Đánh giá chi tiết Xiaomi Pad 5: 8 triệu quá ngon, màn đẹp, pin 11 tiếng nhưng…

U nha chi tit th c l, lt n Ni, chung, l, dng, nghin, cu, nhu, cu, gii, tr, cc bn, ch, Ok, vi, c, mt, ci, gp, cu na ch do 4 loa 4 gc thnh, ra, khi bn, chi, game d, chng ta bit ai th, ny Th chng ta vn s, cn […]

Huawei MatePad 11 VS Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Comparison Review

Only the first two outside the Winning Eleven IPS display Wolter Galaxy Chat, FW FW, Khairani Wow outside World leader in keju, pingin years old. He different aspects such file and elegant channel menempati in the smartcric color. On the other hand, the collection, Steven, Evi tapi Hafidz in the message, Green color white Metallic […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Unboxing and Review!

, so microsoft introduced the new uh, the new surface, pro 8 uh recently and uh its more than just an update to the surface pro 7, which i actually have behind me. This is a a sort of a redesign based on microsofts surface pro x. I havent even opened this box. Okay thats […]


png, Udah mulai dijual resmi di Indonesia per tanggal 28 Sep 2002 satu kemarin dan sold out dalam waktu 10 menit lalu ia sudah, Ghaib sekarang, oh iya, katanya, Sun, akan, ada, Xiaomi keyboard Keys, dan stylus nya yang nanti, bakalan baru, baru, aja, linknya, dibawah, Sip, gua, langsung, bahas, Aja yang pertama yang gua, […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs Mi Pad 5 Pro – Impossible Choice!?

Quite a few of you have asked that i make this video so lets go ahead and jump in all right lets go ahead and talk design, starting off with the me pad five pro its actually a pretty sleek looking tablet right. So pro tablet. It feels pro it looks pro it has, that […]

BRUTAL!👑Xiaomi PAD 5 PRO Review TRAS 31 días de USO

An no ha salido, a versin global aunque dentro de muy pocas semanas seguramente la presente, xiaomi para aquellos, usuarios de fuera de china, comentamos Msica bueno y comienzo, comentando algo que creo que es muy importante y es que est xiaomi path. 5 proyecto creo que ha pasado. Desapercibido para la gran, mayora de […]


Pro jadi buat kalian yang mungkin, sekarang lagi nabung dan belum dapat, Xiaomi 45 yang biasa, mending nunggu ini, aja, guys, karena kalau, kita, patokan, harga di Cina, ya, Tablet, itu harganya, nggak, selisih, jauh, dibanding, yang xiaomi.red, biasa, tapi, yang didapat, ini, jauh, lebih, oke, lo ya, nanti, Kita bahas apa aja kelebihan Xiaomi […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 – Sa Wakas Nandito Na!

5 watts young charger, and indeed so. My spoilers are uh plastic, five somewhere until the time documentations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axkJCwdIzd0

Das beste Tablet unter 400€ wurde besser: iPad 9 Unboxing!

In papier sei das, sehe ich jetzt hier einmal auf, so einmal alles, zur, seite und wie, seht ihr, ein ipad, das, ziemlich genau, so aussieht wie, das, ipad, aus dem letzten jahr ich habe es hier einfach mal mitgebracht und ich muss jetzt echt aufpassen dass, ich sie Selber nicht verwechseln, aber das hier […]

Surface Laptop Studio review: A better Surface Book–mostly

Well, most of them instead of over engineering, a way to have a detachable screen on a powerful tablet. The surface laptop studio screen just tilts forward. You just have to press it down and it comes towards you over the keyboard press it down even further, and it turns into a digital easel, similar […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 Review – ALAM MO DAPAT 'TO

Two years ago, so in dynamitation ratio, thermal asparant at very capable parent for gaming cassettes, perfect choice from snapdragon 860 congruent, my ultra settings, my hf tablet controls racing games, fps games at rpg and for sure mage smartpen, magnetically, 16 hours of video playback and 10 hours Of gaming, yes, ultra wide actually […]

Gaming on a Cheap Windows 10 Tablet…Does it Suck?

You know we just got ta get some dirt first, because why the hell not and then jax is gon na break it because he wants to break it. Hey hows it going guys jack and maddie with the toaster present today were doing something that i thought we would never. Try were going to […]