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KILONOTES on Macbook Air M2 Chip (ft. Huion H420X Pen Tablet) ❤︎ | Emmy Lou

I will be walking you through a free note, app that is available in Mac, OS and Android OS, and this is killer notes. I already did two videos on this. One is with my iPad and the other one is with an Android phone, and today I will be showing you killer notes with […]

iDino Notebook 6 5G Unboxing and Quick Review

I got myself uh an idino notebook 6, which is a 5G tablet. According to what I can see here, it looks like its nice and its actually my birthday. So I got this for myself as a birthday gift and uh lets get to take a look at it. Lets get to unbox and […]

Lenovo ThinkPhone by Motorola Unboxing!

I have in my hand, Im sure you recognize the name extremely popular you might also, if I can open it up, recognize the little red ball thats right here, acting as a mouse now with the Lenovo ThinkPad theyve been around for a while, you might use them At work drop a comment if […]

🔬 [REVIEW] Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro (14", 2022) – Deserves the praise it's getting

Its IdeaPad 5 Pro comes in a compact 14 inch chassis and offers the best of the performance and efficiency worlds combined. The Alder Lake P Series. Will it be your next notebook stick around to find out Music? As we said, the IdeaPad 5 Pro is very compact: it weighs only 1.42 kilograms while […]

TOP 5: Best Drawing Tablets 2023 – Best Drawing Tablets

It can be difficult to determine which tablet is the best fit for your needs. Thats. Why weve put together a list of the top five best? Drawing tablets, taking into account factors such as sensitivity, resolution size and compatibility with various software programs, whether youre, a professional artist or a beginner, looking to hone […]

New Drone Tablet – Tripltek 9 Pro Super Bright – First Look

My name is Steve and I do fly GPS camera drones like mavics, Phantoms, anything by DJI, autel and all the other companies, as well as every fpv drone on the planet. I also wear t shirts, with my name on them. Just in case I forget who I am now. One of the things […]

Review – The Benefits of a Premium Membership

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How does the LG Wing hold up in 2023?

Not so special. Is it its just an example of a large slap phone Samsung makes like 50 of those per year. So what but, hey hey? Look at this? Oh thats right! This is actually a dual screen phone. This beautiful design right here is called the LG wing and it stands as the […]

Logitech – MK540 Full-size Advanced Wireless Scissor Keyboard and Mouse Bundle – Black Unboxing

This is a black one. I did buy it because we do need a new keyboard were currently using USB wired one. So my wife wants to try a wireless one for her job, less cable management and less clutter. This was bought at Best Buy for 49.99, not bad, considering its just a standard […]

OnePlus Pad Full Review – Not What I Expected!

We have an LCD screen, no, not even AMOLED, but then, when you consider iPads, just use IPS LCDs up until the iPad Pros, which are like two and a half times more expensive than this, and the fact that, with a one 44, Hertz refresh rate and also Theyre very slick oxygen OS software. […]

Honor Pad X8 Unboxing: First Impression & Hands On

com today, was an unboxing video of the new honor pad X8. A new entry level tablet lets get started. Alrighty lets start the unboxing of the honor pad X8, which is the smaller and cheaper browser of the honor pad 8 that I reviewed a couple of months ago that one was a 12 […]