The Top 5 Best Tablet 2021 (TECH Spectrum)

The Apple iPod is our pick as the best tablet for everyday use. The tablet has a 10.2 inches 2160×6 and 20 Retina Display and weighs 1.1 pounds. It comes in three colors silver space, gray and gold, and either 32 gigabytes or 128 gigabyte storage options. Optional, LTE connectivity is also available. The iPad […]

VOLKSPC- Linux desktop on Lenovo P11 plus tablet.

This is a Lenovo, P11 plus tablet and its running the latest Android 12. distribution. We just got the update end of October, so you should have all the security fixes. This tablet comes in two configuration Im. I bought the one with the larger 6 GB memory configuration, so its 11 inch tablet has […]

Remarkable 2 Christmas Gift Ideas – Digital Pens

Thank you. Welcome people back again to my channel Maverick next gen Channel about how to achieve better thinking in this digital age. Now, two years ago, I got the the remarkable two wowzers look. Look how amazing! That is something else that you guys will need to have a look at my videos. Weve […]

macOS Stage Manager: I hate that I LOVE it!

Alright, so the key phrases here are automatically organized as stay focused and move between tasks easily. So heres the thing Im not denying that these arent true, but the question is: how well does stage manager do all these three things and thats? What I want to share with you in this video plus […]

My YouTube Setup

Let me explain a bit and give more context on the setup. Also, thanks to the comments in my other videos that gave me this idea to make this video so feel free to comment below. If you like this type of video or what video you would like to see in the future – […]

Not much to complain about? – Alienware X17 Review

The small 40 inch gaming laptop got really loud, but this is the X17 and while it Sports a much more powerful GPU. In fact, this one right here might have one of the fastest RTX 3080 tis on the market. It also manages to stay relatively quiet not only compared to alienwares own lineup, […]

Que BUENA esta la DOOGEE T10 | Tablet Review – Te vas a enamorar

1 pulgadas Full HD, Plus 8 GB 128 de almacenamiento por los lados nicamente, dice doggy y en la parte de atrs, un poco. Ms de especificaciones destapamos y aqu luego el loguito vas, a ver la tablet: vamos a echarla para un lado tenemos la pliza de garanta y los manuales ahora que viene […]

Falcon vs. Apple via Kindle Scribe (Amazfit Falcon vs. Apple Watch 6…) S15 E1001

Have you seen the movie perception its kind of like that, but theres no dream sequences? Basically, I want to show you this new tablet. The Amazon Kindle scribe, but theres, not much else. I can tell you so Im just going to show you how I use it. While I review two watches, which […]

There Will NEVER Be Another Laptop Like This… and It's $100 – Thinkpad T430

So I sent myself a budget of 100 and ended up with this. A Thinkpad T430 best part. This only cost me 75 dollars. So first impressions, Im just gon na say this. Now this is a 10 year old laptop. This was released in 2012, so it has been moved around, beat up and, […]

Galaxy Z Fold 4 100 Days Later | Long Term Review

So, as you can imagine, after a hundred days owning a device and using it quite a bit, I daily drove it for a good chunk of that, and I still picked this thing up and use it every single day you can imagine. I probably have more than my fair share of thoughts on […]

🔥 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G REVIEW en ESPAÑOL 📱 Mi EXPERIENCIA tras UN AÑO de uso

He estado utilizando Pues bueno prcticamente Durante, un ao completo La Samsung, Galaxy Tab, s7, f5g ya, os digo que es una tablet, que tiene bastante tiempo en el mercado pero tengo que decir que tambin ha bajado mucho de precio y voy, a contar en este vdeo si A da de hoy sigue mereciendo […]

We Bought a $400 Razer Gaming Laptop…

Well, today, we have an old Razer laptop for you that was originally 2400 and we got it for 400 bucks and uh yeah its a Razer laptop. You guys, like the very premium Razer laptop. We did a video on a while ago, and this one is even older and, as Jackson mentioned, it […]