Should you use a MOUSE or a TABLET for OSU?

But there are definitely some valid reasons why you would use one over the other, but which do. I recommend. Well, both uh Music im back out here in the cold, because i have nowhere else to go yet yet lets start with playing on a mouse right. Assuming you have a pc, you have […]

A Weird Tablet Review 2 (GAOMON S620)

I would also like to put out a small update for the gaomon pd1560, since i reviewed it a long time ago and i rewatched that review and its so low effort and stupid that i kind of feel bad. I didnt really talk about it seriously. Its been pretty reliable and convenient for me […]

Asus Vivobook 13 Slate OLED Review | Convertible Laptop with Killer Flaw

This awkwardly titled device is a 13 inch windows, 11 tablet with a gorgeous oled screen and the ability to quickly convert into a laptop when needed, similar to microsofts surface core and surface pro. Its also priced at around 600 quid here and blighty, and that price includes the keyboard dock, the stylus pen […]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold – Unboxing & Review | MobbJustice On Tech (Ep 75)

Hey what up its your boy, mob justice back again with another video and for today we are going to be getting into a review of the lenovo thinkpad x1 fold. You know quite an interesting device sort of bridging that gap um in between the world, of something like a laptop and a tablet. […]

VLOG: Kurzes Review Wacom Cintiq 16 / Zukunft Kanal

Der eine, oder andere kennt ja, noch die geschichten von frher, auf jeden fall wollte, ich hin und wieder auch mal kurz, auf das, becken tablet, eingehen das hier ist ein weg um hd 16 wenn der eine, oder andere nicht mitbekommen hat das, gute stck, nicht schlecht nur, Halt leider muss man zu diesem, […]

Powerful Xiaomi Pad 5 – Android 11 Tablet – Snapdragon 860 – 6GB+256GB – Best Android Tablet 2022?

So this is the xiaomi pad 5, a powerful android 11 tablet with snapdragon chipset supports hdr 10 dolby vision and dolby. Atmos sounds in fact this is a pretty good rival to the new 10.2 inch ipad and its quite affordable in comparison. So, first of all inside the box, you will find weve […]

Review: Chuwi HeroBox Pro

This is ross from metro game core today were going to look at this pc here, its called the chewy hero box pro now, im always on the quest to find the cheapest gaming solution possible, and this one here is one of the cheapest pcs. You can find they sell it for around 180 […]

Canon EOS R5C: HANDS-ON review vs R5

As you all know, by now everyone loved the movie quality of the r5, especially 4k hq 4k, 120 and 8k raw, but nobody liked the fact it would overheat in any of those modes and require a full shutdown to properly start cooling down. Now some people did find ways to work around it, […]

introwise review and thoughts on this appsumo lifetime deal

What am i talking about? Well, keep watching and im going to show you Music so guys. You know that having video calls is essential, i mean were still with covet, and that means that you know face to face while it might be slowly returning. We never know when it could go back to […]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 2 (i5-7Y54) original Japan ll Giới thiệu Tablet gen 2 Lenovo

Cho. L Tablet Tablet: u v: hng my tnh bng th, my tnh bng c ng hnh laptop th c dn bn, phm, v, ri th ci, con ny, l, ci, con Lenovo, X1 Tablet, anh, em c, cht ca, my c s: yeah hn, mnh, mua, ngun, gc bn, Nht ng hong c tem […]

MSI Summit E13 Flip Evo – Unboxing & Testing of 2in1 Laptop for Business and Professionals

Okay, as expected, weve got the charger component over here. The charger is pretty small lets undo this plastic peel and then its got usbc on one end and weve got to use this one over here to connect it and weve got a msi pen. I suppose you just kind of open it like […]

Review of RPI All-in-One PC with Raspberry Pi 4, and as an HDMI touchscreen display

1 inch all in one pc for raspberry pi, so now its running on here on the side, we have the power, the usbc port, hdmi input and audio. On this side, i already installed a raspberry pi 4, with one gigabyte ram that exposed ethernet the two usb 3 ports, two usb 2 ports, […]