Tab S7(+) JETZT noch kaufen? DAS ist meine Meinung

Ich habe das video wird schon mal aufgenommen das war, komplett auer, aus, autos sinkt, also es war, die audiospur, die wahl, kompletter, nehmen und ich dachte mir; okay kommt du findest, noch mal neu, also worum gehts, ich wurde in den letzten wochen und auch tagen macht, sinn Irgendwie hin und wieder, mal gefragt, […]

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet: Specs, Performance, Camera and More!

The low price definitely makes this an attractive purchase, especially with all the special sales around holiday season, but is it worth your cash lets? Take a look Music right. So, if youll remember a few years back, the tablet market was flooded by a ton of compact tablets. Like the nexus 7 samsung galaxy […]

What if the Surface Pro 8 was $600?

New design, 120 hertz display decent performance and it has usb4 thunderbolt 4. So a lot of the things that people are asking for have finally come onto this years device and its a its a good one. However, this is a super expensive product, so this thing starts at 1100 for the base product […]

REVIEW OF MIPAD TABLET 10.1inch,32gb,3gb,4glite, GOLD

You did the luck mom here. The branch was my name uh after unboxing i did the video of unboxing. There show me show me me, but its called me one. This is its a box. I promise that ill do the review now. This is the right time to review this. This is a […]

Tablet ou notebook: qual é o melhor para estudar?

E no caso, dessa, ps, graduao, tem, um, F, no caso, tenha, F, para Android. Para tablet: e por que que eu fiz questo de falar assim ou determinado, O curso tem up ou, no e tem, exerccio ou, no porque, no adianta responder definitivamente se vale a pena fazer um, certo curso, se voc […]

La Tablet más BESTIAL que he Probado en mi Vida 😳

Para m ya: sabis qudate, porque empezado, este vdeo ha sido; posible, gracias, ha visto, mi la suite espaola delito monedas, ms importante de la actualidad, donde podrs comprar, vender e intercambiar y aprenderlo, todo sobre, el mundo, cripto y block change; si quieres ms informacin mira. El link que tienes en la descripcin quiero […]

Getac UX10 Unboxing : Extreme Rugged Tablet with 1000 nit Display

They can endure a lot of different temperatures, extreme temperatures, hot or cold, drops and stuff like that. So when they hit me up to check out their ux10 tablet, i quickly jumped on it and im glad i did, because this is one badass tablet that can withstand pretty much anything you throw at […]

Is Linux The ANSWER??? – JingPad A1 Tablet

You got android tablets like the galaxy tab, but does anybody actually buy those? Maybe my dad at one point enter the jing pad a1. This is a chinese company, actually jingling international basically just means whale and uh dace fish, which is on their logo right there at the whale and the days fish […]

Chuwi Larkbook X Review FINALLY A Good Jasper Lake Laptop!

If youre unaware it is the successor to the gemini lake, its low end intel, but it is 11th gen, 10 nanometers now. Finally, four cores maximum turbo is 2.8 gigahertz im talking about the sauron in 5100. That is powering this being only a 6 watt chip. It is just intended for low end […]

This $300 2-in-1 Windows Tablet is Amazing!

Two in one windows tablet: you can buy right now and, as you can see, it comes with a keyboard and a trackpad included. Ive used it for a week now and what i can confidently tell you is that its a great windows tablet on a budget. For me, it basically takes all the […]

HP Envy 17 LAPTOP (2021) REVIEW

It sounds pretty good, but in real world usage long term is it a good, buy, hey everybody its andrew – and this is my review of the hp 17 here for 2021 coming up Music. Now, before we begin, i want to let everybody know in the interest of transparency and full disclosure im […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Surface Pro vs iPad Pro (2021)

Money can buy and all of them could be a great buy for you. But it depends on what youre looking for and even though i really like each of these devices, they honestly couldnt be more different. Each one has a totally different style of keyboard, a very different operating system and a lot […]