Surface Laptop Studio review: A better Surface Book–mostly

Well, most of them instead of over engineering, a way to have a detachable screen on a powerful tablet. The surface laptop studio screen just tilts forward. You just have to press it down and it comes towards you over the keyboard press it down even further, and it turns into a digital easel, similar […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 Review – ALAM MO DAPAT 'TO

Two years ago, so in dynamitation ratio, thermal asparant at very capable parent for gaming cassettes, perfect choice from snapdragon 860 congruent, my ultra settings, my hf tablet controls racing games, fps games at rpg and for sure mage smartpen, magnetically, 16 hours of video playback and 10 hours Of gaming, yes, ultra wide actually […]

Gaming on a Cheap Windows 10 Tablet…Does it Suck?

You know we just got ta get some dirt first, because why the hell not and then jax is gon na break it because he wants to break it. Hey hows it going guys jack and maddie with the toaster present today were doing something that i thought we would never. Try were going to […]

¡¡¡Tiembla, iPad!!! Xiaomi Pad 5 REVIEW

A nivel esttico tenemos cuatro altavoces, los cuales se escuchan muy bien luego te comentaremos, tenemos conexin, usb tipo c tenemos la botonera y tenemos, el botn de desbloqueo de acuerdo en este caso las esquinas, para poder, interactuar, con ellos sin, demasiadas, dificultades, tenemos, reconocimiento, facial y es El mtodo de seguridad del cual […]

Surface Laptop Studio Review – The Windows 11 Shape-Shifter

So the way this works is that when you open it up, it is in its first mode, which is called laptop mode. Obviously right, but you can also pull this screen forward and stop it right above the trackpad, and this is going to be the stage mode. Then you can pull it all […]

Microsoft FIXED* Windows 11!

11.. One of the big downsides is the compatibility. The initial list of what systems could be upgraded to windows. 11 was incredibly small. The justification for that wasnt super clear and a ton of people were running the tool that would tell you if windows 11 would work and even supposedly correct systems that […]

All NEW Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Unboxing!

. Now why im so excited about this is because its basically taking one of my favorite things, the surface studio, the actual desktop that you can just take fold down put in so many various configurations and its so freaking cool, and i felt like it was so revolutionary At the time when they […]

iPad 9 vs Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro | This Should Be Easy!

This is, of course, the xiaomi me pad 5 pro versus the all new, the newest ipad. The ipad 9 lets go ahead and jump in all right, as always. Lets go ahead and jump on the price breakdown and were going to start off with the ipad 9 here. So if you want to […]

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Unboxing and Review!

We will no longer be seeing that surface book get updates breaks my heart a little bit, but i am happy to see the surface laptop studio is what takes its place im personally, going to miss being able to take the screen off of the surface book. But this one can do a couple […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite – Budget Android Tablet in 2021!

In your hand, its a very simple looking tablet with dual shades. I have this gray and black combination. The bezels are thick enough, so you can conveniently hold the tablet. Without touching the display, you get a 2 megapixel front camera for video calls and a single 8 megapixel camera at the rear, with […]

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Review – The Perfect 2 in 1?

I want to thank microsoft for sending over the surface laptop studio to me. Ive been using it the past few days, microsoft did not pay me for this video. So all the opinions about this device are mine be sure to give this video a thumbs up. It helps out with the youtube algorithm […]

Why You Should Skip Windows 11 (for now)

. Id recommend that you choose. The latter for several reasons. Normally feature updates, are a no brainer. Updating your PC from one Windows, 10 update to another typically offers your PC security updates, bug, fixes and new features justifying the update. Consumers. Dont really have the freedom to opt out of an update, either […]