The Best 4K Portable Monitor Under $300 | KYY 15.6" 4K Portable Monitor

My name is David DeFranco and welcome back to my primary Channel. I say primary because I do have a creative Finance YouTube channel and, if youre not already subscribed, please check it out right below. I appreciate it. Okay, so todays video is all about the kyy 15.6 inch, 4K portable, monitor and guys […]

Amazon Kindle Scribe Unboxing

Ive been waiting to get this since I pre ordered it back in September and Ive been holding out on buying a new Kindle for a while. Now I have the second generation Kindle Oasis and I really wanted to pick this up once it was announced because um you know to have the ability […]

Best Tablets with Long Battery Life in 2023

For this year, first were going to show you our five best picks then well talk about what you should look for before buying a best tablets with long battery life. You can find time stamps and links to all the products we mentioned in this video down. In the description below lets, get started, […]

Tablet Gaming Lenovo Legion Y700: chưa đến 8 triệu, QUÁ KHỎE!

5 mm cng, nh, l, loa y nh v, cnh di th, chng ta s c thm mt ci logo, ca, JBL, cng, nh, l y nh v Cc bn th loa, ny Ni, chung, l, cng c thit k ring dnh, cho, nhu, cu, chi game thnh, ra cm gic, ca, n nghe, cng, […]

Lenovo 500e Chromebook Gen 3 | Unboxing | First Impressions

So this is the 500e gen 3. foreign cable Applause Supply Music, Its a 65 watt foreign, quick user guide and some safety information. Foreign. The surface of the Chromebook is quite a tactile, so itll be quite grippy and wont easily slip out of hands micro, SD card headphone, jack, USB port and the […]

2022 HP Spectre x360 13.5 review#pc

5 review the best convertible subnetbook for professionals who are constantly on the Move. Last year, one of the greatest convertible laptops in its size category was the Specter x36014. The update from this year fixes many of the problems with its elder sister, making it a simple recommendation for those who lead dual work […]

My 5 must-have gadgets for work travel

The only problem was, I didnt know where to start with what gadgets and what stuff I needed to bring with me. Besides the obvious phone and airpods Im Jason Cipriani and in this ZDNet video Im going to walk you through whats, currently in my bag, now that Im traveling for work again, its […]

Galaxy Tab A8 | This is The Right Time! RECAP

Video, if you are in the market, for a budget tablet and Android budget tablet, lets, go ahead and jump in all right. First things: first, if you are currently in the market for this tablet, specifically the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Im here to tell you that Samsung has this guy here going for […]

REVIEW TABLET DOOGEE T10 – SURPREENDEU! Jogos, multitarefas, bateria e mais!

Aqui parece que chamou ateno de bastante gente que t querendo saber mais sobre desempenho como que funciona o 4G o chip que ele tem Enfim no vdeo de hoje eu consegui usar um pouco mais vou trazer aqui, a experincia que eu tive com, jogos multitarefa, conexo, 4G. Enfim se liga a antes de […]


So I went online. Looked at a lot of YouTube reviews, look a lot of websites and read up about it, check the prices out and yeah. I think what theyre offering here is absolutely fantastic for the price. Now the monitor isnt the cheapest. This monitor actually costs you ‘9 dollars, but once I […]

Best Tablet for [2023] | The Tablets You Won't Regret Buying!

Last Thing Before We dive in, let me know in a comment which tablet do you think is the best okay, so lets get started with. The video here are some of the best tablets number five xiaomi knee pad 5. The xiaomi pad 5 is an Android based tablet appropriate for anybody Desiring a […]

XTool IP616 OBD2 Scanner Review (Dealer Level Service Functions Advanced Scan Tool)

Now this OBD2 scan tool is able to do special functions, such as adding keys to a vehicle or programming things that are related to the immobilizer of the vehicle, resetting the parking brake, abs and more. It is also able to do live data graphing and Diagnostics, so we can check what is actually […]