Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i 14 review. When choosing Intel hurts#laptop

I reviewed the amd ryzen version of the lenovo ideapad flex 514 convertible two in one laptop last year and found it to offer a ton of performance for a very attractive 600 price. It didnt quite make our list of best budget laptops, but it was close. This year i was offered the chance […]

Huawei Watch FIT 2: LongTerm REVIEW. More Love, Less Hate.

. The watch is a great watch for the price, especially the price. The price is way cheaper and for that price you have a lot of goodies, so many things are great about a smartwatch but few things i dislike or should i say i hate about it and im going to let you […]

UBRAK ABRIK vol 5 – ROG Flow Z13 12 gen 2022 – Tablet gaming yang bikin tablet lain jadi minder

Two yang fungsinya untuk upgrade SSD 22 30 yang ukurannya pendek jadi, akhir, dulu, ya, sebelum, lo mau ganti nah, SSD, pastinya, ukurannya, itu di 2230, Oke untuk performa. Merry spek ini, buat, kalian, para gamers, sih, kalau, nggak, SMS dulu, inget, karena, ini tablet, gaming, dengan, spek, Intel Core event: bukan Qualcomm, kayak tablet, […]

Folding Galaxy Tab coming in 6 months?

We will likely see the next galaxy tab, but we will also, if rumors are true, be seeing something very, very different and very very exciting. Lets turn to twitter here and lets turn in twitter to a screenshot from a post via ice universe over on chinese social media website, weibo weibo ill never […]

shishi Reacts to Bloons TD 6 Review by SsethTzeentach

I believe in taking care of myself in a feel like committing like a digital black face with a is this. What this is exercise routine in the morning my hands, arent shaking ill, take 360 milligrams of extended release amphetamine, while doing my daily jelq session. I can do a thousand now after i […]

My favourite 24-inch M1 iMac accessories | Mark Ellis Reviews

I love what apple has done with the new imac. I know we didnt get the big imac this year that a lot of people wanted, including me, but i think the 24 inch version is pretty much the perfect size for most people. For me, its big enough, its capable enough – and it […]

Laptop 800rb Kemarin Kita Upgrade Mentok! Sekarang udah bisa main GAME !!

000 si Samsung np300 yang processornya masih pakai, Intel b820 ram, nya 4GB DDR3 dan masih pakai hardisk di video, kali ini, kita sudah, upgrade semuanya jadi laptopnya sekarang, udah, lumayanlah ya, prosesornya, dia, pakai, Intel Core Fave ram, nya sekarang 12 GB, dual channel dan seterusnya udah Pakai 256 GB SS3 jadi, seperti, apa […]

A perfect content creation machine? – MSI Creator Z16P Review

So manufacturers, these days either reprint some of their chassis for creators or create entire new lineups for creative folks and stuff high end hardware in sleeker, better designed enclosures thats. What msi did with their creator lineup putting their target group right in the name of the device? If the sleek chassis of the […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 & Z Fold 4 – Meine Meinung & Ersteindruck (Deutsch) | SwagTab

Alles knnen was die: groen neuerungen, sind und natrlich, wie meine ersten eindrcke, ausfallen und vielleicht, schon mal, ein kleiner, spoiler, das, unboxing und die reviews, sind auch schon in arbeit, wenn ihr, diese, videos, nicht verpassen, wollt, dann gerne meinen kanal, abonnieren da kommt in nchster, zeit auf Jeden fall einiges und dann verpasst […]

TOP 5 Best Touchscreen Laptop of 2022 @ReviewPulp

The first product well analyze on our list for today is the hp spectre. X360 14 Music, which took the title of best all around touchscreen laptop available on the market in 2022, were looking at an intel, evo laptop, which boasts the latest innovations, including fast wake. Ups thunderbolt 4 ports and an 11th […]

Change These Steam Deck Settings Now-VSD Settings Guide

However, there are some settings. You should change to make sure youre getting the best gameplay experience and optimizing what can be terrible battery life without further ado dock. Your vsd and follow along you dont have a vsd, yet not a big deal its coming soon, youre next on the list, so id recommend […]

LattePanda 3 First look, An All New Powerful X86 SBC And Runs Windows 11! Hands-On

I am super excited because i finally got my hands on the all new latte panda delta 3. So ive actually been looking forward to this for a long time now. I think its been three years since they released the original delta and we did a lot of testing with that. We also added […]