Alldocube iPlay 40 | Melhor Tablet Custo Benefício?

So equipamentos que a gente pode levar facilmente para qualquer lado e como que a maior: para ns, tambm, podemos, ver, nosso, contedo, Multimdia, redes, sociais, etc. E exatamente isso que eu vos trago hoje trago vos um tablet da marca ou do que o acho que assim o nome era. Uma marca que eu […]

Mini PC saya modify bagi laju sikit | Tambah Heatsink dengan Ubuntu

pc, simple DP, nama, kitab nampak yang menipis, ini, maksudnya, komputer yang kecil mini the kalau saya simpulkan ianya adalah sebuah laptop tanpa keyboard atas, pet dengan script, kita hanya, ada, komputer, saja, dia, macam, Kopite biasa cuma sakit, kecil, kita, dalam, ya, Oke ini tapi, Joe kalau, ini, nama, dbimage ini, jernih, Muhaimin ini, […]

LG Gram 16 2021 unboxing

First impressions are going to be full of laptop reviews and it’s not deliberate. I didn’t intend for it to be this way this. It just so happened that everybody’s sending me laptops so for the next three days: okay, you’re gon na see back to back laptop unboxings and first impressions, and apart from […]

Microsoft Mesh Collaboration Demonstration

What you are seeing is a custom camera rig that gives you the perspective as if you are wearing a holder lens with that. Let me flip my hololens visor down and enter microsoft. Mesh foundational to microsoft. Mesh is this notion of spaces. Think of spaces like a conference room except something that is […]

Panduan ANTI #SalahBeli Laptop AMD Ryzen! (2021)

Well, dengan Market Share MB yang berkembang, begitu cepat di sektor per level; pun, gak, heran, kalau portfolio, Produknya, juga, berkembang, begitu, cepat, kita, ada, seri, hzhs, dan seri, hx, untuk, laptop laptop gaming, performa tinggi, lalu reasons; raison 5 dan Rise, even dijajaran, uh untuk laptop laptop portable Dan tipis hampir semuanya punya codename […]

Prebuilt gaming computer for video editing best value CYBERPOWER PC

This model number is gxivr8060a8. I purchased this pc to do my video editing. In fact, this video was edited using this pc. However, i will use it for some light gaming time to time i’m gon na scroll around here and let you check out the specs and some of what’s on this amazon […]

LG Gram 16" / 17" 2021 (Intel Evo) – Windows Premium Overview

We are again in my living room for another overview of a windows, 10 premium device, it’s familiar to me now, like this intro section, where i introduce what we are looking at with a little bit of flair or silliness, but with every laptop i see i’m, always Looking for what makes it different […]

Multitasking on the Samsung Tab S7+ | Is it any good?

So if you’ve been enjoying the taba 7 plus series, please do drop this video a like and go check out my other videos on the tab. I will leave a link somewhere up there, hopefully um to the playlist, so you can get all the information you need about this tab to see if […]

Can Your Laptop do this? 😎 Lenovo Yoga 7i intel 11th Gen Review 🔥

So this is a new one from lenovo it’s, their all new yoga 7i intel 11th gen, two in one convertible laptop yup it’s, not a regular laptop guys, it’s a two in one convertible laptop. That means the hinge on it can be rotated up to like 360 degrees, and you can even convert […]

HP – 14" Chromebook 14a Review

This is a chromebook 14a which is being sold. The different stores um this one about at uh best buy they’re a little bit different, but the specs are uh kind of the same. I so they have one on target, which is on sale now for 229. um. They have it at. I believe […]

Acer Aspire 5 A514-53 – First Impressions Review

5. A51453 laptop. This is a 14 inch laptop with the 10th gen core i3 processor, 4 gigs of ram and a 256 gig ssd, which i got from curry’s for under 400 pounds from their ebay store now um. This is quite a nice machine at this price point, obviously, where we are in […]

👉 Top 10 Dell Tablets 2021 (Review Guide)

. The list starts from yamalee closet, wardrobe clothes, storage, organizer with hanging rod and cube storages d. Its dustproof cover zippered dustproof cover, keeps your item from dust and provide a privacy facility for your clothing, it’s, easy to assemble minimizes, the installation process, design and the updated. The most understandable instructions make it […]