now and andy and he looks good, but you know: i’ve walked past andy a few times in new york. Andy has a full beat right now, like his face foundation, everything he looks good when that beat is off. Oh, like paper towels skin, like paper towels anyway, so the first segment seems to be how they’ve all been coping with coven and how they packed on the pounds and how they had to be forced to stay at home.

Yeah we’re starting off with a lot of fluff and pleasantries right now, i’m gon na fast forward. Through this. So next we get the porsche’s reel and you know she’s been porsha luke the king all season, and they were kind of focusing on all the good she’s done for black lives matter and using her platform on the show so now we’re getting to the mess. King is being grilled by her shady comments on whether porsha was authentic in her health for black lives matter, because she definitely said it a few times in the confessionals. Here she go. I never said that i didn’t believe what she was doing, but she excluded me from her psa. I mean she wasn’t with you and she knew you were saying bad things about her, so i don’t know, like you still said what you said so porsha gives a dignified answer and then well andy asks well. Why didn’t you invite her then, and she said well yeah. I knew she was talking about me and i just feel like i didn’t need to include her. So king is saying well, it appears to me you don’t care about all lies and then porsha says well, while you’re speaking from the curb. What are you doing exactly? What is she doing? It just seems to me, like none of the other women on the cast, questioned, porsha’s motives concerning black lives matter. It was only kenya. So to me, it just felt a little bit more targeted from her and more personal, so they’re, just going back and forth right now on this porsche does have a point, though kenya has been on a media tour trying to shame porsha.

You know with the stripper and also making shady comments about her being authentic when it comes to marching. I just don’t understand like why she would expect porsha to do anything with her. So the next reel is kenya being embarrassed by her husband, king of being embarrassed by her estranged husband. Yes, this is what this reel is dedicated to so kane says they’re in court, but it’s over custody it’s, not for divorce, and she says she still wears her ring and she’s filed, but they’re not divorced, they’re still technically married, but they haven’t lived under the same Roof and i’m guessing now longer than they’ve been married, it’s so strange like. Are they really married, though that’s? What i’m trying to figure out are they are they actually married? Is there a marriage license? So andy brings up how kenya was mad at latoya for spreading her business, but she didn’t call out candy for when she was telling the candy coated crew. And can you say well, we already had a conversation about it and we addressed it so i’m guessing it’s a non issue. So now kenya is blaming the pandemic for the reason why her and mark aren’t under the same roof, i mean girl. He been embarrassing. You before the pandemic, so i i don’t, know that’s a weak excuse to me. King is like a politician right now talking about mark i’m, tired of it. I really am. I have nothing else to say on it: lord.

They bringing up kenya’s mom they’re, saying that’s the reason why she keeps entering into destructive relationships who who are writing these cards. I, i think it’s producers, people aren’t, asking king of these questions, but kenya does agree with this comment, but she says: it’s not destructive relationship. She’S, just looking for the love that her mom didn’t give her cue, the tiny violins so drew gets a shady question saying: why do you always talk about? King is marriage when you still don’t know where your husband went for three days in florida. Damn i bet she regrets saying that on camera, people have been attacking her for that, since the um, the seasoned air so drew says well. King spoke on me and my husband before we even met – and you know thanks to producers, we have the footage of kenya, calling them strays. So yeah can you be throwing shots and she gon na get those shots right back kind of like kenya’s karma, so messy andy. He reads a tweet that drew made saying how kenya can critique her family when you know her husband, isn’t, even under the same roof and then i’m guessing kenyan’s clap back to that was well. How can you say about my family on the same roof when your baby daddy is under the roof of a jail? So this kenya reed didn’t work because one her baby, daddy isn’t in jail, two she’s, not in a relationship with her baby, daddy and three.

She lives under the same roof with her husband and her kids. I don’t know i thought that was a fail for me. I thought: can you think she did something with that and drew is, is kind of checking kenya a little bit on the straight comment and kenya apologizes so now we’re getting to the topic of kenya wearing the native american headdress that you know got so much backlash And she had to apologize, bravo had to apologize, so kane is just saying yeah. She got the business, you know when it came to that i’m sure she did and she said she thought it was her heritage and you know andy’s going to keep asking like. Oh so what’s your native american heritage and she gets a little bit more specific saying she has on to live on reservations and i’m like okay. So i know it wasn’t just me, but i know have any of y’all like been told. Oh yeah, you got india in your family, i’ve been told that so many times and i’m. Just like okay, well, you know that’s great, but you know i’m, a black man, i’m black. So she said she talked to an organization and then they told her like why exactly it was offensive and she acknowledges him and she apologizes again so porsha hits kenyan with well. You know i find it interesting and you know you know something about the column when anyone says you know well what i find fascinating is or what i find interesting, and she says that you know it’s interesting, that kenya wants this understanding, but with other people she Doesn’T give the same grace and she’s, given her example of when kenya said in the beginning of the season about still mocking porsche about the underground railroad comment, porsha in production with the receipts and even seeing porsche talk now can y’all just see the growth that she’s Had on this show like wow and kenya is still the exact same, so king of things she got porsha was saying: oh well, you didn’t hold your sister accountable when she wore native american garments and then she calls out drew too for saying she dressed as an Indian in her photo porsha brings up a really good point.

She said that if it was porsche that did it, kenya would have roasted her the entire season. I said that on that episode, like just imagine, porsha could have did that to kenya. What king has been doing a porsche all season with the stripper, so what drew is talking about is, like i think, the mardi gras indians or like the native americans, that are in louisiana, like that’s a thing. So i get that i was told that she was lying. I don’t know y’all. Let me know in the comments also what was really offensive about what kenya did was the native american headdress. That was the main thing that was really offensive to native americans, because that is ceremonial and she was wearing it as like a costume and the picture that i saw of porsha’s sister, she wasn’t even wearing the the headdress. She was just wearing shells and i’m. Pretty sure that was a long ass time ago, so that’s pretty much petty on kenyon’s part and cynthia’s like y’all. We all make mistakes, we do and yes, we we do and that’s the whole point of it. Okay and they’re all yelling at each other and andy, tries to stop it and move on. So next we bring out drew’s husband i’m, not sure why the other husbands didn’t come out too, but yeah i’m guessing they’re going to get straight to it. He’S a part of drew’s reel so yeah uh ralph.

He looking good. I heard online that he is five six you mean to tell me: i am a foot over ralph, damn so now, we’re getting to drew’s reel and yeah of them. Bickering and ralph is still toxic and just because they showed the scene of him with her son, yes that’s nice, but he’s still toxic for her, so yeah. The whole package is basically their relationship throughout the season. So we’re talking about her baby, daddy and him visiting her son, she said since filming rap he’s only seen him once since the time we saw him on the show i’m, like oh that’s, not good, so yeah, this story, kind of mirrors. What candy was going through – and i forgot earlier in the season that candy had this child support plot line with her ex block candy lets andy know that she won the case against block and he now has to pay all that child support to riley and it’s. All going to go to her so then drew takes the time to call kenya out on a tweet she sent out about that scene. With her son and yeah, i mean as a cast member just don’t speak on it. Like i mean she was giving her opinion. I mean i had my opinion on it like don’t force that kid to do that, like he just wants to play a game. He ain’t worried about his dad but it’s different between kenya.

Doing it and me doing it so drew says that hurt her to the core, the core and yeah drew’s getting emotional and king is just rolling her eyes and she’s. Saying sorry, if you felt that way now a lot of y’all was saying drew was acting, but i mean this was believable. I mean she’s a good actress. Then oh, you need to look at the trauma you experienced and what your mother didn’t give you okay drew. Is drew reid in kenya, so drew seems to score another apology from kenya: wow, okay, i don’t know why this is so funny, but you say you owe my son an apology too now i think drew’s being authentic right now with her anger, because that little vein Right here is popping and she’s talking to kenya. Kenya is smirking now but she’s saying well what you did to me, what you did to me, that is always kenya’s comeback. Like oh well what you said to me. Well, kenya, you started, you know, you always start in kenya is a throw the rock and hide your hand, type chick juices. I will never forgive you and now we get to the tampa trip. Lord will ralph tell the truth. Let’S find out now. Did they just add a drum roll? Did they really add a drum roll? Oh my god, to see what what he was doing in tampa so ralph says he really just needed to clear his head.

He goes to the beach, even though he bypassed a bunch of beaches and drew says she believes him. She saw hotel receipts, restaurant receipts, saying one guess which can easily change um. His apple watch schedule, which i’m not sure what that does, but that’s enough for her and just like candy said like well. She believe it and that’s all that matters and ralph then says as everyone’s laughing that he will never leave drew again without telling her where he’s going and now he’s trying to bring up. You know because he is still toxic don’t. Let the handsome face fool you, as well as the body he tries to bring up the bachelorette party as a oh. Well, she did the same thing. Actually, you knew exactly where she was. The whole thing was televised for you and you were able to contact her, but nice. Try they having a good old kiki about their toxic marriage like everyone just laughing hahaha and joking wow. So now we get to drew’s accusation that kenya was eyeing her man, i mean kenya – does have a history, so it’s easy to put that blame on her, and you know kenya refutes that, and all i got to say is kenyans, should not try to insult anyone’s Husband, anyone’s, marriage or anyone’s family situation, i’ve been trying to say that she is throwing boulders in a glass house when she does this. Anywho producers are now showing whatever kenya said, something about drew’s husband being fine child.

We still on their marriage. Oh my god. Can we get to the next segment? So, finally, after all that line of questioning they dismiss ralph, they say thanks for coming i’m guessing that’s, all the husbands we’re gon na get like mike, not gon na come or todd i’m guessing they’re, not necessary, and now they’re. On break and we’re, seeing a lot of behind the scenes team and we see latoya getting ready to come out, um andy goes to her dressing room and asks her a few questions. Apparently she was sick. She has a kidney infection. I thought she had covered some type of cold. She had a number of things, i’m, not sure, but i know she better get her ass to the reunion because she needs to be held accountable for her actions that she’s done all season. I don’t care if she was on a ventilator. You get your ass on this show so now, i’m. Guessing some drama happened where latoya’s saying drew’s assistant or whatever came to her room barged in put a camera in her face and gave her some vitamin c. On behalf of drew now, latoya comes out and she looks pretty from the breasts up. I don’t really care for what she’s wearing i’m, not sure what this is that’s, hiding her titties too, like the dress is the dress, looks unfinished. I i don’t know what else to say: she’s such a pretty girl nasty attitude. She is kenyan 2.

0 to 18., so latoya with this weak shade already i’m here with my girls and spongebob i’m guessing she’s referring to drew and she lets everyone know of the behind the scenes drama that happened. Trying to make drew look bad drew says, girl it wasn’t me. I was mortified when it happened, that person got sent home. Latoya is not here for jews. I think it’s going to be a long. Two parts that’s coming up, yeah they’re, going back and forth. Apparently, latoya is crediting herself for upgrading drew’s fashion, um girl, i’m still looking for the fashion, as well as the hair, see that’s the thing like she came out the gate swinging and still at this reunion, i know nothing about latoya. She doesn’t talk about her youtube on the show she didn’t talk about her family. All she was was just like kenya’s lackey that’s. What i have a problem with her even right now, she’s just attacking drew like. I know nothing about latoya, so the episode ends with latoya calling drew trash and we have two more viewings to look forward to um. So far i mean i didn’t mind it. It was okay, it wasn’t terrible. I i was entertained it’s funny, like the whole part. One, it was nothing but kenya portia and drew like cynthia and candy really didn’t. Have that much to say which really tells me that they need the chop that’s what they need to do. We need to replace them with somebody replace candy with phaedra and cynthia with.

I don’t know tamar braxton vivica fox somebody please like please. Can we shake up this cast anywho um i’m, looking forward to the next two, since this one wasn’t that bad like comment and subscribe and yeah, i will get y’all with mary, the medicine uh. The circle check out my mortal kombat review too, while you’re at it.