TUDO TRAVADO EM CURITIBA ? SQN !ACOMPANHANDO AS COMPRAS DO ALIEXPRESS !!! Do Office e tambm, jogos da Steam o play Origin e cartes pr pagos da Xbox PSN, no perca tempo links na descrio E, a tudo bem que o Fabrcio do canal, parecido, Faf e, no vdeo de hoje, a gente vai fazer […]

Unleashing Power and Portability – Asus ROG Flow X13 Review

Asus ROG Flow X13 is a new competitor in the market of gaming laptops. It is thin and light, making it one of the smallest and lightest gaming laptops available. Although it may be lacking in power, its portability could make it a great purchase for those who prioritize portability. Design The Rod collection has […]

Don't Be Afraid To Anger The Gods

Since you can usually only edit wands inside the holy mountains between levels and leaving them through, the normal exit removes your ability to edit wands in them. You sometimes rely on making your own exit, which then forces you to have to deal with him, who a lot of players are afraid of so […]

iPad Air 4 in 2023 – WORTH IT? (Review)

Design The design of the iPad Air 4 is not groundbreaking, but it still looks modern. It has rounded corners, flat sides, and equal bezels on the front. The iPad Air 4 offers more colors than previous models, but they are still subtle. The tablet is durable, and although the paint has worn off in […]

M1 MacBook Air – The Greatest in 2023?

My first Apple laptop was the iBook G4 in 2003.. Since then, Ive owned the original white plastic MacBook, the unibody MacBook Pro a 2011 MacBook Air, a retina 13 inch MacBook Pro and right before this laptop, I had the 2020 13 inch Intel MacBook Pro the beginning of the M1 system on a […]

Digital Photo Frame WiFi 8 Inch HD 1024×768 Touch Screen IPS Display 16GB Storage Automatic Rotation

Let me show you a couple things of how to get it working, what all the awesome things it can do, um! So first, we just got it right here. We need to do a little bit of assembly. It comes with a kickstand that you can just put on the back here in this […]

Inmotion RS racing climbing offroad transforming electric scooter with dual 2000W motors

This is a emotion and youre. Looking at the latest model of a motion, scooters yeah this system – I would say this – is the fastest scooter in the market uh. It can go up to 110 kilometers an hour and also it is the first transforming system in the scooter world yeah. You […]

PC Mungil AMD Ryzen 6000 yg Kencang & Komplit: Review ASUS ExpertCenter PN53

Ini dijual sebagai, PC, barbon, jadi, komponen, RAM storage, dan sistem, operasi ya, itu harus, dibeli, secara, terpisah, tentunya, hal ini, membuat, pengguna, bisa, menentukan, sendiri, tipe, merek dan budget untuk RAM, serta storage, yang akan, digunakan ya, sesuaikan, aja, dengan, kebutuhannya, ya, tapi, sebenarnya, kalau, mau dibeli, dalam, Keadaan komplit melalui jalur Project, itu […]

HARGA TERJANGKAU + KENCENG!! REVIEW iPad Air 5 M1 di tahun 2023

Pro MacBook Air dan juga Mac Mini M1 dengan chipset M1 ini, kalian, tuh, bisa, bebas, bermotitasking, karena ram nya, itu dikasih, juga lumayan gede yaitu di 8, GB dua kali, lebih, besar, ketimbang, iPad Air generasi, sebelumnya yaitu, generasi, keempat, untuk, hasil benchmarknya di gick, batch 6. Ipad R5 ini bisa, dapat, skor, untuk, […]

Review: Funktioniert auch nach 6 Jahren noch: Zendure A8 QC Powerbank

800 ma auf dem Papier und hm wir, sind jetzt, im Jahre 2023 also die hat jetzt ein paar Jhrchen hinter sich und ich habe sie mal intensiver und mal weniger intensiver genutzt und ich mchte euch heute einfach mal kurz erzhlen was sie denn, so nach 6 Jahren noch kann gleich vorab Sie funktioniert […]

How to DOUBLE your MacBooks Battery Life! (do this now)

Ive mentioned it a couple times in other videos, but today Im going to show you exactly how to set it up and best use it, how it works, the performance and the battery life that you gain, depending on which MacBook you have now theres been many Windows Laptop companies that advertise crazy battery […]

Rokid Max: Best AR Glasses For Your Money?

What we have here are a pair of AR glasses and what does that mean well Ill? Tell you in this video, which is sponsored by real kid, so they sent these out to me and I got ta tell you uh. I really like them a lot and yeah. It may be a sponsored […]