iPad Jadul yang Masih Dapat Update – Review iPad Air 2 di Tahun 2021

000. Aja di mode, normal dan bisa digunakan, seperti, biasa, alasan iPad, Air 2, ini masih, dapat update menurut saya Karena Emang speknya yang masih, cukup mumpuni, selama, pemakaian, saya, dengan, posisi, ipts 14 poin pad iPad Air 2 ini, masih, cukup, berjalan, dengan, lancar, dan bisa, menjalankan, fitur, fiturnya, Seperti dak note widget Safari […]

LAPTOP 4 JUTAAN TERBAIK 2021!! – Bisa Gaming dan Office

net, Dua dan valoran beralih ke sektor layar laptop besutan, Lenovo ini, membawa, layar 125 inci dengan resolusi SD dan panel TN Nah untuk, kelas, harganya, layar, laptop ini, sudah, tergolong, cukup, baik dan juga, cukup, nyaman, untuk, memenuhi, kebutuhan, harian, mu, yang menariknya di laptop ini, memiliki, bobot yang Tergolong ringan yakni hanya 13 […]

Dual-Screen Laptop Monitors! Mobile Pixels DUEX Lite & DUEX Plus Review!

We have two prototypes of these mobile laptop monitors by mobile pixels i’m gon na put a link in the description. If you wan na check out their kickstarter and get all of the information about them, but i’m really excited about this, because these new versions are smaller, thinner, lighter and, basically all around […]

2021 LG Gram 14" Review: Near Perfect but Hard to Recommend..

We’Ve been testing out the lg graham 14 for about a week now and it’s quickly become one of our favorite windows, laptops of all time for four different reasons that i’m gon na be talking about in this review. But it also has two big issues: i’ll talk about both the pros and the […]


This is your fawn from kneetrend.com. Today i want to talk to you about the best laptop 2021, so viewers, the best laptop of 2021, can come with a variety of brands, prices and features here. We’Ve got the rest of the best laptops windows, 10 business notebooks gaming rig chromebooks and two in one […]

Atari is making a HOT come back: PONGF Stock Review – Atari SA

Today, i’m, going to review stuck with ticker symbol, p, o n g f on the otc market. Current price is only 60 cents, with 52 week low of 18 cents and 52 week high of 70 cents market cap is 146.18 mil with public float of 173.63 mil. Yes, the stock is that atari, […]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold Review – The Future is Now?

The company says that fold x1 is ready for the market, as you can buy one today for 69 999 rand. The lenovo thinkpad x1 fold is a revolution in technology and every inch of it oozes innovation. However, for everything it does well there’s something i scratched my head about. Of course, when you’re […]

Review LoupeDeck Live en Español | Es mejor que un StreamDeck?

Ms y nada menos que el club de claves ser mejor que el stream deck bueno qudate para averiguarlo y primersimo que nada quiero agradecer, a la compaa del loop, deck por tener la confianza en mi contenido y enviarme, el producto es una consola, para streamers, pero, ms Que para streamers es para creadores […]

Un Chromebook può sostituire un PC Windows o un Mac?

I dettagli nel nostro approfondimento devo dire che nel corso degli ultimi anni ho utilizzato tanti, pc differenti alcuni, con windows, 7 come interstizi, alcune distro di linux, ed anche, meco s, nel 2014 vivevo in inghilterra, dovevo acquistato, un chromebook e me ne ero pentito tantissimo perch, il Sistema operativo di google e al […]

ProfitBuildrr Review & Demo | Create Unlimited Websites With Profit Buildrr

So, in a nutshell, profit builder is going to allow you to create unlimited websites. Now you can do whatever you want with these websites. You can either use it for yourself or you can sell it to your clients. Now i have put together a ton of custom bonuses for you, so if you […]

El MINI PC con INTEL de 10th generación que a veces cuesta MENOS de 290€

Con menor tamao menor consumo energtico y probablemente, con mejor precio os tengo que confesar que inicialmente hoy no iba a subir un vdeo sobre este mini pc sino que quera hablaros de cmo, haba montado un ordenador de sobremesa combinando piezas de aliexpress. Con componentes que me ha enviado el patrocinador de este vdeo […]

New MacBook Pro M1 vs Old MacBook ~4Mo Later! Unboxing + Review + Problems: Should You Upgrade?

Now this video isn’t going to be one of those like actual tech tech reviews like i’m, not going to go into detail about the insides of the computer. I really want to talk about the actual practicality and use cases of these computers. Quick context. I use the computer all day definitely way much […]