✅Top 10 Best Kids Tablets In 2021 |

And if you buy a kids tablet, you get comprehensive parental controls to help you stop junior from browsing adult oriented websites or making in app purchases some of the best tablets overall, double as great kids tablets. Thanks to their durability and strong parental controls. We tested a bunch to give you an idea […]

Warum AMD bis AM4 echt Schrott war 😕️

In der gegend das, ist seit einigen jahren blich dass viele leute die sachen nicht, mehr, brauchen einfach auf die, strae stellen zettel dran zu verschenken zum mitnehmen, oder auch gar kein zettel und das war, sowas gewesen hier die leute stellen da sthle rausstellen da mbel auf die Strae cds habe ich schon gefunden […]

Hold Still: M1 iMac REACTION | Apple Event Recap/Review | M1 iPad Pro

Apple, just wrapped up their keynote event.. It was only an hour long, but it was very fast paced very exciting, with a lot of announcements, lets break it down together and as always, this is not one way. Conversation drop a comment down below and let me know your thoughts about the event as […]

NVIDIA Shield Tablet 2021 Showcase (PSP Emulator, Drawing, Bluetooth Controller Lag)

Here i did an unboxing of a couple days ago. I got it propped up on this little stand here and i’m using uh this app. I believe it’s called let’s view to go through and show it on my screen here: um. It actually works with ios and android devices, it’s pretty cool, because […]

Inspiron 14 2 in 1 Unboxing First Impression & Get Inside | 5410 |

Inspiron has recently gone through a brand update to make it easier for the public and the consumers to better understand their range. So in this video we’re going to have a look at this device and we’re going to see what’s good about it, what’s bad about it and we’re gon na have a […]

Xp-pen Star G640 – Unboxing e review completo – Vale a pena?

Para voc que no de se, inscrever no canal que t no gostei caso voc goste do vdeo e deixar embaixo qualquer dvida ou sugesto que voc tenha que inclusive a falando da mesa digitalizadora vez em casa que eu vou deixar para vocs, o site da XP bem. A embaixo e vou deixar tambm […]

Review – Capsule 3.0 – Two 6* Metamorph – Legacy of Discord – Apollyon

This is appalling back with legacy of this code. I hope you’re doing good. So today we have a treasure chest. We’Ll just do this before we are going to see the 4.5 here anniversary which, in my opinion, is going to be trash, show anyways let’s see what we have here today. So first […]

21 – Tablet A7 T505 – Colocar aplicativos na tela inicial – Criar pasta de aplicativos.

no mostrar para vocs: hoje como que a gente faz para colocar, aquele imprimir aqui alguns e clica que mostra Todos esses aplicativos aqui t certo como que a gente faz isso, a gente vai vir ento primeiro em configuraes e vai aparecer as configuraes que eu posso estar trazendo porque eu j expliquei, no […]

*NEW* Flipster Review Video UPDATE!!! Is It Really Worth It? It Depends…

I feel like. I owe it to the community to provide a little bit more context to the software. I made a review video in the past and i came to the conclusion that i thought flipster was trash you’re currently out of leads, you have reached the monthly limit based on your subscription level […]

7 NIFTY Sim Racing DIY PROJECTS to step up your Home Setup

Yet so is there any chance? We can enhance our sunracing experience when we don’t have a rig. Yes, there is Music. First of all, we have to say that some rigs are really great. We also have one here in our studio and it definitely offers enormous added value compared to driving without one, […]

NPET HS10 02 LED Gaming Headset Stereo Sound and noise Isolating Microphone for PC XBOX One PS4

Please subscribe to the channel ring the bell for future notifications. Share me with a friend and on social media. Today, we’re looking at the end pet gaming headphones the hs102 gaming headphones. These headphones have surround sound. They can work with your pc, your xbox, your playstation, i think even your cell phone. So […]

Nintendo Switch in 2021 does it worth buying – Review

Yes, the switch is worth buying and that’s a totally fair opinion and uh it’s, one that i share. I love this console, so if you wanted the answer as quickly as possible, yep the switch is worth buying. Just make sure you get the red box model, not the white box model i’ll explain […]