5 Best Tablets You Can Buy-Best Tablet 2023-Top 5 Best Tablets 2023-Top 5 Budget Tablets 2023

You can end up with a tablet that wont work well for you, which is why I made sure to include options for all types of people, so, regardless of what you intend on using it for Ill, have the best tablet, specifically for you. For starters, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a traffic […]

🔬 [REVIEW] Lenovo Yoga 9i (14", 2022) – Dialing it back a bit

This time we have a more standard approach, which is sure to obese. More people stick with us to see what else the new model brings and if its the right one for you, spoiler alert, eat totally ease if youre looking for a fancy and luxurious device with a diesel Channel performance. Thank you. […]


Now this has gone through a lot over the past year were talking backpacks airplanes, different countries Narnia the whole lot, all right. So to start, this review off lets get over the entire body lets see how its physically been over the past year over the past, like 12 months Ive kept this tablet […]


000, an ya yang; Saya jual di online shop, ya, ini, kan harganya, murah, ya, stik, PS4, nah, kualitasnya, kalau, banyak, yang tanya, Mas kualitasnya, gimana, kualitasnya, ya, sama, kayak, ori, pabrik, bukan, original ya, Ini, namanya, harganya, murah, ya, cuma, 200, ribuan ya, pasti, KW, Oke, Langsung, saja, saya, buka, dulu, yang Ini ya, […]

DAY IN THE LIFE | shop with us at Kmart | OFFICE WORKS | JBHIFI | country side road trip

I have to clean but see she gets so in English. She just wants to be naughty. You know how Music hello there welcome to todays, Vlog and ah yeah so yeah. I dont know what to say so: uh I just got ready and uh. We are going somewhere today, so I thought why […]


If the camera will, let you see it, it should be somewhere in Chinese and uh. Yes, I took this one off because Im gon na flip it in the other way and show you what were dealing with here and what were seeing right here is the back of it and uh. Here is […]


I think I found what I think is going to be the coolest piece of technology in 2023 and its from an unlikely place. Rap SoDo theyve got a very cool device. The mlm2 pro its going to be a launch monitor as well as golf simulator, built into it something similar if you know […]

Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch (2023) Review: It's A Tempting One🔥

As usual, the company is following up that measure redesign with a straightforward, cheap, upgrade featuring the new M2 Pro and M2 Max. They are faster, as you would expect, but they also deliver a few features. Power users May appreciate, like 8K video output and support for Wi Fi 6E, once Apple logs in […]

Top 3 BEST Tablets of [2023]

We hope youll find something interesting and informative in this video. We do a thorough research of each product and compile a video to make your purchase simple for you well be discussing all about the best speakers and showing you each its features and functions so sit back, relax and join us as we […]

Kobo Libra 2 – E-Reader Manga Review #ereader

There are a lot of videos about e readers and stuff, but uh there. There are some videos on YouTube about like e readers and manga, but I just wanted to make a specific one on this particular model, because I got like swarmed with so many e reader videos. I had no idea what […]

CES 2023 Highlights | 6 New Tech you need to know!

This biggest Tech Convention was just recently wrapped up and it was surely jam packed into lots of exciting gift moves to talk about hi, Im, Louis from yoga, Tech and heres. Our highlights of CES 2023, we saw lots of display, monitors and TVs at the convention, and one of the most notable is […]

Logitech MK470 wireless Keyboard Mouse – Compact Beauty

However, I was sick of so many cables on my desk and lately I have been feeling the urge to be more productive and creative and do a lot less gaming. Therefore, I put away the wired keyboard and mouse and decided to give this Logitech mk470 a try. Thank you. If youre looking for […]