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👉Nueva Actualización Minecraft Pe 1.17.0 OFICIAL REVIEW | Minecraft Bedrock

17, cuevas y acantilados, estar, disponible, tanto, para mini craft, beirut, como, para Mini craft hubbard en esta ocasin slo les traigo la review de la versin de minecraft, vector pero estoy seguro que ser muy parecido, a la versin de java e incluso puede ser igual, esta versin agrega nuevos foxx nuevos, bloques nuevos, […]

Chuwi Ubook Pro 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop Review

The chuwi ubook pro is an engaging option to the much more costly microsoft surface area, pro 7.. It does not provide all the functions of the last, however, at 50 of the cost, with a keyboard and a stylus pen, it has a great deal of opting for it. Costs product is currently the […]

Galaxy Book Pro 1 Month Review: The M1 MacBook of Windows

I was really surprised, especially by three different things and know that it’s not including the oled displays and overall i just have one complaint about this machine that may or may not be a deal breaker for you now, let’s start out by mentioning that i have two Of these models, obviously you guys […]

Turn your Outdated Computer into a Monitor! – Luna Display

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Acer Chromebook Spin 713 review: breaking out of the 16×9 frame

I fell in love with that computer and the extra vertical screen real estate it offered, and while a handful of chromebooks over the years have also featured 3×2 screens, most have stuck with wider ratios that are great for watching movies, but not so much for scrolling. Through long documents, because of my weird […]

Asus M16 – The Cost of Using Intel…

This was a very well reviewed device and i think for a lot of people. They would consider this to be the best gaming laptop of its class, so it was thin and light amd. Cpu nvidia gpu was just stacked with a lot of good components and delivered great performance for a reasonable price. […]

Blackview Tab 9 – Amazing Tablet! Unboxing And Review

So it has four gigs of ram 64 gigs of storage, a sim slot and the t610 octa core processor. A 10.1 inch display full hd android 10, a 7 480 milliamp hour battery and yeah. Those are our main specs let’s open this up. Oh and this costs 150 dollars and okay cool, so […]

HP Envy x360 15 (Ryzen) Review

The usual 360 degree hinges pen, support on board and more we’re going to look at it now. So the this model starts around 699 list price currently actually 659 on hp’s website, and that gets you a rise in five, eight gigs of ram a 256 gig ssd and a full hd touch and […]

iMac 24” 2021 short review.

I mean i’m really good on my phone, especially on older blackberries, but when it comes to apples, smaller keyboard. This is a bit of a challenge for me um. I have to admit – and i am like the king of technology when it comes to new things, and so this was a challenge […]


How does it play and we got something that somebody asked for a while ago and i didn’t get to it. That’S 100, my fault, but we got rainbow six siege i’ve never really played it. I know it’s like a shooter and whatnot, but yeah. This is my first time logging in i just […]

Pinephone Review (and why we NEED this phone!)

I am finally giving you guys a review of the pine phone it’s been a long time coming, but today’s the day, it’s happening right now. In fact, right here i have the pine phone in the studio and this is the beta edition of the pine phone, something that was just dropped off at […]