Cube Mix Plus 2 in 1 Tablet PC Review – Affordable Core M3 Intel Kaby Lake Processor

This is a Windows tablet, with an optional keyboard base that I’ve got here and what’s interesting about this. One is that, although it looks like a lot of the other cheap tablets that we typically look at here on the channel, this one is powered by a core m3 KB Lake processor. So it […]

Teclast Tbook 16 Power Review – Atom X7 Z8750 Dual OS 2-in-1

Now why it’s called power? Well, they put the most powerful atom chip in here that you can get and probably will be. The last powerful atom ever of the cherry trails, at least, and that is an atom x7z 8750, which has a maximum turbo of 2.5 6 gigahertz, a large 8 gigabytes of […]

Teclast X5 Pro – Intel Core M3-7Y30 Tablet With 8GB of RAM

So it has 8 gigabytes of RAM in here 240 gigabyte, SSD and also wireless AC, with a very familiar design. As you can see, it is like a surface pro 4. It has a removable keyboard, it’s very easy to dock here it just clips in you can push that to an upright position […]

Tech Gear That Didn’t Make Cut – GPD Q9 tablet , Gole 1, and Minix z83-4 Mini PCs

This is going to be an occasional series of videos that I do here on the channel where I look at products that I can’t recommend to anybody and I feel like it’s. Not a good use of my time where yours to do a 12 minute video talking about how bad a single product […]

FNF iFive Mini 4S Tablet Review – Android 6 iPad Mini Alternative

This is called the i5 mini 4s and it has the same screen size and resolution as an iPad Mini, but it costs a lot less. In fact, right now, I think your best is selling it for about 128 bucks, so a pretty good little device for a very low price, we’re going to […]

Pipo W1 Pro Review – Atom X5 Z8350 Windows 10 Tablet PC

The w1 Pro it’s called now it’s powered both at revised Terry trail chipset, so that’s the atom x5z 8350. It has 4 gigabytes of RAM on it. Now the RAM is clocked up to the fastest maximum supported speed. So 1600, megahertz often as of late I’ve, seen manufacturers opting to lower that to […]

Xiaomi MiPad 3 Android Tablet Review – Premium iPad Mini Alternative

This is an Android tablet, powered by Android, 7 nougat, so it’s all up to date on its operating system and it’s, made by Xiaomi the makers of the knee box and a bunch of other products, and they make a lot of cool stuff that never usually finds Its way over here to the […]

Cube Mix Plus Review – Intel Core M3-7Y30 2-in-1 With WACOM Stylus

6 gigahertz. It still retains 4 gigabytes of RAM and the SSD Dow has increased from 64 gigabytes to 128. So it supports an optional keyboard dock, which is a transformer style one. So we have a reasonably good layout of keys D. We’Ve got most of the buttons you’d want on their page up […]

FNF iFive Mini 4S Review / RePad 8 Review

Normally it has a full plastic build and a non laminated display, but here we have the F ni. 5 many 4s. This one here is a fully laminated 2048 by 1536 aka retina panel in here at 7.9. Inches has 2 gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabytes of storage and it’s got a full metal […]

New iPad Pro 10.5 review – Compared to 9.7 Pro – Do you need it?

This is the iPad pro 10.5. It is replacing the iPad pro 9.7 that I got last year, we’re going to take a look at some size, comparisons and some performance comparisons, and then talk a little bit more about what this new device brings to the mix. Now, before we get into the review, […]

FNF iFive Pro2 Review – Phoenix OS Tablet With Keyboard Dock

This is going to be a different kind of review here, because I had a lot of problems to get Google Play installed on this particular model. In fact, I can’t actually install it. I have completely given up otherwise it looked like an interesting Android tablet, so one of the few Android tablets I’ve […]

GPD Pocket Tiny 7 Inch Windows / Linux Laptop PC Review

This is a little tiny laptop from the folks at gpv and they are also the people behind a couple of my other favorite devices like the GPB win here, which is a Windows game console as well as the GPD XD, which is an android console. I’Ll. Put a link down below so you […]