Surface Studio 2+ (2 Plus) Review & No Love for Slim Pen 2

That really makes it feel. Like writing on paper, the first kind of disappointing feature of the surface Studio 2 plus. Is it ships with the older pen, not with the slim pen, 2 with haptic feedback, and in fact what you can see is so the original pen works pretty well. On the surface, […]


O modelo da Logitech comeando, a pelo seu teclado, ele, usa, nada, mais, nada, menos que um hoje de tag G Pro cara, esse bagulho que ele usa muito bom, o modelo Eu particularmente, Gosto muito dos teclas de Tech e esse, tem uma, qualidade, absurda, ele, extremamente bem. No teclado a mais ou menos […]

Megamon 15 15.4inch 10bit 1000nits HDR Field Studio Production Monitor Review by RICH Photography

What a load of this is the all new OC Mega mon 15 and yes, you probably havent, bought something like this at all. In fact, youre probably watching this trying to convince yourself that you need one of these well, the truth is everyone knows that having a bigger camera on set kind of, […]

iPad 10 Review: Apple Fans Are Ignoring One Problem

In some ways, the 449 iPad is better than all Android tablets. However, it has a few weaknesses and I noticed one major downside that nobody is talking about in this review. You will learn what I like about the iPad 10 and what this one unknown weakness is, I think, its great that Apple […]

Amazon Fire Tablet HD8 ALL NEW Review | 2022 Model

Well, this is the latest one. This is the Fire HD 8 2022.. They keep calling things all new every time they release one. The next one is all new. I cant blame them because its true it is all new. Now there is a variant that they also sent us, which is the kids […]

Fire HD 10 Tablet Unboxing & Review | THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS BUDGET TABLET

com UK and links are in the description I purchased this via HD 10 for 79.99 in the Black Friday. Deals on UK, which I grabbed immediately, which was an absolute bargain UK. The original cost of the Fire hd10 tablet is 149 pounds 99 and on the cost is 204.99. […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Review | Who Is 14.6-Inch Tablet For?

Is this 14.6 inch monster Beyond its enormous size? The tab, S8 Ultra packs enough power into his tiny body to make it a viable alternative to laptops. Can the tab S8? Ultra, though, really replace your main computer. The Android operating system is inferior to Windows or Mac OS, despite the fact that its […]

Kindle Scribe Full Review and Getting Started Tips

So this is the first large screen Kindle uh that Amazon has released since 2010, with the Kindle DX so its nice. To finally see a large screen, Kindle again, we got 300 PPI on the screen, its the first uh 10 inch device to have a 300 PPI eating screen. So it comes with […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2022 Review – GREAT Budget Tablet!

I didnt pick this tablet up up on uh Black Friday deal, so you might not be able to get the same deal. I did. This tablet goes for around 200 to 400. I think, but I got it on Black Friday, so I might got a better deal than you might be able to […]

Kindle Scribe Honest Review: Good Not Great

Now. The first thing I want to talk about is the design the Kindle scribe looks like a Kindle Oasis, but on steroids. Now, where it differs other than the obvious size difference is the missing page turn buttons and, of course, that asymmetric thickness that the Oasis is known for the Kindle scribe has […]

Amazon's New e-Ink Tablet: The Kindle Scribe

An e ink note, taking tablets like the remarkable 2 which allow you to take digital notes with a paper like experience, all the benefits of digital without having stacks of paper and sharpening pencils, but also a lot of the benefits of paper that you dont see in Typical iPads, you have its easier […]

Kindle Scribe – Expectations vs Reality

It should have really taken the market by storm but as it turns out its just a minimum viable product at this point – and I really want to thank everybody – whos commented on the recent live stream. I did when I unboxed this, and it was really interesting. It was great to spend […]