Galaxy Book Pro 360 Review: The Jack of All Trades

First of all, i just want to mention that i have the 15 inch version, but most of this review will work for the 13 inch version of the laptop too, since they are nearly identical aside from display size and keyboard format. Why dont? We start there? The galaxy book pro 360 has a […]

SORTEO Internacional Tableta grafica + KAMVAS 22 @Huion Tablet Review

Contratar, a un pollo de plstico para este vdeo y yo, tambin como, un pollo de plstico necesito dinero, para vivir, aunque, no hace cunto me est pagando la ms pero bueno, como sea empecemos, ven, esa caja est atrs de mi, sensual, figura pues y hoy, estaremos viendo. En la canvas, 22 de julio […]

This Handheld PC Has A 5GHz CPU! ONEXPLAYER 1S First Look

Now we have taken a look at the original version of the 1x player on the channel, and that was powered by the intel 1165. G7. This one here is coming in with a more powerful tiger lake cpu being the 1195 g7. We have a max turbo clock on the cpu up to 5 […]


I made this list based on performance features, price and more ive included options for every type of consumer. So if youre looking for a budget tablet to consume streaming content or a premium tablet that offers desktop level, productivity and performance well have the product for you. If you want more information and updated […]

Bagus Bener ini Tablet! – Review Xiaomi Mi Pad 5

Tabletnya. See Me Five terus ada kertas kertas ada Jack audio keren de cit di sini, enggak ada, kabel, enggak, ada charger, an apalagi cash jadi gua agak kaget singlet isi box, nya, soalnya nggak nyangka, aja box, sebesar, misinya, cuma, tiga, ini, doang, dan kabelnya, sendiri, gua, udah main Main dan lepas banyak banget […]

MSI Creator Z16 Review: A High-Performance Touchscreen Laptop

This is the msi creator: z16, its a sleek premium high performance laptop, aimed at creators from a brand thats, known primarily for its killer gaming laptops. Circling around the z16s lunar gray, aluminum case, you can see that its quite thin with nicely machined edges theres, a decent selection of ports, including usb c […]

Netbooks back?!?! Worst laptop in the world?! Gateway 2-in-1 11.6 Review!

6 inch gateway. Two in one laptop now raise of hands who here even knew gateway was like still a thing thats. What i thought, but they are in fact, still around theyre producing sort of like entry level, notebooks and weve actually got a few of them that were going to be reviewing over […]

OnePlus Sent Something BIG…

So Music, so will mow. Come take a look at this Music. What, where are you Music? Finding lou with one plus stand 10 feet away from the artwork using ultra wide mode? Take a picture. Take a picture of the artwork using just the photos. You capture find the nine hidden lose first to […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro – Desktop Modus | Xiaomi PC-Launcher | CH3 Tutorial Deutsch

All das wie das ganze funktioniert wie er das, auf 15 385 denn da fr uns sind das ganze auch was ich euch jetzt gleich zeige kriegt erfahrt ihr direkt, nach dem extrem kurzen intro zunchst mssen wir natrlich das, bett 5. Pro aktivieren was wir mit dem wirklich guten und superschnell fingerabdruckscanner machen knnen […]

Galaxy Tab S7 or Mi Pad 5 Pro – What is Your Personal Take?

I want to have a conversation with you on whether the new xiaomi mi pad 5 pro is or is not a good alternative of the galaxy tab. S7 here lets go ahead and jump in Music, so the other day i made a very quick video sharing with you all why i think the […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 Review: Tablet of the year?

Video unboxing and first impressions will be at the information card at the upper right corner of the video. Now lets go ahead and start this video once again in the box, it includes a 3.5 millimeter adapter manuals and the xiaomi pad 5 itself booting up the device. We are currently running at miui […]

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5: FINAL LONG TERM REVIEW! MIUI Bugs? Lags? Any Regrets?

I got my mi pad 5 here, obviously from china for approximately less than 1 500 ringgit, and that is for the base variant of 6 gigabytes and 128 gigabytes of internal memory. All right so lets talk a bit about after using two weeks hows the experience like now miui has been a breeze […]