We, the screen, exclusivo para pc, bueno, primero, voy, a arrancar mostrndoles el almanaque espero que les gusten los fondos que escog ya, que los fondos originales, no ofrecan la calidad, suficiente para verse de rechupete es x del beb, lo dise yo, mismo, Msica y pasando, al lado De los zombis as es como […]

Micmonster Review + Bonuses | Highest Quality 100% Human Like Text-to-Speech App On The Internet!

com today, i’m going to show you mike monster software review creator of this software harinder singh and his partner fuzzy ahamad. This software goes live on 14th of may 10 a.m, est i’m in the sales page. Right now of the software mike monster, uh launch a special commercial license included start earning potentially […]

Huawei Matepad R 2021 | Indonesia | TABLET MURAH UNTUK KERJA SAAT PANDEMI | Unboxing dan Test Kamera

Ince Nah di sini, sama cuma yang beda, beberapa fitur yang beda, dan dari prosesor juga udah baru oke tanpa, berlama lama, lagi langsung, aja, kita, Unboxing, barangnya, eh, Bona gunting assisten i akhir akhir, ah kita punya, asisten eh next kita buka, aja, mungkin, kita, bahas, dikit, dari, Boxnya ini kalau kalian, lihat, kamera, […]

my pep talk and camera review

Yeah what’s up you guys over here. I just want to shoot a little video and mention a couple of my things that i’m using here to record well, first off i’m using my computer and uh there you go, i got them, i think it’s, a microsoft or something macintosh. I don’t know i […]

Das massivste Smartphone der WELT! Wozu ist es gut? Oukitel WP 10

Gemacht das ist jetzt black wii: u ist nicht, mehr das ist das krasseste was ich in der hand gehabt hat ist es; ok: wp10 schaut, euch, mal, anschaut sich, an es ist ein brett ist ein brett Musik das, okay, der wpc, riesen, handy passt, beckenrand, barebones, karton, Wir haben android klar wir haben, […]

Python for Windows CE

C journey is well actually python for windows, e and i’m don’t have at all experience with python. I’Ve done only very basic things uh, but i installed it and i think interesting is to go through the installation folder to see what we have there here. So in email. There are a lot of […]

Samsung Smart Monitor M7 Unboxing & Review | Is It Really Smart? 🤔

Finally, back with another another video and in this video i have the samsung intelligence, m732h and it’s compatible with samsung decks. You can use that wireless you’ve got a galaxy it’s compatible with windows. So if you got a laptop and then it’s compatible with all apple products, you have apple airplay too. So […]

FNF mod review| Friday Night Funkin'

Three two one Music, me Music, me Music, me Music.

La Mejor Tablet Para Clases Online | Blackview Tab 9 4G

No se preocupen el da jueves el da jueves tendrn el videito de el tour por el rancho les presento el rancho, por completo para que se den una idea de todos, los posibles proyectos que se vienen prximamente en el canal y si bien en vdeos de todo. Un poco ya saben el rancho, […]

Lenovo Duet 7i Review | It's this or the Surface Pro

This is a microsoft surface, competitor it’s, not a surface laptop competitor it’s, a two in one. This is the main computer. This is the keyboard and there’s so much to like about this, in fact, there’s a lot in my opinion that you can prefer about this device over the surface alternative now the […]

ONEXPLAYER handheld gaming PC: What do all those buttons do?

4 inch display surrounded by game controllers, and it has the kind of buttons that you would normally expect, including analog sticks that are clicky and relatively well sized and responsive We’Ve got a d pad here x y and a and b buttons and shoulder buttons, including these linear, triggers pressure, sensitive and clicky, […]

ONEXPLAYER handheld gaming PC review (Intel Tiger Lake and an 8.4 inch display)

Computer from a company called one netbook it’s the latest in a line of little computers from the company. But this is the first one that’s really designed first and foremost for gaming. It does not have a clamshell laptop style. Design does not have a built in keyboard, but it does have these physical […]