All New Kindle Scribe Unboxing & First Impressions 🤔

Youve been waiting for it, weve all been waiting for it its. Finally, here the brand new Kindle scribe just showed up at my door just a few minutes ago. Now this video is not going to be an in depth review because, like I said, Ive only just gotten this thing and it feels […]

Lenovo Yoga 7i (2022) Overview | Good 2 in 1 Laptop

So this is actually a review unit that was sent to me by Lenovo, but dont worry all the testing is done independently by me and Ill also show you the Benchmark, so lets have a look at this laptop now so guys. This is the Lenovo Yoga 7i, and this is actually having a […]

Refurbished M1 Pro Macbook Pro 14" – Is it Worth Saving the Money?

Finally refurbished MacBook, Pro 14 inch, wow thats different Apple certified refurbish nice. Oh, I absolutely love doing this stuff. Honestly, I had no idea I dont like to read texture stuff, like this Ive, been wondering how different this is from the original package same paper. I went with silver this time. This looks […]

The Best X86 Handheld Gaming PC of 2022 Is…

. Now you know if you follow this scene, you know weve had quite a few release in 2022. Some of them were flops, some of them were absolutely amazing and in this, video were going to be taking a look at eight of them that weve had on the channel now. These are ones […]

Phil Spencer ACUSA A SONY – STEAM está con MICROSOFT – DIABLO 4 Reviews positivas – PS5 PC xbox

Ok, tambin hablaremos de lo inhabitable que es que dentro de unas horas sern los games Awards y vamos, a ver lo que van a preparar para este evento vamos, a ver lo que est previsto por lo que se sabe horas antes de lo que vamos a ver Y maana tendremos el ganador del […]

MacBook Air M1 Long Term Review 2022!

This laptop has been with me since early 2021. being my main computer for almost two years. I was able to extensively test it out before giving any conclusions on this laptop, so Im going to share with you the good and some issues I faced it as a student. Should you get one today […]

Tablet Murah Paling Bermanfaat & Rekomended – Fiturnya KOMPLIT ngalahin yg Jutaan! #Review

Back covernya ini, dari, plastik, glosis, sedangkan, bagian, framenya, kayaknya ini, dari, metal, karena, ada di bobotnya, nggak ringan, ringan, banget, Wheel, digenggam, enak, aja, ya, Karena, tiap, sudu, dan pinggiran, dibuat, melengkung, Jadi, kesannya, itu enggak, kaku, secara, Lifo, memegang, tablet, ini, dibuat, posisi, landscape, ya, dilihat, dari, Penataan tombol tombol dan kamera di […]

ipad air 5 unboxing starlight aesthetic

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Veikk Voila L Pen Tablet Unboxing and Review | Drawing Goku Ultra Instinct Eye

Today we have a special video because today, Im gon na unbox and review voila Alpine tablet from Wake so lets start it so lets open itself, and once you open it, you will see a tab in the top end up in plastic. Bag lets keep its side and go for accessories. Here we […]

Philips Hue Christmas Lights (Festavia) Unboxing!

Music. Hey were noticed here, Shane here and welcome to another video on the aware notice technology YouTube channel. If youre new here definitely take a moment to consider subscribing, so you dont miss out on all my other awesome technology, videos about things like smartphones, smart watches, Tech accessories, computers, cases, tablets and really […]

M2 MacBook Air – STILL The Best Laptop?! (150 Days Later…)

First, MacBook Air completely redesigned to take advantage of the new Apple silicon chips. Controversies like the M2 MacBook Air being priced too highly, the slower storage on the base model and some complaints that it thermal, throttled under heavy workloads and even some controversies about the paint job itself. However, nearly half a year […]

Best: Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) Amazon Full Review Alexa 💯😀

The Echo Show eight, yes, people. This thing has a HD 8 inch display. It has a powerful 13 megapixel camera. It also has speakers that are supposed to fill up an entire room, but the main question I have is: is it better than the Echo Show 5. Im a bunch of Echo, Show […]